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Professional Chinese to English Translation Service for Your Business

Posted by Chloe G. on April 18, 2022.

Since China plays a critical role in the global market, demand for Chinese to English translations has grown. Professional Chinese to English translations vary from document translations in the legal, marketing, engineering, and medical fields to website localization.

This article will provide helpful information about types of Chinese to English translations, their cost, and tips to choose the right translation company.

Some Types of Chinese to English Translations

To succeed in the competitive Chinese market, you must quickly translate all of your content. Translation companies often offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Chinese translation services. It includes the following Chinese translations:

#1. Traditional Chinese document translation

Translating all types of documents to traditional Chinese or in English from traditional Chinese is one of the most popular translations. You can select translators for any document requiring specific skills based on your needs. 

#2. Website localization

Professional Chinese to English Translation Service

Localization is necessary if you want to serve your target audience better. Do more than just translate your website; localization helps to increase ROI. So launching your website with precise Traditional Chinese translations is necessary.

#3. Game localization

China is one of the world’s leading gaming hubs. According to the HIS report, China’s video game market generated $38 billion in revenue in 2018. Leading companies have relied on our Traditional Chinese localization services for some of the world’s most popular games.

#4. Technical translation

The Traditional Chinese technical and specialized translations require subject matter expertise. Some highly technical solutions are as follows:

  • Medical Translation;
  • Software/IT Translation;
  • Localization of Life Science;

#5. Chinese business translation

As for Chineses Business Translation, there are usually some types of popular translations as below: 

  • Reports or business strategies
  • Brochures or proposals for business
  • Employee handbooks


How much does it cost for the Chinese to English translation service?

The Chinese translation services providers will offer you different costs depending on a specific content goal and budget. The best way to ensure you are getting good value for money is to thoroughly specify your requirements and ask the translation company why their services are lower or higher than the average market cost.


Tips for choosing a professional Chinese to English translation agency

#1. Native translators

Professional Chinese to English Translation Service

Professional translation agencies typically employ certified and native translators capable of producing high-quality results. Texts can be confidently translated into the target language by native speakers. Thus, you should look for a translation company with native Chinese linguists. They are also subject-matter experts in specific domains and have translated a variety of Chinese content.

Native speakers have a better grasp of grammar rules and will possess a more intensive vocabulary. They will also have a better understanding of their own culture, which helps produce more localized translations.

#2. Subject matter expertise

Professional Chinese to English Translation Service

Professional translations require language fluency and extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Some professional translation agencies only work with qualified linguists that are experts in their industry. Their translators must pass stringent testing to verify their skills and subject matter expertise.

#3. Quality assurance

For translation projects, a quality assurance process should be established. A professional agency will check, review, and revise its work to ensure the project’s quality. If you want to be sure about the quality of your translation, work with a company that offers a translation quality guarantee.


Choose GTE Localize – Your Professional Chinese to English translation provider

At GTE Localize, we will always have the perfect Traditional Chinese translators and language experts to meet your translation needs. GTE Localize offers a wide range of Chinese translation services to support your business operations. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in all of our services consistently.

#1. 100% native Chinese linguists

Our Chinese translation projects are handled by native Chinese translators with at least five years of professional linguist experience. They also have in-depth knowledge of the domains they translate and experience with various types of Chinese translation content.

#2. Cost-effective translations without hidden costs

Professional Chinese to English Translation Service

GTE Localize promises to provide high-quality Chinese to English translation services within your budget. We make sure that every dollar you pay us is put to good use. To put it another way, we offer the highest translation quality at the lowest possible cost.

#3. Strict quality control

Professional Chinese to English Translation Service 1

GTE Localize actively performs a Quality Assurance round for 100% of our projects or an internal LQA round to ensure that you receive the highest quality Chinese to English translation (for high volume projects). GTE Localize will pay for these extra steps, so you will not be charged additional fees.

#4. 1-year warranty

GTE Localize guarantees the quality of our Chinese to English translation services, and we stick to all Chinese translations done by our professional translators. Our Spanish translation services come with a 1-year warranty from the date of final delivery. Any issues with your Chinese translations will be addressed by our team.

#5. 24/7 customer service

We always try our best to provide you with prompt responses no matter via email, phone, or chat. Besides, we also have personal Project Managers who are in-depth knowledge in their field to work with you. It can increase the accessibility of your work and contribute to the development of a long-term working relationship.

#6. Technology-assisted translation projects

We recognize the importance of technology in ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. So we use the optimal process and translation tools to provide high translation quality for every Chinese to English translation project. To deliver you continuous and professional Chinese to English translation solutions, we support all CAT Tools on the market and collaborate with various localization management platforms like Crowdin and Lokalise.

Professional Chinese to English Translation Service

We hope that the above information will assist you in selecting a professional Chinese to English translation company. GTE Localize’s expert teams are happy to help you with any Chinese to English translation project. From simple document translation to technical and specialized translations, we guarantee excellent results at an affordable price at all times.

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