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5 Ways To Effectively Promote Indonesian Websites

Posted by Chloe G. on April 19, 2022.

Companies have to promote Indonesian websites to attract more Indonesia, given that this country has emerged as one of the most important digital markets in Southeast Asia, with growth rates that are on par with China.

Indonesians today are very digital, with more than 70% of the population being active internet users. To reach out to more audiences, businesses now have to invest more in their website, which is considered their “formal face” online.  


If you are looking for how to promote Indonesian websites, you came to the right place. In this article, we have compiled the best tips to promote Indonesian websites as well as increase traffic to your website in Indonesia. Let’s take a look!

Promote Indonesian Websites: Build a distinct brand

Whether you are selling products, promoting a cause, or providing services, you need a distinct identity for your website. This will help you to increase traffic in the long run, since your website will stick in people’s memories and drive repeat visits. 

To achieve this, you should define your website’s tone, imagery, color scheme, and content with your brand in mind. 

Remember to gear your branding efforts to both your audience’s tastes and your preferences. The key here is to develop a website with a maximum appeal so that it is easier to boost website traffic once you have launched the site.


Promote Indonesian Websites: Carry out SEO 


One of the keys to increasing website traffic is to harness the power of SEO. While search engine marketing requires paying for traffic to your website, search engine optimization is free.

  • Optimize Your Content for Keywords with High Search Demand

Keywords with a high search demand have the potential to drive a large number of visitors to your website. Use a keyword research tool to identify which terms and phrases are most often searched, and then alter your content accordingly.

  • Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases that include multiple words. They can include three, four, or even more words. They have lower search volumes than high search demand keywords, but they have lower competition.

This implies that if you choose long-tail keywords, your chances of gaining visitors to your website are often greater than if you use high search demand keywords.

The balance of long-tail and high search demand keywords that you use will be up to your company’s plan and current human/financial resources, but creating an ecosystem of keywords that encompasses both will likely serve you well.

  • Optimizing for Local SEO Searches

Local goods and services now account for 48% of Google searches. If you’ve ever looked for “[item/place/service] near me,” you’ll notice that the first few results are those that have implemented local SEO.

If you want to target a specific regional audience with your website, local SEO can help people nearby to find your site. Assume you provide business process outsourcing to companies in Jakarta. Using words like “Jakarta BPO,” “Jakarta business process outsourcing,” and “BPO Jakarta Indo” throughout your website copy can help you target the proper audience.

*** Note: Do not over-optimize to promote Indonesian websites. Your main focus should be on producing high-quality content, with a sprinkling of SEO to help out.


Promote Indonesian Websites: Undertake influencer marketing and social media marketing

Indonesia has a diverse range of influencers in a variety of fields, including technology, cosmetics, fashion, health, fitness, and many more. Hundreds of brands, such as Shopee and Tokopedia, have employed influencer marketing.

But there is a reason why brands are boosting their influencer marketing budgets. According to statistics, 51% of Indonesians believe that online recommendations from influencers are more trustworthy than sponsored advertisements.

In Indonesia, social media is the most popular platform for doing online brand research. Indonesians rely on authentic, reachable, and relatable people to provide product reviews.

The chart below shows the most-used social media platforms in Indonesia. By studying this chart, you can define which channels you should focus on to maximize your influencer marketing, reach out to more audiences and get their interests. 


Some companies take bigger leaps and collaborate with idols and celebrities, instead of influencers. In Indonesia, K-pop culture has a stronghold.

For brands like Tokopedia, working with Korean idols in their campaigns has proven to be highly effective. Their most recent video collaboration with Weeekly, which was posted at the beginning of February 2022, has been seen over 400,000 times in just two weeks.


Promote Indonesian Websites: Localize your website 

The best way to approach the diversity of the Indonesian population is by developing localized content for each locale.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country. This country even accounts for more than 3% of the entire world’s population. This offers a unique difficulty for businesses looking to break into the market: one strategy can work in Jakarta but not in Surabaya.

A study by McKinsey & Co. found that customer behavior is significantly influenced by geographical location. People in Surabaya are twice as likely to seek product recommendations from friends and family, especially for fast-moving consumer products (FMCG). This means that businesses looking to reach Surabaya should use word of mouth as one of their marketing channels.

People in Jakarta, on the other hand, are more progressive and independent in their product choices. As the largest urban center in Indonesia, Jakarta residents are much more aware of the products they need.

They frequently find relevant information by reading online evaluations from trustworthy content authors and websites. This means that influencer marketing and search engine marketing/SEO brand websites might be effective for this area.

This study demonstrates that different places have different audiences with different behaviors. You must study your target groups and adjust your strategy accordingly. 


Tokopedia’s Waktu Indonesia Belanja (WIB) campaign

Tokopedia is a fantastic example of a localized marketing effort. The Tokopedia‘s Waktu Indonesia Belanja (WIB) campaign, which roughly translates as Indonesia Shopping Time, was started in 2021. The promo content for the WIB campaign embraces local cultures and traditions.

The campaign name WIB is also easy to remember because it is also the abbreviation for one of Indonesia’s three time zones – Western Indonesian Time or Waktu Indonesia Barat. The video has over 39 million views and is one of Tokopedia’s most anticipated promotion periods. 


Promote Indonesian Websites: Improve your website’s UX and UI


Your website needs to deliver a good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) because if your website is slow to use or difficult to navigate, that will put people off using it. We normally do not have enough patience to wait for a site that takes a long time to load or find it difficult to find what we are looking for. 

Therefore, you should focus on page loading speed and how well ordered your navigation menus are. Let’s think about why people visit your website and what they will be looking for as their top priorities. 

A few tweaks to the user interface can make a huge difference to the user experience, so investing time in this aspect could reap plenty of benefits when it comes to promoting your website. 


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