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7 Vital Factors to Pick A Professional Translation Company in Vietnam

Posted by Chloe G. on April 02, 2022.

With a significant increase in language translation demand, hundreds of translation service providers have appeared. Choosing a professional translation company in Vietnam can be challenging if you don’t know what’s the most important. It is not only accurate translations but also lots of other factors you need to care about.

If you want to ensure that your translation project gets high-quality results, let’s find out how you can hire a professional translation agency in Vietnam to partner with them in the long run. We’ve listed seven crucial factors to consider when looking to contract translation services.

Below are seven points that you need to keep in mind to stay on track with choosing a professional translation company in Vietnam:

Understand your company’s translation needs and requirements

Professional Translation Company in vietnam

To find the right translation agency, you must first thoroughly determine your needs and the specific requirements of your document. There will be a wide variety of types of translation, for instance, Literary Translation, Legal Translation, Software Localization, Game Localization, Technical Translation, Subtitling, etc. Knowing the exact kind of translation you want will help you filter potential translation agencies that fit your need.

It’s also crucial to identify the language(s) you need to translate from and to, the target audience, the project timeframe, and the final translation format. The more you clarify your requirements, the easier it will be to find a good translation company. Also, when your professional translation company understands your project’s requirements, they should be better able to deliver a translation that is fit for purpose and on time.


Professional Translators

The next step is choosing professional translators with proven industry-specific knowledge. They can quickly and precisely translate your documents to the target language with language proficiency. Also, they understand culture, laws, and regulations. So terminology, consumer mindset, and cultural sensitivities remain relevant.

Hiring a professional translation company in Vietnam is the best way to ensure you might work with professional translators because they provide tests specific to the applicant’s field of expertise. Also, a good translation agency will have a careful candidate selection process and monitor them on all projects, ensuring exceptional results and quality.


Translation cost

Professional Translation Company in vietnam

Apart from professional translators, the cost is one of the most critical factors. Most enterprises often have a set budget for services like translation services. So they look for agencies within price range. The cost of translation services varies significantly amongst translation companies. They usually consider several factors to calculate their cost, for instance, the cost of translation itself and proofreading, the cost of using software or licenses, etc.

When selecting a professional translation company in Vietnam, ask for a rate per word or the rate for the complexity of your content. The cost must always be balanced with the agency’s competence. Feel free to ask your translation company for any concerns regarding the charge. Any reliable providers should be happy to discuss their prices with you and answer any questions you may have before you use their services.


Quality Control

A quality assurance process should be set up for the translation projects. A professional agency will check, review, and revise its work to ensure the quality of the project. If you want to be confident in your translation, work with a company that provides a translation quality guarantee.

At GTE Localize, we have created its management system, G-One, which includes an integrated translation management system (TMS), vendor portal (VP), and customer relationship management (CRM) tool. G-One aims to improve our quality control and production processes while optimizing translation costs for our clients.



A professional translation agency should always finish translations on time. They need to understand that your deadlines are set in stone, with no exceptions. At the start of a translation project, you should define delivery times with your agency. Moreover, an experienced translation company can assess whether they can complete a project within a specific timeframe.


Response times & Communication

delivery - Professional Translation Company in vietnam

How fast did the company reply to your request? Was it within an hour or overnight? Did the company provide a thorough explanation of its services? To get a genuinely high-quality translation, you must clear your expectations.

Make sure your translation company responds quickly and always dig into your requests to understand your needs and goals. Suppose the company inquiries about the translation’s purpose, target audience, or required terminology. In that case, it shows that they sincerely want to provide you with a translation that you will be pleased with.

Besides, a professional translation company will have Project Managers who have good communication skills and are well-versed in their field to work with you. It can make life much more accessible and contribute to developing a long-term working relationship.


The variety of services

The final thing is the variety of services that a language services provider offers. Some translation agencies provide a range of services in only one language, while others offer a single type of service in multiple languages. If you are likely to require translation services regularly, you should partner with an agency that provides various services in multiple languages.

For instance, GTE Localize – a professional translation and localization agency in Vietnam – might offer you many different services. It includes translations from and to any global language, localization solutions, subtitling, interpretation, etc. With a network of 1200+ native linguists, GTE Localize has always committed to customer service by offering flexible turnaround times and fast responses. 


Pick the professional translation company in Vietnam

We hope that these tips and ideas mentioned help ensure that you get a professional translation company in Vietnam. Our expert teams at GTE Localize are happy to support you with any translation project.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional translation and localization services. From simple document translation to technical and specialized translations, we guarantee excellent results at all times and affordable cost.

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