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Diffusion Fre-Vie sample

Diffusion (FRE-VIE)

By Tony Pham
Diffusion (FRE-VIE) French to Vietnamese translation for a breast pump manual on Trados_5,100 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=43]
Ger-Vie translation Sample

Prospan (GER-VIE)

By Tony Pham
Prospan (GER-VIE) Germany to Vietnamese translation for a storyboard_800 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=42]
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Blender Manual (ENG-KOR)

By Tony Pham
Blender Manual (ENG-KOR) English to Korean translation for a blender instruction manual on Trados - 2,000 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=17]
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Life Science (ENG-CHI)

By Tony Pham
Life Science (ENG-CHI) English to Chinese translation for a software end-user license agreement on Trados - 2,700 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=19]
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Healthcare (ENG-VIE)

By Tony Pham
Healthcare (ENG-VIE) English to Vietnamese healthcare translation for a value-added benefits booklet on Trados - 16,300 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=20]
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Medical (ENG-VIE)

By Tony Pham
Medical (ENG-VIE) English to Vietnamese medicine translation for a Patient Medication Guide Brochure on Trados - 1,800 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=21]
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Pharmaceutical (ENG-VIE)

By Tony Pham
Pharmaceutical (ENG-VIE) English to Vietnamese pharmaceuticals translation for a prescription medicine brochure on Trados - 4,000 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=27]
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Website (ENG – VIE)

By Tony Pham
Website (ENG - VIE) English to Vietnamese translation for a hospital website on Trados - 30,200 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=33]
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Documents (ENG-VIE)

By Tony Pham
Documents (ENG-VIE) English to Vietnamese document translation for an immunoenzymatic sandwich microplate assay on Trados - 5,500 words [wonderplugin_3dcarousel id=34]