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00 Vietnamese App Localization

How to Start Your Vietnamese App Localization?

By Ariel D. on June 2022.
More than 5 billion people, around two-thirds of the world's population, own a mobile smartphone, and by 2030, this figure...
Thai App Localization 5

Why You Need to Invest in Thai App Localization

By Gummy T. on February 2022.
Thai app localization is a vital step before launching your app in Thailand. With over 54 million Thais now owning...
Localization Tips 2

7 Important Localization Tips to Design Websites and Apps for the Asian Market

By Gummy T. on February 2022.
Designing websites and apps for the Asian market will get easier with 7 localization tips revealed in this post. As...
User Experience

First-Time User Experience: How to Keep New Users Coming Back

By Gummy T. on January 2022.
Mobile app localization is an essential aspect to consider if you want to enhance the user experience. Preparing for app...
Vietnamese App Translation Services

Top 5 Benefits Of Vietnamese App Translation Services

By Gummy T. on November 2021.
Vietnam has one of the highest numbers of mobile subscribers in Asia, so more and more businesses are using Vietnamese...