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5 Essential Tips to Choose A Professional Translation Company in California

Posted by Chloe G. on March 15, 2022.

Translation and localization are increasingly important for most enterprises. To ensure that your content is professionally and accurately translated, you must partner with the right translation company. However, selecting a professional translation company in California to work with can be a difficult task. You can feel overwhelmed by a pool of hundreds of translation vendors. 

So if you wonder how you will choose the right translation agency in California for your business? Which translation company should you partner with? Then, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top five things to consider when looking for the best translation agency to help you achieve your goals.

5 Tips to Choose Professional Translation Company in California

Professional Translation Company in California

#1. Choose a translation agency owning industry experts

The fact shows that each specific field will have its terminologies. Having subject matter experts in the translation ensures the terminology is used correctly in the target language. So a great translation company often works with experts in specific fields like finance, medical, marketing, or technical translation. 

To select the appropriate translation agency for your industry, you can first check the company’s website or have a trial project and see if they have translators with industry expertise. Working with a translation agency owning well-versed translators in the subject matter will make your communication piece well-received by the target audience.


#2. Pay attention to customer support service

Professional Translation Company in California

Customer service is another important indicator of a professional translation company in California. If an agency can provide 24/7 customer support, you can count on them to handle any problems. Also, great translation companies often offer customer services with various channels like email, phone, or chat. Try to contact a translation company you are interested in via any medium to check how long it takes them to respond. 

Besides, pay attention to the questions the translation agency asks you to determine how they handle your inquiry. For instance, what is their process for revising a translated communication piece? How to maintain tone and a consistent voice in your written materials? In this way, you can know how they will serve you as a customer.

A company with ISO certification is the leading choice because it is approved for its professional service and workflow.


#3. Have a look at the translation company’s reviews

Professional Translation Company in california

Now, if you still have concerns about choosing between all of the translation companies available, it is time to look at what others have said about these companies. You can go to the company’s website to read customers’ testimonials or case studies. It helps you understand what kind of work they have done in the past. Besides, there will be some review websites like GoodFirms or Check them out to see if their previous customers are happy.

You can also ask around to see if any of your trusted friends or colleagues have any recommendations for a good translation company with whom they have previously worked. You can also check out their completed translation work to know more about the company experience.


#4. Work with a translation company that has localization ability

When it comes to document translation for your company, localization is necessary. Localization requires a translation agency to understand its target market, culture, and language structure. Without it, your message might fall flat to your target audience.

For instance, several critical elements of the Polish language function differently than those of English. It requires translators to keep in mind when localizing games into Polish like strings length, grammar, word order, etc. Thus, it is crucial to hire a translation agency in California that owns native translators from your target languages to ensure that your content is properly localized. 


#5. Pick a translation company with a fast turnaround time

Professional Translation Company in California

Aside from quality, one of the most critical factors you will likely consider is how quickly your translation is completed. The estimated delivery time and cost will help you understand how long your translation project will take. Regardless of your translation needs, you should work with translation companies that do their job as fast and efficiently. 

Several companies also offer the option to pay a small additional fee for super fast delivery, so if you need a quick turnaround, this is something to consider when choosing your translation company. Don’t hesitate to ask them to get the best-fit agency for your needs.

Here at GTE Localize, we can translate 2,500 words per business day and 10,000 words per business day for an urgent project.


Wrapping up

There are hundreds of translation companies out there, so it can be hard for you to choose the right agency the first time. But if you keep in mind the above five tips before handing your project to a translation company, you absolutely can do it. Please let us know if you would like to find out more information on any parts mentioned. We are happy to answer any of your concerns to help you hire the best translation agency.

Professional Translation Company in California

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