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Our Spanish Translation Services

GTE Localize serves three different levels of Spanish translation services which are suitable for distinct purposes and budgets, giving you the most cost-effective choice.

  • Standard Services (Translation Only) – With this service level, we assign your documents to one native linguist who will translate and then self-review the translations. We recommend Standard Services for internal documents and single-use content or projects with a tight budget.
  • Pro Services (Translation + Editing) – Your content will be translated by one native translator and revised by a different editor. This level is the most preferred choice as it balances cost, quality and turn-around time and is suitable for important external publications.
  • Premium Services (Translation + Editing + Proofreading) – With premium services, your documents are in the good hands of three different linguists who each perform one step of the translation process (translate, edit, and proofread). Using this service, you can expect a perfect and ready-to-publish translation. It best suits high visibility documents and marketing materials.

Spanish Document Translation Services

GTE Localize helps you translate all types of business documents to Spanish or from Spanish to other languages such as English, German, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Whether you need to translate a social media content post, business contract, training document, instruction for use, or website, GTE Localize’s teams with deep linguistic experience and subject-matter expertise are here to help.

Spanish Website Translation Services

Localizing your website is easier than ever when you work with GTE Localize. We offer comprehensive Spanish website translation services, from website content translations to Multilingual SEO services. We support numerous WordPress multilingual plugins (e.g., WPML, WooCommerce, etc.) and are partners of Crowdin and Lokalise – localization platforms that make the website localization process seamlessly.

Spanish App Translation Services

If you are looking for a translation agency that can provide comprehensive Spanish app translation services, look no further than GTE Localize. Our services cover all aspects of app localization, from translating app scripts, instructions, function buttons to adapting graphics and optimizing your products on app stores by translating app descriptions, users’ reviews, and keywords.

Spanish Book Translation Services

Book translation has always been among the most challenging types of translation as translators must strive to create a translation that is closet to the author’s writing styles as well as conveying the right messages. Working with GTE Localize, our team of book translators with at least 5 years of experience will bring you the best Spanish book translation services in the market. We can handle a wide range of book content, including course books, technical books, self-help books, children’s books, company magazines, biography books, and more.

Spanish Game Translation Services

Using professional Spanish game translation services is the key to conquer the $2.9 billion game market in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. GTE Localize brings you end-to-end game localization solutions including game translation, game localization, game subtitling and dubbing, game marketing materials translation, gamers’ reviews translation, and more.

Spanish Video Translation Services

Spanish video translation services at GTE Localize are performed by our specialized business unit called GTE Media. Our specially designed team brings you value-for-money solutions for Spanish video transcription, video closed captioning, video subtitling, and video dubbing. We support videos for various platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Spanish E-Learning Translation Services

Whether you need to have your education website, e-learning app, training videos, or education scripts localized into or from Spanish, GTE Localize has the experience and global talents to manage all your Spanish e-learning translation needs. We work with the most popular e-Learning authoring tools in the market such as Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Lectora, Madcap Flare, etc.

Certified Professional Spanish Translators

GTE Localize works with a team of experienced Spanish translators and subject-matter experts in the industry. All of whom are required to meet the minimum requirements as follows:

    • Have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and/or translation.
    • Have at least 5 years of experience working as a professional translator.
    • Be familiar with various document types and technical terminology.

More than that, our Spanish linguists are trained to use the most up-to-date translation tools (e.g., CAT Tools, QA Tools, etc.) and best localization practices to deliver the highest quality translations at the shortest turnaround time.

Types of Spanish Documents We Translate

As a professional Spanish translation agency, GTE Localize has years of experience in translating and localizing a wide range of documents from and to the Spanish language. Our team supports all file types, from MS Word, PowerPoint to FrameMaker and InDesign.

Spanish Translation Services for Any Industry

With a deep network of native Spanish translators and editors who have great subject-matter expertise in their fields, GTE Localize brings value-for-money Spanish translations for a variety of industries, including:

Spanish Language Combinations

To meet the diverse demands of clients around the world for the Spanish language, GTE Localize provides translation services from Spanish into numerous languages and vice versa. Below are some common language combinations we work with on a regular basis:

We Serve the Following Countries and More Around the World!

Fast and reliable, our services are not restricted by location. Thanks to the wide network of Spanish linguists around the globe, GTE Localize is confident to bring the best Spanish language services to clients at any corner of the world. We have served clients from:

    • Asia: Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Qatar, Cyprus, Taiwan, etc.
    • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Belgium, Finland, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, etc.
    • America: United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

Professional Spanish Translation Company

With years of experience in the translation industry and extensive knowledge of Spanish-speaking markets, GTE Localize is a go-to partner of many businesses when it comes to Spanish translation services. We stand out from other companies by providing the most value-for-money translations to clients around the world:

    • 100% certified and native Spanish translators with a minimum of 5 years of translation experience.
    • Quality Assurance (QA) round is conducted for 100% of our projects without extra costs for clients.
    • ISO 9001:2015 certified for an effective quality management system.
    • Reasonable rate for the best quality Spanish translations. Our rate starts from $0.07/word.
    • Language tools (e.g., CAT Tools, QC Tools, etc.) are used for all projects.
    • Monitor and manage deadlines by a tailor-made system called G-one. That’s why 98% of our projects are delivered on time or ahead the time.

About the Spanish Language

Originating from the Romance family language, Spanish is the official language of 20 countries in Europe and America (Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela, and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico).

It has nearly 500 million native speakers, most of them are from Spain and the Americas, making it the world’s second-most spoken native language (after Mandarin Chinese).

Linguistic Features

    • Spanish uses the Latin alphabet.
    • Spanish is a fusional language that uses use a single inflectional morpheme to denote multiple grammatical, semantic features, and syntactic.
    • The noun and adjective systems exhibit two genders and two numbers.
    • There are 10 main dialects of Spanish used around the world (including Castilian, Andalusian, Murcian, Distinct Language Groups, Canarian, Llanito, Latin American Spanish, Rioplatense Spanish, Caribbean Spanish, Equatoguinean Spanish, and Coda)

Latin American vs. European Spanish

Spanish is widely spoken in Europe and Americans (such as Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, and Peru). Just like American and British English, there are a lot of differences between Latin American Spanish and European Spanish.

    • Pronunciation – One notable example is the way people pronounce the sounds Z and C (before I or E). In Latin American Spanish, they are pronounced as S, while in Spain they would be TH sound.
    • Vocabulary – Different words might be used for the same objects. For example, a pen is called boli or bolígrafo in Spain but a lapicera or pluma in Latin America.
    • Ustedes vs VosotrosVosotros is the plural form of the second person (you) and is used in a casual manner while Ustedes would be used when you wanted to show formality. However, Vosotros only exist in Spain Spanish. In Latin America, Ustedes is used for both informal and formal situations.
    • Past Tense – In European Spanish, people usually use the present perfect tense to talk about a completed action but in Latin American Spanish, the simple past is used.

Due to the differences between the two varieties, when translating documents into Spanish, you need to pay attention to the specific locations you are targeting and acknowledge which variety of Spanish is used there. Choosing the right variety is the only way to bring your audiences an accurate and authentic-feel translation.

Spanish Text Expansion in Translation

Spanish is a highly expressive language; thus, the text is likely to expand significantly during the translation process. For example, when translating a document from English to Spanish, you can expect the length of the translation to be lengthened to about 25%. In such cases, the layout or design of the documents might be changed.

Spanish Translation Services Q&A

The delivery time depends on the volume, content types, required services, and other project-specific factors. In general, our translator metric is 2,500 words per business day for Spanish translation projects. In some cases, we assign a translation task for multiple translators to handle, with the capacity of 8,000-10,000 words per day, given it’s a standard Translation and Editing job performed by one translator and one editor. For example, if you have a 10,000-word-Spanish-to-Vietnamese-project, you can expect to receive the translation in about 1 to 1.5 business days.

To get the exact delivery time for your projects, please contact our support team here.

To have the exact price of a Spanish translation project, we take many factors that affect the translation costs into consideration:

    • Project volume: In most cases, we give the quotation per word or character. The number of words/characters is the most precise indication of the effort our linguists put into the project.
    • Service required: Some Spanish translation projects only require Translation Only (TO), others need both Translation and Editing (TE), or Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP). The more steps a project need, the higher the rate is.
    • Industry expertise: The complexity of the required domain also affects the price of the project. General topics are charged less than high-expertise content.

Our competitive rate for Spanish translation services starts from $0.07/word. Please contact our team for a quotation for your project.

Step 1: Receive and Analyze the project

Our team receive the request from you and calculate the number of words and analyze the content complexity to give you a quotation with the exact price and estimated turn-around time.

Step 2: Prepare source files

The source files are converted into suitable CAT tool formats for translation tools.

Step 3: Start the project

We make a timeline and allocate the most suitable linguists for the project based on the content types. The documents are translated and localized by a translator and edited and proofread by other linguists.

Step 4: Quality Assurance

Our PM team reviews the final translations once again before delivery to make sure possible errors are eliminated.

Step 5: Initial Delivery

We deliver the translation to you.

Step 6: Client Feedback

We receive feedback from the clients and make suitable changes as required.

Step 7: Final Delivery

We deliver the final version of the localized document to the clients.

Having a deep network of native Spanish linguists around the world, GTE Localize has the resources to handle all types of document translations from and into Spanish.

Below is the list of document kinds we regularly work with:

Safety manual translation, Equipment manual translation, Handbook translation, Policy manual translation, Book translation, School policy translation, Company policy translation, Posts/articles content, Social media content, Questions and answers, Newsletters, Advertising, Presentations, Websites & apps, Press releases, Printed marketing materials, Keywords, Reports, Instructions for use, Questionnaires, Labels, Contracts, Agreements, Company profile, Pricelist, portfolios, Tax report, Leaflets, standees, Press releases, Court opinions, Due diligence materials, Patent, Trademark, Copyright technology transfer, Licensing, Product descriptions, Product labels, User reviews, Marketing & advertising campaigns, Customer reviews, Branding materials, etc.


Yes, all information in your document is safely kept and only used by relevant staff. GTE Localize is open to signing NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) to guarantee the confidentiality of all documents from our clients. On our end, all relevant staff and linguists must sign an NDA with GTE Localize before working on the projects.

We accept payment through Bank Transfer, Cash, Paypal, and Payoneer. Accepted currencies include the US Dollar, Euro, SGD, and VND.

If you want to make payments in another currency, please contact our team for discussion.


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