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6 Pro Tips To Save Money On Indonesian Localization Projects

Posted by Chloe G. on May 29, 2022.

When it comes to localizing your content to the Indonesian market, there are a number of ways to help you save money on Indonesian localization projects.

Accounting for 3.5% of the world’s population, Indonesia is one of the most lucrative markets for foreign investors. To engage with Indonesians effectively, you have to speak their language. The general English proficiency of Indonesians is low, which is at #74 in the world as ranked by EF English Proficiency Index. That means you have no choice but to communicate with them in the most frequently spoken language in the country, while also taking the local culture and regulations into consideration.

It is supposed that localization requires a lot of financial investment. In fact, you can reduce a big amount of time and human resources, and save money on Indonesian localization projects with the tips revealed in this article. 

#1. Write a detailed localization plan

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Before beginning the localization process, localization experts often assess the situation first, estimating all of the components that will be involved. Typically, these elements include:

  • The number of words required for localization
  • Specifications of the content’s technical aspects (jargon, professionalism, terms, and so on)
  • Content placement (how the text and images will be organized in Indonesian, depending on the specifics of the target language)
  • The availability of localization software (for example CAT tools)

These components are calculated in regard to the timeline (when it is absolutely necessary to complete the projects), and then a cost-cutting plan can be blueprinted. For example, you might save money on Indonesian localization projects by employing CAT tools — or, depending on the project, by solely dealing with source-text native files.


#2. Save money on Indonesian localization project: Optimize your content

Try to ensure that the content you get translated is at its most optimal, with no mistakes and no jargon. This will make the translation process much more smoothly. If the piece of content needs to bounce back and forth between your company and the language service provider (LSP) several times with questions after questions, it will take up a lot of time and cost you a lot of money.

It would be great if you can get content right the first time, but don’t try to get it completed in a rush way. Before publication, content must be proofread, revised, and sent in as much time as possible. Multiple revisions and emergency timings might cause costs to skyrocket without this smart advance planning.

Simply put, you should try to ensure that the content being translated is of high quality, since this will allow you to recoup part of the translation initial costs. A Content Management System (CMS) with topic-based authoring will assist you in accomplishing this and in managing the longevity of the site.


#3. Save money on Indonesian localization project: Write concisely in the target file

The cost of localization is normally determined by the number of words in the target text. The number of words may vary due to linguistic differences (Indonesian words and sentences are often lengthier than English words and sentences, for instance).

So, if you want to keep within a certain budget, you might want to try writing more concisely in the target file. For example, use basic phrase structure and cut away anything that is repeated. This might assist you to cut costs that aren’t essential.


#4. Save money on Indonesian localization project: Harmonize your terminology

Save money on Indonesian localization project 3

 You will get a faster translation turnaround with fewer inquiries and changes if you use clear and consistent terminology across content types and platforms. Building and maintaining your ‘termbase’ and Translation Memory will provide linguistic stakeholders, such as your authors and translators, with a resource to support their job.

This will provide a degree of consistency and understanding that will continue to grow and improve in the future, allowing for a much faster turnover of work.

#5. Utilize the latest technologies

Utilizing technology and automating your translation wherever possible is a great approach to managing your costs. Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) is a huge step forward for machine learning and translation services providers.

For more complicated pieces of text, it may result in a drop in quality; however, if you are careful about what you feed into this system, you may cut costs by combining human translators and technology to your advantage, while optimizing both accuracy and efficiency.

Here are a couple of reasons why CAT can help with cost-cutting:

  • CAT tools have translation memory, so you can reuse many previously-translated texts. In the long-term plan, it helps save money on Indonesian localization projects.
  • CAT tools provide terminology management, with all the terminology saved in the documents remaining in the CAT tool database, which you can extract at any time.

This is especially useful for long-term localization projects when you may need to revisit the target text to make updates. If you have a restricted budget for CAT tools, look into the ratings of the tools that fall within your budget.


#6. Save money on Indonesian localization project: Hire translators on time

When it comes to content localization, nothing may cost you more than leaving it on the shelf until you run out of time and it becomes an urgent task. Urgent localization projects are often costly. 

If the job is urgent, the fee may increase for last-minute editing, as urgent localization projects will put more pressure on translators. Therefore, it is crucial to plan ahead and hire localization professionals on time, especially for businesses with limited budgets.


Choose GTE Localize to save money on Indonesian localization projects

You can save money on Indonesian localization projects if following the tips above. However, there is one more thing you should keep in mind to keep the quality of your localization project high while simultaneously cutting costs: partner with a reliable localization provider. 

Working with an experienced localization company will increase your chances of connecting with your target market while lowering your costs in the long run. If your localization effort does not go as planned or fails, you need to pay more than money. 

GTE Localize proudly delivers high-quality translations from +1o0 languages to Indonesian and vice versa for a wide range of content. We promise to provide you with translation and localization services that are well worth your money.

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Here are some of the values that we offer to our clients:

  • Native Indonesian linguists with more than 5 years of experience in translation and localization;
  • The latest technologies are applied for all projects including CAT Tools, Localization Management Platforms, QA Tools, Self-built ERP, etc.;
  • Budget-saving rate starts from $0.06/word only.

To know more information on Indonesian translation and localization services, or to receive a free consultancy from our Indonesian localization experts, contact our team right now!

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