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    Enhance Your Global Reach with Our Retail Translation Services

    GTE Localize has been trusted by various brands for delivering high-quality and cost-effective retail localization services globally.

    To make a splash in new markets, you can’t afford to be off-target with your powerful retail translation to reach your target global audience. Because in the retail sector, high-quality products, attractive packaging, and strong brand awareness might not be enough. You also need two key factors of success – consistent customer communication and customer service. GTE Localize provides best-in-class retail translation services to help you communicate your brand value fluently across global markets. Contact our team now for a 1;1 consultation.

    GTE Localize can translate and localize various types of retail content. Here are a few examples:

    • Catalogs
    • Brochures & Leaflets
    • After-Sale Materials
    • User Reviews
    • Product Support Website
    • Product Care Instruction
    • Labeling Guides
    • Promotional Materials

    We Translate Various Languages

    We have handled multiple retail translation projects and have helped our clients meet all the requirements necessary to successfully complete their work into various languages. Here are some popular languages we translate. If you choose other languages, please contact our team.

    Select Your Retail Translation Services

    Let's check out three pricing plans for retail translation services from GTE Localize and choose the most suitable one for your brand.

    Standard Plan

    Translation Only

    (2-eye principle)

    Your retail materials are translated and self-reviewed by one skilled native linguist.




    Pick this standard plan if you:

      • Require a simple translation to read and understand. Allow for the possibility of minor errors.
      • Choose the least expensive solution for your retail materials.
      • Have content that is only used once or internal publications.

    Pro Plan

    Translation + Editing

    (4-eye principle)

    Your retail content will be translated by one native translator and revised by a second editor.




    Choose this professional option if you:

      • Expect translated content to be polished and of high quality.
      • Have a balance between quality, price, and turnaround time.
      • Want to utilize retail translation for all reasons, mainly for external documents.

    Premium Plan

    Translation + Editing + Proofreading

    (6-eye principle)

    Three subject-matter linguists will translate, edit, and proofread your retail translation projects respectively.




    Get this premium selection if you:

      • Want your translated retail content to be faultless and ready to be published.
      • Go with the most costly and high-quality retail translations.
      • Have high-visibility retail documents and vital marketing information.

    Our Retail Translation Process

    Accurate retail translation services are vital when registering retail products/services abroad. GTE Localize follows this optimized working process to provide professional retail localization solutions.

    11:1 Consultation
    11:1 Consultation
    • You tell GTE Localize your requirements.
    • Our consultant team will analyze and offer a tailored retail translation solution based on your needed language pairs, volume, budget, etc.
    1:1 Consultation
    2Project Confirmation
    2Project Confirmation
    • Once you approve our retail translation package, both sides confirm and complete the admin steps such as NDA, contract, & deposit.
    Project Confirmation
    3Project Kick-off
    3Project Kick-off

    Our PMs will:

    • Prepare linguistic materials (Glossary, Style guide, Termbase, etc.).
    • Choose the most suitable CAT or localization platform.
    • Allocate native translators.
    • Schedule a timeline for the project.
    Project Kick-off
    • A native translator will translate your retail documents.
    • Other native linguists will edit and proofread the translated retail documents.
    5Quality Assurance
    5Quality Assurance
    • Possible errors are detected by QA tools.
    • Our linguists will vet the QA report one more time. Errors will be fixed if they’re true positive. This step repeats until the QA report contains only false-positive errors.
    Quality Assurance
    • Our localization engineers use photo-imaging software to put text and graphics together in the right place.
    7In-context Testing
    7In-context Testing
    • If it is a document translation, our testers will play the role of an actual audience to check laid-out files to make sure possible errors are eliminated.
    • If it is an app, game, or website translation, our testers will make functional testing as an actual user to bring you a flawless translation without any untranslated strings, functional problems, etc.
    In-context Testing
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    • We deliver the retail translation and make suitable changes if you have any feedback.
    • After that, we submit the final retail translation version to you.
    Feedback implementation & Final delivery

    GTE Localize - Professional Retail Translation Company

    There are some of the characteristics that make us one of the fastest growing in recent years in terms of commitment, quality, and price:

    100% Native Translators 100% Native Translators

    We only pick the leading team of native translators with high qualifications and experience in the retail field. Selected translators must have five years of industry experience in the sector they are translating and at least five years of translation experience. This principle will result in flawless and error-free retail translations.

    Deadline Compliance Deadline Compliance

    Each member of our team, from linguistics to PMs is fully aware of the sense of urgency for delivering every project on time. We make punctuality a habit by continuous training and working our best every day. 98% of our retail translation projects are delivered on time or ahead the time. And we never wait until the last minutes to deliver.

    Lifetime Warranty Policy Lifetime Warranty Policy

    After the retail translation has been delivered, if problems are identified and found related to GTE Localize’s fault, GTE Localize offers free editing and fixing. The retail translation warranty is effective for a lifetime. You can report any flaws in your retail translations to our team via email, and we will correct them.

    Strict Quality Assurance Strict Quality Assurance

    To bring you the retail translation and localization quality as promised, our team at GTE Localize actively performs the QA round by XBench for 100% of our projects or internal LQA round for big volume projects. And you do not have to pay anything for these extra steps as the costs are covered by GTE Localize.

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    Translation Tools We Support

    As a professional retail translation firm, GTE Localize makes use of top-notch technologies to deliver qualified retail translation services to our B2B clients.

    Translation and Localization Management Platforms

    Professional Translation Tools

    Retail Translation Services Q&A

    To have an exact retail translation service price, we take many factors that affect retail translation costs into consideration:

    • Project volume: In most cases, we give the quotation per word or characters. The number of words/characters is the most precise indication of the effort our linguists put into the project.
    • Service required: Some translation projects only require Translation Only (TO), while others need both Translation and Editing (TE), or Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP). The more steps a project needs, the higher the rate is.
    • Industry expertise: The complexity of the required domain also affects the price of the project. General topics are charged less than high-expertise content. Please contact our team to get a free quotation for your retail translation project.

    The delivery time of a retail translation service is affected by the project capacity, document complexity, service options, and other requirements. GTE Localize’s retail translators can handle 2,500 words in 24 hours on average. If you need an urgent retail translation service, we can choose more translators to handle your services, increasing our capacity to 10,000 words in 24 hours.

    GTE Localize is a recommended translation company on GoodFirms that bring businesses qualified retail translation services. You can know the quality of our retail localization services using the following actions:

    • Require one of our translators to do a 300-word test for free.
    • Contact our team to check out all retail translation projects that we have translated.
    • See a list of the clients with whom we’ve worked.
    • You can check out the QA and QC process we use for all retail translation projects in the process above to ensure the highest retail localization quality.
    • Get in touch with us to check out our translators’ CVs. We will gladly send you the CVs of our translators who have relevant experience.
      Let’s contact our retail localization experts for more information.

    Yes, all information in your retail document is safely kept and only used by relevant staff. GTE Localize is open to signing NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) to guarantee the confidentiality of all retail documents from our clients. On our end, all relevant staff and linguists must sign an NDA with GTE Localize before working on the retail translation projects.

    Bank transfers, cash, Visa, Paypal, and Payoneer are all acceptable methods of payment at GTE Localize. All major currencies are accepted, including the US dollar, euro, and Singapore dollar. If you expect to make payments in a different currency, please contact our team for quick support.


    GTE Localize is a reliable translation and localization provider with Vietnam, Singapore, and the United States operations. However, we can effectively serve global business customers such as the UK, Canada, China, Thailand, etc. because of our effective communication and workflow processes.


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