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How Professional Russian Translation Can Enhance Your International Business

Posted by Ariel D. on August 19, 2022.

With 146 million residents and a thriving internet economy, Russia is a potential market for every investor to reach. And the secret to effectively growing your business in Russia is professional Russian translation services. 

Let’s find out the importance of Russian translation, which is the key to the success of every localization project.

Benefits of Professional Russian Translation Services for Your Business

GTE will introduce 5 outstanding advantages that you can gain from professional Russian translation.

Directly Communicate with Native Audiences

Russians have a modest level of English proficiency, ranking 51st in the world by the EF English Proficiency Index. So, although English is regarded as the most common language and is widely used all over the world, it is impossible to localize your business with English in this country.

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Many Russians are terrified by English grammar. The English articles “a” and “the,” which are not present in Russian, are frequently forgotten or mispronounced. There are still certain schools in Russia that do not require students to study English as a foreign language. 

Given that Russian translations exist for anything that originates outside of Russia, it is obvious that professional Russian translation will be necessary for your products or services to be adopted successfully in this country.


Maintain Your Presence on Russian Social Media 

Between 2021 and 2022, the number of social media users in Russia rose by 7.0 million (+7.1%). In January 2022, there were 106.0 million social media users in the Russian Federation. To boost your brand and engage clients, you should place more emphasis on professional Russian translation on social media.

As mutual communication fosters trust, your Russian audience might find your content more interesting and engaging if all of them are presented in their native language. And more than just translating the text, the online events like workshops, courses, meetings, etc., should also be Russian audience tailored.

It’s important to wisely choose a reputable Russian translation business that often operates localization and the technical aspects of translating material at the same time.


Approach Some of The Most Thriving Industries

Russian is one of the top 10 most frequently translated languages globally, according to Statista, and it plays an important role in several key industries.

The most outstanding industry is nuclear energy. Now, it has the biggest localization opportunity for the Russian market. Over recent years, the demand and industry development have grown from $66 to $133 billion. Therefore, the expansion of translation requirements has been impacted by the development of technology and software services for the nuclear energy sector.

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Other industries are also mentioned. Revenue from translations in the defense hardware market has climbed by 4%, demonstrating the industry’s constancy in meeting demand. According to reports, demand from the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries has increased by 59%. The CSA poll indicates that there is a need for interpretation in the healthcare sector as well. 

A professional Russian translation partner, who can handle both translation, localization, and marketing strategies, can pave the way for you to enter these above markets and achieve the best success.


Meet the Russian Translation’s Legal Demand

Regardless of statistics on English competence, professional Russian translation is sometimes required by law. The Federal Law On the State Language of the Russian Federation mandates the use of Russian translation in a wide range of contexts. This implies, among other things, the following:

  • In the Russian Federation, all advertising must be either in Russian or the specific official language of the republic in which it appears.
  • Russian-language information should be made readily available to customers about the manufacturer, how it does business, and the products (works, services) it produces or sells.
  • It is envisaged that all media will be in Russian.
  • The study of Russian is required at all educational establishments. If you sell instructional materials, for instance, this may apply to you.

Company names must also be written in Russian or transliterated into Russian. Don’t overlook this aspect since a business that uses a name that doesn’t comply with the law may have the application denied.


Professional Russian Translation Supports You With Yandex Search

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Russian software company Yandex is well-known for developing the Yandex search engine. This domestic search engine is popular with Russian users and receives roughly 60% of all user visits between October and December 2020. Meanwhile, Google, the second-most used search engine in the nation, saw a decline in its proportion of visitors over that time. 

Remember Yandex’s dominance in your Russian SEO strategy because it was created particularly for the Russian language. In a way that Google cannot, Yandex can translate the language and deliver pertinent search results.

When Russian Android phones opted to stop using Google as their default search engine in 2017, Yandex saw an increase in popularity. Many people opt to make Yandex their default search engine, which is an option.

If you publish your online business content with professional Russian translation, you might acquire the priority to be searched and to be found easily in the Russian market.


Why Should You Partner with a Professional Russian Translation Agency?

The question you might wonder is what option you would choose for the upcoming Russian translation project.

The use of machine translation is on the rise nowadays. Google Translate and Yandex Translate are commonly used worldwide. They offer quick results and no fee. However, if you enter the Russian market for the first time, you should collaborate with a professional Russian translation agency. Machine translation can be effective in some cases, for example, in short sentences, with simple context, etc. But it might struggle with complex sentences, technical jargon, or non-standard circumstances.

Only qualified translation specialists and how they effectively localize your brand in Russia would firmly guarantee your project’s success.


Work with GTE Localize for the Best Russian Translation Project

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