The subtitling service is the process of adding text to different video materials, such as films, TV programs, commercials, video games and other media materials. It is a vital part of any video production project as it is an effective, powerful, and simple way to portray your audio and visual message

Translating subtitling

Being a type of audio-visual translation, subtitling has its own requirements that translators have to meet. One of them is that translators should be able to convey what is being said by only using the limited space and time available, while making sure to capture the same meaning and context of the original content. With proven experience in the field, GTE Localize’s professional native subtitlers will help you get your message across to your target audience.

Subtitling at GTE Localize

  • Film subtitles (full-length features and shorts)
  • Television and animation series subtitles
  • Documentary and docureality subtitles
  • Corporate video subtitles
  • Interview and presentation subtitles
  • Subtitles for advertising videos
  • Subtitles for e-learning courses and tutorials
  • Subtitles for YouTube videos

Subtitling process 

  • Receive source video material
  • Transcribe dialogue (unless it has already been transcribed)
  • Check time codes
  • Subtitle translation from source into target language (optional)
  • Preparing subtitles to ensure they match the dialogue
  • Review subtitles against video and audio
  • File conversion into requested format
  • File delivery to the client

GTE’s expert qualification

  • Bachelor Degree in translation with other language certifications
  • Minimum 05 years of subtitling for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVDs, and other materials from big names including Netflix, Rolex, Mango, Gucci, etc.,
  • Skilled at working with a diverse range of formats (including .vob files, .xif file, etc.,) and different software and tools related to translation and subtitling (Trados, Wordfast, Aegisub, GTS, etc.)

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