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Professional Education Translation Services For Every Need

Posted by Chloe G. on February 23, 2023.

Professional education translation services are needed when entering new global markets. 

The education area has a great demand for translating and localizing documents and files. In the globalization world, various international schools and institutions get students from around the world who come from various different cultures and backgrounds. Language is vital to help students and their parents understand more about school life and the school environment, and that is where education translation services take place.

There are various educational documents are needed to translate and localize such as academic papers, exams, school catalogs, e-learning files, textbooks, websites, school guidelines, etc. To learn more about professional education services, let’s continue to read this article. 

1. Why do professional education translation services matter?

It is no doubt that professional education translation services bring various advantages to educational businesses, schools, and institutions. Here are some of the key advantages of getting education content translated and localized. 

  • Reach more local customers

Education businesses can reach more clients by offering professional education translation. It is studied that people often read articles and buy products or services in their mother tongue. If you only provide the English language on your website, you will miss tons of potential customers and get far behind your competitors. In this 4.0 market, if you refuse to provide native educational content for your target clients, you can not sell for clients well. With professional education services, you can reach various audiences in every local language.

  • Communication is Vital In the Educational Field

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To help students understand and learn subjects better, it is essential to give educational courses in students’ native languages. Students can learn the best and communicate effectively in their strongest language. With professional education translation services, all resources will be translated into the language the students want to communicate, so they can understand and communicate better. Moreover, education translations can also support students in answering the questions from teachers. 

  • Ensure Clear Conversation

Language barriers are one of the most challenging in the education sector. If neither party can not speak the common language, it is possible that related people can misunderstand the topic. Slang and nuances also become riskier that can be get missed. 

  • Enter the global market easily

Education or e-learning businesses should focus on education translations. Translating and localizing education content can help your business get closer to local clients. The global market is different and various markets are quite competitive and specific with many rules, laws, and regulations from local governments such as Chinese, Arabic, Indian, etc. Therefore, performing education translation services is a must.

If you make your education products/ services multilingual, they will have a chance to become popular and get closer to international audiences. As a result, your sales and revenues will improve and your brand awareness can be enhanced.

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2. Why should you choose GTE Localize for education translation services?

Over the years in the translation and localization industry, GTE Localize has become a trusted partner for various businesses around the world and has been recommended by various brands on the review-page GoodFirms. Here are some of the key advantages when working with our team.

  • Native translators

Human translation is vital in the education industry since it is outstanding in comparison with machine translation and machine translation post-editing regarding accuracy and consistency. We only choose native human linguists who have at least 5 years of experience for our professional education translation services. Our translators are subject-matter experts in the education field and can translate and localize your educational content effectively and efficiently. From academic papers, exam documents, school guidelines, subject instructions, education courses, etc, our native translators are ready to up for any task at a fast turnaround time.

  • Affordable translation services

We set a high standard for our services by offering high-quality and cost-saving education translation services. We ensure that your translation services will be accurate without wasting too much time and money. We are a reliable translation partner that can deliver every education translation service. With GTE Localize, your education translation project will be of high quality and cost-saving at the same time. Our Pro (Translation + Editing) services start at $0.06 per word. Moreover, we often provide free and clear quotations without any cost across the education translation project.

  • Lifetime warranty

Our education translation services are being trusted over the years by various B2B clients globally. Providing flawless and professional education translation services is the core of our team. Even after delivering the projects, we are still dedicated to translation quality by offering free edits if the delivered translations have any possible mistakes. Our warranty lasts a lifetime as a quality promise for all of our clients. 

  • Latest translation technology

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As a professional translation agency, we make use of the latest translation technology such as CAT tools, Lokalise, Crowdin, and many more to save time and money and get the best quality for all education translation projects. We are ready to connect with various content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and development frameworks to bring effective procedures and consistent education translation services.

  • 5-star customer reviews

Our aim is to provide outstanding translation services. Therefore, many global clients are happy with our services and give us high-rated reviews regarding turnaround time, cost, quality, customer support, and other issues on various review platforms such as GoodFirms,, Proz, etc.  


3. Education translation cost

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Our education translation services come at affordable rates. To give clients professional education translation services costs, we consider a lot of relevant factors, such as:

  • Language pairs

The professional education translation services costs rely on language pairs. Each language pair will have a different cost. If the language pairs are popular, they may cost less. For example, English to Chinese translations will cost less than Arabic to Chinese translations.  

  • Project capacity

For education translation services, we often offer a per-word or per-character rate. Depending on the volume of your translation project, the cost will vary.

For example: With a translation service cost starting at 0,04 USD per word, it will cost 400 USD to translate 10,000 words. 

  • Pricing plans

There are three pricing options you can choose including Translation Only (TO), Translation + Editing (TE), and Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP). If you need a multi-step translation option, it will cost you more. While the translation-only plan is suitable for internal documents and may have some possible mistakes, the TE option is fit for important or complex content, the TEP option is the best choice and also the most expensive plan that goes well with subject-matter documents. 

When it comes to documents that have both texts and images, it is essential to use  Desktop Publish (DTP) to get perfect final projects that are well laid out and easy to understand.

  • Content Complexity

If you have any highly specialized translation projects, you will need to pay more for the task as it will require subject-matter experts to handle these types such as essays writing service, research documents, books, etc.

For more details on education document translation costs, you can check out our post.


4. To sum up

Cross-cultural communication is essential in almost every aspect of today’s globalized world. Professional education translation services are so vital for students, parents, teachers, education businesses, and organizations around the world.  

Education translation is highly needed to give an equal level of learning to everyone globally. We at GTE Localize work to make sure that experts effectively translate all your content so you can be relaxed about having a flawless education translation. Our translation method is made to meet high-quality standards, fast turnaround time, and verify that all the native linguists are linguistically and culturally knowledgeable.

Do you need a professional education translation service? We are glad to answer any inquiry you may have or give you a free translation test at any time. 

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