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5 Practical Methods for Your Website Translation Services

Posted by Ariel D. on April 18, 2022.

Your potential market has grown as a result of the global economy, leveling the playing field for small and large firms, and then the linguistic barrier is one emerging obstacle. Although there are many ways to translate your online content, website translation might still encounter issues like word-for-word meaning, misunderstood message context, complete loss in translation, etc. To assist you in selecting the best method for your business, GTE has put up 5 handy practices for website translation and their overall benefits in this article.

Google Translate

You won’t have to go far to get a simple website translation tool. Google Translate is a free application that allows you to rapidly translate your website’s content into over 100 languages.

Google translate

Simply write or copy-paste your content into the box on the right, choose the language (or allow the tool do it for you), and then select the language to which you want to translate it. Copy the resulting translation by pressing “Translate.”

You’d be incorrect if you thought it was too good to be true for a free tool. The accuracy of Google Translate, according to The Washington Post, is similar to that of human interpreters, according to the company’s recently improved Google Neural Machine Translation engine. It continues to omit words and mistranslate non-standard phrases if the preposition’s object is unclear. It will even add the appropriate punctuation mark and provide a pronunciation guide if you want to hear how your translated text sounds. 

It must be a great website translation tool if you can take advantage of it wisely.



Smartling is a human-to-human translation service that imitates the capabilities of a machine translator. It is totally automated, however, the actual translation is done by a team of human translators. Its API takes your site’s content, sends it to expert translators or your in-house translators, and then uploads it back to your site while you sit back and rest. You may be confident that your translations will be contextually correct and completed on schedule.


Smartling’s most serious flaw is its cost. The premium plans are a bit pricey for most small to medium businesses, as they are designed especially for B2B organizations. They begin at $200 per month (billed annually). You can request a quotation for a customized plan, which may result in a more cost-effective proposal. You must create an account in order to receive a quotation for your website translation.



This platform advertises itself as a one-stop-shop for all things localization, including web design, style tweaking, SEO, and, of course, website translation. 


Bablic can translate any website into any language, and depending on your package, you may pick up to 30 languages for your site. You may use the service for one language for free, and you won’t even need to register if you only want to check how your site would appear before posting it.

All you have to do is fill in the URL and hit “Try Now For Free.” Choose a language for your website’s content translation, as well as the selection type and translation type. Machine Translation, Professional Translation (human translators), and “I will translate myself” are the available options. For the free trial, you can only use Machine Translation or self-translation, however, Machine Translation appears to be rather good.

You may also customize each part of your site and add more languages, but you’ll need to register to use those capabilities. You must also register if you wish to integrate the translation into your website. After that, you must add the Bablic code snippet to your site’s <head> element.

Even non-technical users will find this application straightforward and simple to use when dealing with website translation, and it completely automates the process. You may incorporate automatic updates in the translation if you want to whenever you make changes to the site. Given its many features, it is fairly reasonable for small enterprises.


CatsCradle 4

Your material is not truly translated by this translation tool. It’s a self-translation web page editor created exclusively for professional translators. The main advantage of this tool is that it can capture the original text and format the website translation such that the original layout and HTML code are preserved.


You probably haven’t tried translating in a standard text editor if you believe this isn’t a huge problem. The following are some of the challenges you will run across if you use this method:

  • Losing text when it wasn’t transferred.
  • Text that can’t be edited.
  • Changes in color or typeface.
  • Links that are broken.
  • Formatting that is uneven or erroneous.
  • Page designs that are messed up.

CatsCradle 4 examines the backend to ensure that everything on the page is editable. The application immediately inserts the text into your web page once you’ve finished translating it. If you wish to, you may use the app’s real-time view function to watch what’s going on on the web page on the go. Because it supports Unicode, the tool makes it simple to translate it to Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Thai, or Cyrillic. It can also read .hhc,.hhk, and .chm files.

Its free edition is available to download, however, it has restricted functionality. The Pro edition is available for a free 30-day trial and a one-time purchase. However, it is only compatible with Windows-based platforms, so Mac and Linux users will be out of luck.


Get Website Translation Services From Reputable Agencies 

If you still have doubts about using technical tools to translate your website and find out that only translation is not enough, then the best option is to connect with trustworthy translation companies to have full localization services. 

GTE Localize is a top choice since it is confirmed to be the leading website translation agency among others on Goodfirms. Our website translation, including changes in styles and designs, can tailor your content exactly to the tastes and social standards of your target audience. So get a quote from us immediately to create your significant impression in the global market. 

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