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Review of Is It the Best Option for Students?

Posted by Chloe G. on September 04, 2023.

Do you struggle to rephrase content into your own words without sacrificing its essence?  Paraphrasing ideas can be a challenging task, especially if you’re a student. With a bunch of tools promising effortless paraphrasing, how do you find which one to trust? This is where jumps in – a tool that’s been gaining considerable attention among students.  But, is it the best option among the hundreds of paraphrasing tools, or just another fleeting mediocre? Let’s find out together! 

What Is stands out as a comprehensive writing assistant catering to students, bloggers, and professionals alike. At its core, uses AI and machine learning algorithms to help users paraphrase content in different ways. What’s more, creating unique and plagiarism-free content becomes a breeze with its paraphrasing tool for both students and researchers. is a web-based tool that eliminates the need for downloads. However, its accessibility is further heightened by its multiple browser extensions, apps, and add-on availability. With a suite of distinct eight paraphrasing modes, you can dynamically rewrite assignments, choosing from four varied writing tones. is known for its free paraphrasing capabilities for up to 20,000 characters.  Although it boasts a feature-rich premium version, users are often amazed by the expansive offerings of its free tier.

Top-notch Features for Students is not just another paraphrasing platform. It boasts an impressive arsenal of 30+ AI tools for writers, marketers, SEO professionals, freelancers, and bloggers. However, where it truly shines is in its specialized suite tailored for students. Let’s dive into these student-centric features that make a standout:

Features What Does It Do?
Plagiarism Checker Ensures that content remains unique, giving students the confidence to submit their assignments without the fear of inadvertent duplication.
Grammar Checker Acts as a second set of eyes, pinpointing and suggesting corrections, ensuring that students’ writings are polished and error-free.
Summarizer Condenses lengthy texts in either bullet or paragraph form, retaining the core message, and saving students valuable time and effort.
Essay Generator Aids students by providing a structured essay from introduction to conclusion with a single prompt. 
Story Generator For literature or creative writing students, the story generator can be a source of inspiration, offering unique story prompts to kickstart their imagination.
Thesis Statement Generator With this tool, students can input their topic and receive a robust thesis statement, providing a clear direction for their research and arguments.


How Does Work?

Students are already juggling various academic and non-academic tasks, so a straightforward tool is a godsend. is a straightforward tool. Let’s delve deeper into its paraphrasing tool to see how it actually works.

Paraphrasing Tool:’s paraphraser is an AI-powered tool that rephrases content to present it in a fresh manner. It does not only swap out words for synonyms but comprehends the essence of the content while paraphrasing it. One of the tool’s standout features is its eight unique paraphrasing modes. While three are available for free, the others come under the premium category.  Among the free modes, the ‘Free Rewriter’ is exceptionally generous that allows users to rephrase up to 20,000 characters in a single spin. Let’s break down each mode and see how they can help students:

Eight Paraphrasing Modes:

  • Free Rewriter:

This mode offers basic rephrasing, ideal for students who need a quick rewrite without any stylistic changes. This mode allows up to 20,000 characters to paraphrase for free. 

  • Text Improver:

Sometimes, students have the right ideas but might struggle with clarity. The Text Improver simplifies the writing style and mends any broken sentence structures to make content more digestible and ensure that your message is effectively conveyed.

  • Near Human:

A common complaint with many paraphrasing tools is their robotic tone. The Near Human mode ensures that the rephrased content feels organic and natural, almost as if it has been rewritten by a human. 

  • Plagiarism Remover:

One of the primary concerns for students is ensuring their work is original. This mode meticulously tweaks content to make it unique, safeguarding students from unintended similarities.

  • Creative:

For those involved in creative writing or assignments that demand out-of-the-box thinking, the Creative mode is a gem. It sprinkles fresh ideas into the content to push students to think differently and present their work in a more innovative light.

  • Academic:

The Academic mode refines student essays, research papers, or theses by improving the tone and structure appropriate for academic submissions. It ensures that the work meets the expected scholarly standards.

  • Quill Text:

Clarity and brevity are often appreciated in academic circles. Quill Text streamlines content, ensuring it’s presented in a clear and concise manner. This helps students get to the point without meandering to make their work more impactful.

  • Sentence Rephraser:

This mode takes a microscope to each sentence, rephrasing them individually. It ensures variety in the content, making the writing more dynamic. 

Exceptional Paraphrasing Features:

Besides paraphrasing using different modes, offers many other advanced paraphrasing features. 

One of the best features is that you can get multiple sentence rephrasing options to choose from. For example, if you don’t like a sentence and want to rephrase that particular sentence without rewriting content or essay. You simply select the sentence and the tool will offer four alternate sentence options so that you can choose one as per your writing needs. 

Moreover, you’ll find the following standout features that set it apart.

  • Synonym Changing and Definition:

One of the platform’s striking features is its capacity for tailored word choice. When you hover over or click on a rephrased word, it presents alternate word options. 

This ensures that the content aligns precisely with the desired tone and intention. 

Furthermore, the same feature offers definitions that enable users to make informed word choices and understand the content better.

  • Multimedia Paraphrasing: holds the distinction of being one of the only platforms offering audio paraphrasing capabilities. Not stopping there, it also pioneers with its “world’s first image-to-text paraphraser.” These features offer users the convenience of converting spoken words or image-based text into editable and paraphrasable text.

  • Direct Web Browsing:

You can directly search for relevant articles within the platform using the “search on the web” feature. 

This eliminates the need for switching between browsers and the tool. Furthermore, with options to read full articles or summarize them, users can swiftly ascertain if an article aligns with their requirements. 

  • Tone Customization: allows you to tweak the tone of your content. From casual, formal, and professional to even witty, the platform ensures that the rewritten content is audience-specific and purpose-aligned.

Pricing: offers three pricing plans – Solo Text Generation, Solo Paraphrasing Tool, and All-In-One Bundle Tools. That being said, you can take good advantage of using the Solo Paraphrasing Tool when you only need to use this platform for paraphrasing purposes. 

Its paraphrasing free version does not even require a sign-up or registration. Here’s what it offers for free and with the premium plan:

Free Plan:

  • 20,000 paraphrase character limit with free rewriter 
  • 5000 Paraphraser character limit with other two free modes
  • 4 paraphrased sentences options
  • 5 Synonyms options
  • 3 writing modes
  • Web browning 
  • Audio, speech to text and image paraphrasing
  • Browser extensions

Premium Plan:

  • 20,000 character limit in one spin 
  • 5 spun sentences options 
  • 5 Synonyms options
  • 8 paraphrasing modes
  • Tone customization

Premium Solo Paraphrasing Plan Cost: 

  • Monthly: $7/month (billed monthly)
  • Annual: $60 or $5 when paying monthly

Pros & Cons:

While is an undeniably powerful tool with a number of features designed for students, it comes with its strengths and limitations. Let’s have a look into the pros and cons:

What’s Good:

  1. Beyond standard paraphrasing, it offers unique features like audio, speech-to-text, and image-to-text paraphrasing, setting it apart from competitors.
  2. With eight distinct modes, users can select the one that aligns best with their requirements, ensuring bespoke content every time.
  3. The direct web browsing feature streamlines the research process, allowing users to search, read, summarize, and insert relevant content within the platform.
  4. The ability to adjust the tone of the content—from formal and professional to witty—ensures that the output resonates with the intended audience.
  5. This feature provides peace of mind to users, ensuring that their content maintains originality and avoids potential academic or professional pitfalls.
  6. Its intuitive design ensures that even those new to paraphrasing tools can navigate and use the platform efficiently.

What’s Not So Good:

  • Most advanced paraphrasing features come with a price tag. 
  • The multitude of features, while impressive, might be overwhelming for new users
  • Being an online tool, it requires a stable internet connection to function

Bottom Line: Is It the Best Paraphraser for Students? clearly offers a number of features that students will find invaluable. Its eight different modes of paraphrasing ensure that whatever the assignment’s requirement, the tool has a mode tailored to fit that need. The unique features like audio and image-to-text paraphrasing showcase its forward-thinking approach to the needs of students. Its free version allows up to 20,000 characters which makes it accessible to students on a budget. 

Moreover, the suite of additional AI tools, from plagiarism checkers to grammar correctors, encapsulates almost everything a student might need in the writing process. This makes it not just a paraphrasing tool, but a comprehensive writing assistant. As always, we’d recommend giving the free version a spin first to see if it aligns with your requirements before committing to a premium plan.