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Professional Chinese Translation Services For Your Brand

Posted by Chloe G. on August 31, 2022.

There is a growing need for professional Chinese translation services as China is so important to the global economy. Professional Chinese translation services range from website localization to document translation in the domains of law, marketing, engineering, medical, IT, and many more.

This post will give you useful details on the many kinds of Chinese translations, their price, and advice on how to pick a reputable Chinese translation service agency.

Benefits of Chinese translation services

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China is a prospective market that thousands of foreign businesses are attempting to reach, with a population of more than 1.4 billion people. So, there is a huge need for Chinese translation services to help these businesses overcome the language barrier.

#1. Chinese clients have limited English proficiency

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According to EF EPI 2021, Chinese clients have moderate proficiency in English. The English language is not widely spoken in China. So if your content is only available in English, a sizable portion of Chinese audiences will be left out. Chinese people value their mother tongue, thus if your business wants to stand out in this market, you should speak their language.

#2. Boost sales in China

Reaching the people of the world in their own languages would undoubtedly have a positive effect on them and would without a doubt create the ideal situation for interaction. Greater interaction with your clients would arise from more channels of communication, which would boost sales. This is what has made sure that translation services would have a hugely good impact.

The benefit of translation is that it allows for multilingual communication, which enables your brand to employ market-specific methods. The correct communication strategy, which would start with the preferred language, would undoubtedly guarantee an increase in sales and raise revenue. Customers can choose to speak in a language that they are familiar with if that is what they desire.

#3. China has many unique local specifics

China has a long history and is one of the most distinctive cultures in the world. According to Chinese scholar Liang Qichao, China is one of the Four Ancient Civilizations, along with Babylon, India, and Egypt (1900). It has a wide and diverse geographic area, 3,600 years of recorded history, and a profoundly rich and diversified culture. Chinese culture is diverse, distinctive, and beautifully merged including traditions, heritage, arts, festivals, language, dialects, and symbols, among others.

Chinese culture is one of the most varied in the world. It is crucial to carefully address important variables including traditions, customs, and history. If you make mistakes because you don’t know the local nuances in China, there’s a good probability that consumers in this market would boycott your brand. To learn more about Chinese localization tips, you can check out this post. To get success in the Chinese market, you need to rely on experienced writers.

Chinese translation services we can help

You must swiftly translate all of your content if you want to flourish in the cutthroat Chinese market. A wide range of excellent Chinese translation services is frequently provided by translation agencies. The following translations into Chinese are included:

#1. Traditional Chinese document translation

One of the most common translations is from traditional Chinese into English or from traditional Chinese into English for all kinds of papers. Depending on your demands, you can choose translators for each document that needs a certain set of expertise.

#2. Chinese website localization

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According to Statista, June 2022, Baidu is the dominant search engine in China with more than 70% of all Internet searches. So, you should pay attention for Baidu in your SEO strategy in the Chinese market.

If you want to serve your target audience better, localization is essential. Localization increases ROI; go beyond simply translating your website. Therefore, it’s essential to start your website with accurate Traditional Chinese translations.

For more Chinese website translation tips, you can read this blog post.

#3. Chinese game localization

One of the major centers for gaming around the globe is China. The HIS research states that $38 billion was made in video game sales in China in 2018. Leading businesses have used our Traditional Chinese localization services for some of the most well-known video games in the world.

#4. Chinese technical translation

Expertise in the relevant fields is necessary for Traditional Chinese technical and specialized translations. Here are a few highly technical solutions:

  • Medical Translation;
  • Software/IT Translation;
  • Localization of Life Science;

#5. Chinese business translation

As for Chinese business translation, the most common translations are as follows:

  • Reports or business strategies
  • Brochures or proposals for business
  • Employee handbooks


How much does it cost for the Chinese to English translation service?

Depending on your budget and specific content goals, the Chinese translation service providers will present you with a range of prices. 

Here at GTE Localize, we take into account the following elements when calculating the cost of a Chinese translation project:

  • Project volume: Normally, we will base our quote on the word count or character count of your source materials.
  • Chinese service packages: translation just, translation with editing, and translation with editing and proofreading. If there are more steps needed, the rate will increase.
  • The complex of the material: The complexity of the content has an impact on a project’s cost. Those requiring less skill are priced less than documents requiring more competence.

Starting at $0.06 per word, we provide Chinese translation services. Here, you can request a quote for your Chinese translation project.


We can assist you with professional Chinese translation services

We believe the information above will help you choose a professional Chinese translation service agency. Any project requiring Chinese translation can be assisted by the skilled team at GTE Localize. We promise top-notch outcomes at reasonable prices on all Chinese translation projects, from basic document translation to technical and specialized translations.

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To satisfy your translation demands, GTE Localize will always have the best Traditional Chinese translators and subject matter experts on staff. For the benefit of your company’s operations, GTE Localize provides a wide range of Chinese translation services. Chinese native speakers with at least five years of professional linguist expertise manage our translation jobs in Chinese. Additionally, they have extensive knowledge of the subject matter they translate and expertise in working with various Chinese translation content.

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Do you need a professional Chinese translation service? Reach out to our localization specialists right away!