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Top 5 Russian Translation Agency Choices for Your Business

Posted by Ariel D. on July 31, 2022.

220 million people speak Russian on a global scale. The use of Russian translation for goods or services has been statistically shown to increase purchases from Russian speakers by up to seven times. This makes a Russian translation agency become essential if you want to dramatically increase the market for your company.

But it might be difficult to locate the top Russian translation company, so today’s article would provide you with the top 7 options for the best Russian translation agency. Let’s take a look and find out the best alternative for your business.

1. GTE Localize

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GTE Localize has been a leading Russian translation agency for organizations worldwide.

With a network of more than 1,200 native language speakers throughout the world, GTE Localize has three offices in the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam. We establish ourself as the preferred language service provider for hundreds of B2B clients globally, and 80% of those clients continue to work with us after the term of their first contract has expired.

For your Russian translation project, we leverage linguistic techniques such as CAT tools, management systems, etc. to deliver you the most competitive price and quick turnaround. We also carry out internal quality assurance procedures for each and every one of our Russian translation assignments. The best possible Russian translation services are certain to be provided to you.

Whether you want Russian translation for papers, services, online content, or technical documentation, GTE Localize can supply you with top-notch translators that have years of expertise in any relevant area. Get a free quotation instantly by leaving a message, or connect to our live chat for a free consultation.


2. Tomedes

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As an experienced Russian translation agency, Tomedes offers more than 200 qualified translators with years of expertise in a variety of sectors. Their translators can translate academic writings, technical manuals, product descriptions, medical transcriptions, and many other types of information.

With on-time delivery, it features a beautiful online interface that supports over 100 languages. Each customer receives a separate proofreader in addition to the translator. This ensures a flawless Russian translation with a reasonable turnaround. With a free quotation, you can quickly start growing your customer base or market.

Although the prices can be a bit pricey for some people, Tomedes provides pertinent language assistance starting at $30 per page, and it clearly qualifies as one of the best marketing translation agencies because it can handle anything from banking documents to the development of an advertising campaign in Moscow.


3. MarsTranslation

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This Russian translation agency, which has offices in China and Pakistan, doesn’t say much about the availability of local translators and may utilize some automated translation software.

Prices for the service vary depending on the industry, source and target languages, and the kind of translation selected. There is MTPE translation, a machine translation that has been reviewed by a person. The most economical variety, with an accuracy rate of 85%, costs $0.035 per word.

At $0.044 per word, the Standard option is more costly. Your purchase is processed by a single professional, and an accuracy of 93% is promised. This fluid translation is appropriate for materials pertaining to broad knowledge. The costlier professional translation services, which employ one translator and one reviewer, cost $0.06 per word.

It permits selecting a certain industry and has a 97% accuracy rate. Since MarsTranslation‘s cost impresses the customers, you might consider it.


4. JRlanguage

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JR Language has worked with certified translation from Russian for years and has a sizable team of native Russian professionals. In addition to localization specialists for websites and video games, this Russian translation agency has professionals in various economic areas.

JrLanguage promises to finish at least 1500 words in three days. If you would want any extras, you may purchase them for a fee. For instance, you may request a 24-hour deadline, which would cost an extra $20 per page. It’s pricey, but urgent orders are usually pricey.

Some other extra services can be the hard copies that have been certified (you must pay $10 for the first page and $5 for each additional page), or no matter where you reside, shipping won’t be a problem because there are worldwide choices.

On the one hand, this Russian translation agency uses actual professionals who can flawlessly explain all the nuances of your project in the target language. On the other hand, some translators are unqualified, so if you can’t check the order you received because you don’t speak the language, you might get into problems.


5. StrakerTranslations

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This Russian translation agency provides translation services both manually and automatically. It also includes a broad variety of additional language tasks, such as audio interpreting, personal and specialized translation, website localization, and more.

Anyone thinking about hiring Strakertranslations should be informed that providing personal information and submitting necessary files are prerequisites for receiving an accurate pricing quotation.

This might be a problem if you have private information that you don’t want to share with others, especially those you might not hire. To be fair, though, numerous businesses operate under the same guidelines, and in contrast to them, Straker provides comprehensive information about its standard fees.

You will probably find lesser costs elsewhere if you need a business document translated. In this case, they are unacceptably unreasonable and out of line with the quality of the services being offered.


Final Thoughts

When searching for a Russian translation agency, you have to consider a number of factors: the firm’s professional experience, certification, native translators, and many other points.

GTE Localize, one of the above-mentioned, can be the leading choice for a professional Russian translation agency.

So contact us now to get a 1:1 consultation and a free test.

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