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Make Your Content Multilingual With Trusted Arabic Translation Service

Posted by Chloe G. on July 20, 2022.

A high-quality, culturally-appropriate Arabic translation service is the key to your brand’s success in the Arabic market.

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world with over 400 million native speakers, and it is the main language of 26 nations mostly in the Middle East and Africa. In a short period, these countries with an Arabic-speaking population have experienced rapid economic growth, and the Arab world has a GDP of $2.8 trillion now.

At GTE Localize, we have years of expertise in helping international companies grow in the Arabic market by providing accurate Arabic translation servicesWith various local in-country linguists and subject-matter experts who have in-depth expertise in numerous business sectors, we offer professional Arabic translation services and live up to your needs and expectations. 

Why do you need Arabic translation & localization services?

#1. Reach more local customers

Arabic Translation Service 1

Tapping the potential of the Arab market requires the region’s content. According to Internet World Stats, Arabic has risen to the fourth spot among the top 10 languages used online, only behind English, Chinese, and Spanish. Arabic clients tend to buy products and services in their local language. You will reach huge local customers if you provide Arabic content in this market. 

#2. Enter the Arabic market easily 

You can enter the Arabic market by translating. The business environment is quite competitive, especially in Arabic-speaking areas. There are a lot of people who can speak Arabic. Many local customers like using brands that offer information in their native tongue. Hence, using a reputable translation service is crucial. 

Your multilingual product or service will have the chance to become popular and reach a wider audience in the Arabic market. More products are now available for sale around the nation. Sales and revenue will increase. 

#3. Sharpen your competitive edge

Internet World Stats reported that fewer than 1% of Arabic material is available online. Therefore, you should provide Arabic content for this market to sharpen your competitive edge.

If you can maintain a successful translation and localization plan, you stand a high chance of standing out in the Arabic market. Deciding to enter unfamiliar markets is difficult, but the rewards would be huge. Localizing content for Arabic-speaking audiences is an effective strategy to build a strong, global brand and win the trust and loyalty of potential customers.


Why should you choose GTE Localize for Arabic translation services?

Translation and localization are crucial steps in your expansion efforts if you want to take your firm closer to Arabic customers. Many B2B Arabic projects are covered by GTE Localize’s localization solutions. Our experts will create a solid translation solution specifically for your needs.

#1. Native Arabic Translators

When you request a translation into Arabic from us, we match you with a native Arabic speaker who has expertise in both your industry and the Arabic dialect you require. All Arabic translators must meet the following standards to achieve the highest quality of translation:

  • 100% native Arabic translators
  • At least 5 years of experience in translating
  • Specialized in different sectors

#2. Affordable Arabic Translation services without hidden fees

We keep the translation quality high and the prices low without hidden fees, so many customers are happy with us. With prices beginning at just $0.12 per word for our Pro (Translation + Editing) services, GTE Localize regularly provides quality Arabic translation services at reasonable prices without any hidden costs. We offer a clear quote at the beginning of the translation process, and you don’t need to pay us any extra costs during the translation procedure. 

#3. Lifetime warranty for Arabic translation services

Arabic Translation Service 4

We use an effective process that produces consistently error-free output. Even after the project is finished, we remain dedicated to quality. We offer a lifetime warranty for all Arabic projects since we demand nothing less than flawless translation to satisfy our clients. We’ll fix any mistakes without charging you extra if you find any possible errors.

#4. Latest translation technology

To provide our clients with high-quality Arabic translations, we make use of cutting-edge technology such as CAT tools, Lokalise, Crowdin, etc. We can connect with many content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and development frameworks to provide efficient procedures and consistent translations.

#5. 5-star customer reviews

A trustworthy translation agency to work with is GTE Localize. Various customers appreciate our high-quality translation services and give us a 5-star rating on review platforms such as GoodFirms,, Proz, etc.  

Our customers consistently receive outstanding Arabic translation service, and they are satisfied with their overall experience—which includes turnaround time, rate, quality, and the simplicity with which all customer issues are resolved—that they have rated it as exceptional in every way.

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Industries we translate  

In many different sectors, GTE Localize offers top-notch Arabic translation services. We can provide our clients with Arabic translations that are free of errors thanks to our strict quality control procedure.

Our ability to combine excellent quality, quick response, and competitive rates set us apart from other agencies. Here are some of the diverse sectors we translate.

#1. Healthcare & Medical

We make sure that your text and terminology will be accurately expressed in every Arabic translation project. You may be confident that your medical and healthcare documents meet the requirements of health & medical science and get the best quality thanks to our lifetime guarantee.

In addition to the expertise of our medical translators, our service provides the highest level of security to secure our clients’ private information. We can handle any type of content such as medical documents, healthcare reports, medical plans, etc. 

#2. IT & Software

Arabic Translation Service 3

Recognizing the importance of accuracy in IT & Software translation, we give these jobs to our top Arabic translators who are masters in specific industrial fields.

GTE Localize offers effective Arabic translation services that enable your software and IT content to run flawlessly in multilingual versions. You may make your applications more user-friendly for every user by utilizing our Arabic translation and localization services. By translating your software into the Arabic language, we’ll help you increase your sales fast.

With any content type including user guides, software files, IT documents, E-learning materials, etc., you can get quality Arabic translations from our team.

#3. Manufacturing & Engineering

Utilizing our effective Arabic translation services to bridge the language barrier will help you avoid problems with the production, distribution, and marketing of your business. You have an advantage in establishing connections with potential clients and partners thanks to our manufacturing & engineering translation services.

We translate user manuals, product catalogs, operation and maintenance manuals, etc.

#4. Business & Legal 

We provide top-notch business and legal translation services that meet all of your needs thanks to our extensive business and legal knowledge. We translate and localize product specifications, websites, legal documents, confidentiality agreements, purchase orders, invoices, etc.


Sum up

To meet the growing need for outstanding and cost-saving Arabic translation services, GTE Localize has a dedicated team and resources to complete all your Arabic translation service needs.

New language technology combined with the human abilities of native linguists powers our Arabic translation services. We strive for the ideals of quick response, reasonable pricing, and high quality.

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Do you need an Arabic translation service? We are happy to answer any questions you may have or give you a 1:1 consultation at any time. Contact us to get a free test now.

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