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3 Tips to Reach The Right Customers with Vietnamese Business Translation Services

Posted by Ariel D. on December 20, 2022.

Entering a new market like Vietnam can be challenging since you have to adjust your Vietnamese business translation services to a different culture, attitude, and style. Because what holds true in your nation might not apply to this market or the local workers you plan to hire. 

This blog post is for businesses who want to know more about the Vietnamese market or are considering expanding Vietnamese localization but aren’t sure where to begin. Here are some important tips that multinational corporations should bear in mind before entering Vietnam.

#1. Understand The Personal Relationship Priority Of Vietnamese People

Vietnam is a country with a very high context and social conventions, with a history spanning more than 4,000 years. The locals cherish their traditions and constantly follow their instincts. Here are some key points that foreign businesses should be aware of while dealing with a Vietnamese translation company or promoting a product to local consumers. 

Vietnamese Business Translation Services at the Business Meeting

Your Vietnamese counterpart might anticipate establishing personal ties and a sense of trust rather than addressing commercial choices during the initial business encounter. Because of their high-context culture, they may establish business judgments even on how they see you on a personal level. 

Then having Vietnamese business translation services or interpretation services during the meeting is completely necessary.

With Social Connections

01_vietnamese business translation services

If you share connections, it will be simpler to approach and develop a connection with Vietnamese business owners. Therefore, an excellent strategy to begin the cooperation is to have someone trustworthy connect you to local partners.

Seniority & Hierarchy

Top-down hierarchical structures are used by the majority of Vietnamese businesses. So always respect others for their age, level of education, and occupation. You should always introduce yourself to the person in the oldest or highest position when meeting a Vietnamese partner.

This structure can be adapted to Vietnamese business translation services in some specific context, so remember to include it in the style guide.

Daily Conversation

It is considered courteous for Vietnamese to blend personal and professional matters. So don’t be surprised if they ask you about your personal life.

The Idea of “Taking Someone at Face Value” 

Vietnamese are less accepting of this strategy than Westerners are of being straightforward and honest. In Vietnam, it’s possible to “lose face” by openly disagreeing or voicing concerns. In other words, it is not acceptable to harm someone’s reputation, dignity, or prominence in front of other people.

In general, you learn Vietnamese business etiquette before conducting business with local stakeholders (partners, workers, government officials, etc.) and start the Vietnamese business translation services with native linguists from a trustworthy Vietnamese translation company.


#2. Keep Up With The Recent Changes In Vietnam’s Consumer Market

Vietnam’s consumer market is being driven by an unstable economic period, which has a significant influence on Vietnamese consumers’ tastes, way of life, and behavior. 

02_vietnamese business translation services

In order to help businesses better understand and connect with customers, and also can fluently apply Vietnamese business translation services, here are the 5 most significant changes recently to the Vietnamese buyer persona that you should consider.

  • There is an increasing need for personalization. Female, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha customers are heavily represented in the demand for more personalized goods and services.
  • Vietnam’s consumer market is defined by the country’s growing middle class, which is adopting new priorities, having new demands, and using new goods and services.
  • The size of Vietnamese households is declining. One to three people make up around 40% of Vietnamese households. Lower consumption, the growth of delegation services, and the introduction of pet food are the primary effects of smaller household sizes.
  • The prevalence of online transactions and shopping is growing in Vietnam. In 2021, the size of the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) online shopper base had climbed by ten times, and in the previous seven years, the value share of FMCG products had increased by twenty times. Online plays a part in every phase of the customer journey, not simply the sales channel.
  • Young customers and digitalization are the drivers of new experiences. In 2021 compared to 2014, the rate of innovation for FMCG items is 1.5 times higher. Existing products are under increased pressure to attract new consumers and, more crucially, hold onto the ones they already have.


#3. Analyze The Online Habits Of Vietnamese Consumers

Over the past ten years, the lifestyles of Vietnamese consumers have seen enormous transformations as a result of exponential increases in smartphone usage and Internet access. Let’s see where and how long Vietnamese internet users spend online as the Lunar New Year draws near via Decision Lab statistics, then make the best decision for your Vietnamese business translation services.

Social Usage: Facebook Is the Dominant

Facebook continues to be one of the most popular and significant social networks in Vietnam. In a poll conducted by Decision Lab, 97% of Internet users reported using it, and 63% stated it was “indispensable” to their everyday life. With 36% of Vietnamese consumers admitting that they get their news from social networks, publishers are continuing to use Facebook as a tool to boost their own traffic.

03_vietnamese business translation services

However, interestingly, Facebook is no longer the only participant. In a congested field, several other competitors have arisen in recent years and have already started to carve out their own niches. Due to this, Vietnamese customers typically select one or two social networking applications from the available 3.7 on the average Android or smartphone in Vietnam that they “can’t live without”.

For instance, whereas 90% of Millennials and 86% of Gen Xers who replied already use the Vietnamese messaging app Zalo, Instagram and TikTok have substantially lower usage rates. With a younger demographic, these two social sharing applications have had more success. A fast-expanding short-form video platform called Tik Tok is currently being used by 25% of Gen Zers, while 66% of them regularly use Instagram, the most well-liked image and video story-sharing app in the world.

Video Platforms

“There’s an app for that”, Apple’s catchphrase from 2009, couldn’t be more “appropriate” when it comes to the digital behaviors of contemporary Vietnamese people. 

With 57% of Vietnamese people most likely using it, YouTube continues to be the most widely used medium for music listening. Nevertheless, this does not imply that regional as well as other foreign competitors are giving up easily, particularly Spotify, which has discovered a market among Gen Z audiophiles.

With 66% of users watching at least once a day, YouTube also triumphs when it comes to platform preference and frequency of usage for watching movies. Locally-based movie streaming websites are far less popular, as seen in the graph below.

For businesses, branding in Vietnam needs to be associated with image building through video. You should use YouTube as a tool and apply Vietnamese business translation services from native linguists with rich business knowledge.

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Final Thoughts: How To Get Professional Vietnamese Business Translation Services 

If you are a business owner or executive who is planning to enter the Vietnam market, you will frequently find yourself in need of top-notch Vietnamese business translation services. In these situations, you need to be certain that you are investing in the best method for getting your papers translated.

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