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Professional Korean Translation Services For Your Global Reach

Posted by Chloe G. on August 31, 2022.

Since Korean is the most isolated language in the world, it is crucial that you can communicate effectively in the Korean market as Korea is quickly rising to the spotlight in international trade.

At GTE Localize, we use our in-country network of native linguists and our custom-built technology to support some of the most flourishing international businesses from a variety of industry sectors as they expand their operations in the Korean market.

Korean language facts you need to know

#1. Korean vocabulary is heavily influenced by Chinese

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Korean is an isolated language with a totally different syntax from Chinese. However, up to 60% of Korean terms have Chinese roots as a result of historical ties between Chinese and Koreans. 35% of the vocabulary is entirely Korean, and 5% is made up of loanwords from other languages.

#2. Verbs always come last in Korean sentences

English is an SVO language, which means that the words are always used in this order: Subject, Verb, Object. In contrast, Korean is an SOV language, which means that the verb always comes after the object and is the last component of a sentence.

#3. There are two different counting systems

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Small and large numbers have diverse terminology in Korean. For expressing the hour while telling time, mentioning your age, and counting objects, one counting system uses local Korean terminology. This system can handle 99 users. The second system, which has Chinese roots, is employed for measuring other quantities including distance, money, and dates as well as for telling time. Also used for integers greater than 99.

#4. The language spoken in North and South Korea is different

The two Korean languages have developed independent vocabularies, pronunciations, and even grammatical rules as a result of the lengthy period that the two nations have been divided.

#5. There are seven levels of respect  

Similar to Japanese, Korean has a sophisticated honorific system that uses several verb tenses and terminology based on the relationship you have with the person you are addressing. In North Korea, the Great Leader, who has his own verb ending, (“op”), is given the highest honorific term that is specifically reserved for him.

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Professional Korean translation services for your business

#1. Korean document translation services

We translate a variety of documents from Korean into English and vice versa. We also choose translators for any document you have that might require a specialized set of expertise based on your prerequisite. You’ll always have precise and timely Korean translations available whenever you need them because of our quick turnaround times.

Your ability to succeed globally depends on the translation of your corporate documents. We offer a speedy and reliable document translation service that is completely customizable to meet your demands.

To ensure a precise and quick Korean document translation service, you’ll also have your own Korean l10 manager, and we’ll select the best-qualified translator for your industry sector from our network of linguists.

#2. Korean website translation services

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Maintaining a completely localized website in the language of the market you wish to target is essential if you want to sell your items globally. You can effectively penetrate the Korean market by translating your website in a number of ways.

First, you’ll be listed on regional search engines like Naver and Google, giving you the opportunity to drive as much local traffic as you can to your website. Second, your conversion rate is probably going to go up since people are more inclined to buy products or services on a website that speaks their language. Finally, you benefit from reaching a brand-new audience and selling your goods or services to them, which will improve the impression of your company.

Some of the most well-known corporations and retail brands in the world have relied on GTE Localize to localize their websites into Korean for their eCommerce stores. Additionally, our collection of translation management solutions enables businesses to launch more quickly and with less labor from technical departments.

Using our collection of APIs or plugins, we can even interface with your CMS or PIM. This will make it simple for you to get quotes, send information for translation, track the status of the translation, and keep an eye on expenses.

#3. Korean marketing translation services

We know the right questions to ask to ensure that your marketing, market research, PR, or advertising materials are translated to the highest possible standard because we have a lot of industry experience in Korean-speaking countries.

We are the leaders in the media and marketing industries’ go-to source for translations all over the world. Our ability to quickly translate documents into a variety of languages simultaneously is a crucial advantage that enables you to reach markets more quickly and with greater assurance that your message will be understood.

In order to accurately capture the tone and style that you want to convey in the Korean language materials, we will assemble and brief a team of Korean marketing translators exclusively for your account.

We translate hundreds of marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets, handbooks, email marketing, websites, landing pages, keywords, banners and flash animations, press releases, etc.

#4. Korean technical translation services

Your technical documentation must be translated into local languages if you plan to sell your products internationally to give customers the greatest possible experience. We’ve assisted numerous companies with their technical Korean translations and document adaptations in a variety of formats, including patents, datasheets, and user manuals.


Korean translation cost

We examine a number of factors that affect Korean translation expenses in order to determine the entire cost of a Korean translation service, such as:

Project capacity: For Korean translation services, we always provide a per-word or per-character charge.

Pricing plans: Clients have three Korean translation service levels to choose from, including Translation Only (TO), Translation + Editing (TE), and Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP). Your Korean translation costs will base on your pricing option.

Content Complexity: Some materials are complex and call for highly specialized translation, which raises the cost of translation.

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Kickstart your project with professional Korean translation services

As a recommended translation company by GoodFirms, we will give you professional Korean translational services. We will always have the most suitable Korean language experts and translators to match your needs.  

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All business, legal, and technical documents can be translated from English into Korean and from Korean into English, and many other language pairs by our huge translation team, which has extensive experience in various languages. Our Korean translators are knowledgeable in a variety of specialist subjects and business jargon.

To receive a free translation quote and a 1:1 consultation for your professional Korean translation services, you can get in touch with our team here.

If you want to learn more about the Korean language and other Asian language tips, download our white paper Insightful Tips for Localization into Asian Languages (56 Pages) now.