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Best Practices for Mobile Application Translation Services

By Chloe G. on April 2024.
With the global reach of smartphones and tablets, reaching a diverse audience across different languages and cultures has become a...

9 Essential Tips For App Instruction Translation Services

By Chloe G. on September 2023.
Translating app instructions is not as simple as plugging text into a machine translation tool and hoping for the best....

How Much Does App Translation Cost?

By Chloe G. on July 2023.
App translation cost is one major concern for app developers in expanding their global reach. The app market is becoming...

How to Reduce App Localization Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

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A Basic Guide To App Localization Service For Asian Markets

By Chloe G. on July 2023.
When Western enterprises venture into the Asian market through e-commerce stores or useful applications, they encounter a critical imperative: mobile...