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What Qualities Should a Professional Korean Translation Agency Have?

Posted by Ariel D. on November 13, 2022.

Localization in Korea is not an easy business and the Korean translation agency plays an important role in this process. This blog post will list out the typical criteria to help you choose the best Korean translation partner for your upcoming project.

1. Professional Qualification Certifications

A professional Korean translation agency is required to adhere to industry standards for qualification certification, and formal qualification certification satisfies the unique needs of commercial work to satisfy a variety of clients. 

One typical certification is the international standard ISO 17100 outlines the criteria for delivering high-quality translation services. The standard offers ways to regulate the caliber of the translation process and the credentials of individuals engaged in translation projects.

The qualifications for translators in ISO 17100 are particularly detailed for ISO standards. It might be difficult for a translation service provider, usually a language service firm, to determine how precisely those credentials can or should be proven.

Another aspect is the GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) membership. This strong globalization and translation community from a range of organizations around the world are connected and supported.


2. Native Korean Translators

To evaluate the native translators from any Korean translation agency, you need to keep the following in mind.

Education of Translators

To work as translators, the Korean linguists normally require at least a bachelor’s degree. However, a certain degree or subject mix is not required. For a full-fledged profession as a Korean translator, for instance, the translators could pursue a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Korean, with some specific programs. 

Along with language proficiency, you should examine their knowledge of particular industries, and evaluate how familiar they achieve with knowing the terminology, intricacies of the task, technical details, and business etiquette.

Higher Korean Language Ability

High-level language proficiency in at least two languages (Korean and another language) is required of the translator. A professional Korean translation agency should provide near-native or the highest level of the official language exams to access the translator’s ability.

The expected higher Korean language ability expands beyond grammar. To learn Korean, there are activities like reading newspapers and watching Kdramas. And Korean translators should aim for the maximum degree of skill, continue honing their language abilities until they reach a more advanced level.

You also can rely on certifications to judge the qualifications of translators. Typical reference systems include CEFR C1, C2, TOPIK V/VI, or equivalent systems in at least two languages.

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Excellent Writing and Translation Skills

Another skill that experienced translators need is the ability to write well and adjust to various writing styles depending on the circumstance. Because incapacity, carelessness, and mediocrity can be accepted in any Korean translation agency.

Being proficient in the language is different from being an excellent translator. Even if someone speaks a language well, they may be unsuccessful as a translator. In conclusion, being proficient in one language does not ensure success as a translator.


3. Rich Industry Experience

A successful Korean translation agency can achieve professional standards if this company has a strong reputation and a wealth of industry knowledge. When engaged in translation work across numerous industries and fields, a professional Korean translation agency may achieve the standard of pure human translation at a very affordable price.

Here are some popular industries that need Korean translation services.


On the list of industries, e-commerce comes in the first place. Web-based enterprises can benefit from and grow swiftly since South Korea has the highest internet speed in the world. 

If you want to sell your goods globally, you must maintain a fully localized website in the language of the market you desire to target. By partnering with an experienced Korean translation agency to build your website, you can efficiently break into the Korean market in a number of ways.


The fashion industry is flourishing thanks to Korean K-Pop trends. By joining the Korean market, which is predicted to increase to more than $26 million by 2024, the fashion industry may anticipate reaching a large number of new consumers. 

With this continuous development, not only do foreign businesses want to enter the Korean market but also the local brands have the desire to shine in the global market. Therefore, they need a Korean translation agency that has a background in fashion and are always up to date with trends.


The influence of the South Korean cosmetics sector abroad is growing. The beauty products in Korea’s cosmetics market stress a natural appearance and place a strong emphasis on health and wellness. Additionally, it has appealing packaging and affordable costs.

To promote local cosmetics to foreign customers, native linguists also need specialized knowledge of makeup and products.


Korea is a great location for the evolution of the fintech industry because the Korean government has focused on fostering fintech development. Using financial Korean translation services with specific experiences can provide doors to this developing market.

IT and Software 

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Launching new platforms and software in South Korea is getting much attention since the country was predicted to have a high Internet usage rate of 93% in 2021. As more Western companies are eager to do business in this country, the IT industry is currently seeing unequaled growth, which can create a ton of opportunities for export and trade.

Therefore, a good Korean translation agency needs to master the knowledge in this field to be able to prevent miscommunications during negotiations and bring good results for large projects.

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4. Diversified Translation Services with Suitable Cost

There is one point that you should know, professional Korean translation companies can offer a wide range of translation services in accordance with client requirements. They are able to fully satisfy each client’s unique needs for Korean translation work, develop workable solutions in accordance with individualized standards, and complete the project on schedule while meeting high standards. 

For example, GTE Localize provides three primary types of translation services: Translation Only (TO), Translation + Editing (TE), and Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TE+P) (TEP).

The use of TE and TEP services is highly recommended if your content is used for external purposes. To the contrary, TO is a fantastic substitute for internal content or low-budget ventures. The cost will increase as more linguists are needed and as the quality of the translation increases.

If your document includes text and interesting images, you might need to add Desktop Publish (DTP) as an extra service to make sure the finished products are attractive and simple to read. Additionally, there is a fee associated with this process.

Our customers can take advantage of high-quality translation services without feeling too much financial pressure thanks to the very reasonable prices of professional Korean translation and the comprehensive and cost-effective services provided in accordance with industry positioning standards.


GTE Localize: The Top-notch Korean Translation Agency

If you are looking for a trustworthy Korean translation partner, GTE Localize is one of the best options.

With efficient Korean translation services, GTE Localize can help you with any project. We provide you with the best staff of native Korean speakers who have earned Bachelor’s degrees in translation from prestigious institutions including Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Sungkyunkwan University, and Ewha Woman’s University, among others. They all have at least five years of experience translating Korean professionally, and they are well-versed in local needs and demands as well as Korean culture.

Also with the aid of our specially developed technology, we have assisted some of the most prosperous foreign companies from a variety of industry sectors in expanding their operations in the Korean market.

Therefore, schedule a 1:1 consultation with one of our professionals to receive a free test and the best quote from a top-rate Korean translation agency.

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