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How to Reduce Turnaround Time for Your Indonesian Translation Projects?

Posted by Anne Q. on January 13, 2022.

All companies wish to complete the translation project quickly to meet the schedule for their businesses. As with Indonesian translation projects, the timeline for completing a translation depends on a variety of factors.

To help get the translation on time, we will show you how these factors can slow down the project progress. You will also find some useful tips to reduce the turnaround time for your upcoming Indonesian translation projects at the end of the article.

Factors Affecting The Turnaround Time of Indonesian Translation Projects

There are numerous factors that have a direct influence on the turnaround time of an Indonesian translation project. In the scope of this article, we will focus on the three main factors below:

#1. Complex Content

Highly specialized content can be a big challenge for your Indonesian translators. It means your translators need more time to research relevant information on the topic. For example, when handling a translation project about technical, AI technology or specialized medical documents, translators need a lot of time to research, compare and analyze information to ensure accuracy and consistency for your project. 

#2. File Formatting

The file format pretty much determines how long it takes a linguist to complete your Indonesian translation project. It takes quite a while if you send your translators a source file in JPG or PNG format and expect the finished project to be in text file format. For example, you need to make a table for translating the chemical composition of medical drugs from English to Indonesian and provide the translator with the drug labels in the form of images. In this case, the translator needs to re-type the text from the source file before they can work with the translation project. This processing will take longer if there is no supporting tool.

Popular File Format for Thai Translation

#3. Uncommon Language Pairs

Indonesia is linguistically diverse, with more than 700 languages in Indonesia spoken across the archipelago. Indonesians are the second-largest multilingual population in the world. Many regional languages and most commonly used in Indonesia include Javanese, Hindi, Sudanese, Minangkabau, etc.

Therefore, if you want an Indonesian translation document from the Minangkabau language into English, it will be very difficult and expensive to find a suitable translator because the language pair is not common. This process will include more steps to find the perfect language expert to be able to complete the project correctly. Without a doubt, it makes the turnaround time longer than you might expect.


Tips To Reduce The Turnaround Time For Your Thai Translation Projects

Some factors that make the turnaround time of your Indonesian translation project longer may come from the translation provider. For example, the translator may not have the suitable translation tools or the ability and time to carry out the project properly. However, objectively, sometimes, preparing and limiting some of the factors coming from your business will help the translator speed up the Indonesian translation project completion time.

Here are some tips to reduce turnaround time for Indonesian translation projects that you should keep in mind:

#1. Content Processing

Project delivery times will tend to be longer if the content source you provide is of poor quality. Translating a file with shoddy language sources takes a long time because linguists have to edit the file to balance accuracy and define a consistent style.

To avoid any unnecessary delay, you should process your content first. The target document files should be in a standard format that is compatible with the target file format you require if possible. In addition, you need to deal with language consistency as well as provide a glossary of specialized terms.

#2. Define Audience and Editorial Requirements

Before handing over the Indonesian translation project, you need to discuss the requirements and goals of the translation with the translator. This will avoid wasting time editing during the translation process. You need to determine the audience that the translation wants to target as well as the editorial requirements in terms of style, structure, modification, etc. Based on that, the translator can complete the project according to the requirements and the turnaround time will also be faster.

#3. Contact A Professional Translation Agency

The number of words that a translator greatly affects work efficiency and project speed. Besides, the translation of uncommon language pairs is also a big barrier as mentioned. Therefore, if this is the case, your business needs to contact an Indonesian translation service provider as soon as possible to plan and have the best solution. Furthermore, a translation with a large number of words will often have a certain quantity of word duplication. Translating these repeated words will be very time-consuming. 

In addition, a difficult language pair increases translation time for language experts. The solution for you is to choose a reputable translation company. They can find you the best Indonesian translator as well as get a CAT tool to automatically translate words or phrases that appear many times, whereas some freelancers don’t have one.


To Sum Up

In conclusion, the requirements and factors that affect delivery time have been covered above so you can get an estimate of your turnaround time. From there, we recommend a few tips so you can better plan any of your translation projects. Accordingly, choosing a reputable translation agency is the first step and also an extremely important step to effective translation for your business.

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