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As diversity within the community of NGOs increases, accurate translation becomes a serious issue. Language cannot be a barrier to raising funds, delivering the message of the organization or providing services to the people. Cultural sensitivity and accuracy must also be taken into account since some sensitive ideas can be somewhat problematic in certain cultures. At GTE Localize, we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence that will help your non-governmental organization communicate with members and increase global awareness of your mission.


Types of NGOs contents we’re dealing with

GTE Localize covers a wide range of document types concerning non-governmental organization which includes but not limited to:

  • Contracts
  • Statutes & Laws
  • Emails & Correspondence
  • Briefs
  • Court Opinions
  • Discovery Materials
  • Agreements
  • Affidavits
  • Proposals
  • Due Diligence Materials
  • Summons, Complaints & Orders
  • Declarations

And so on.

Our linguist qualification


  • Bachelor Degree in translation with other language certifications.
  • Minimum 05 years of translation in a wide range of subject areas related to the work of NGOs and third-sector organizations (environmental policy, resource management, social science, healthcare, agriculture, mechanical engineering, international law, etc.,)
  • Have worked with a wide variety of documents for NGOs (information leaflets, legal documents, welfare policies, Websites, governing documents, etc.,).

language Pairs we serve

English to Vietnamese

 English to Korean

 English to Japanese

 English to Chinese

 English to Burmese

 English to Thai

 English to Khmer

 English to Malay

 English to Lao

 English to Indonesian

 Korean to Vietnamese

 Japanese to Vietnamese

 Chinese to Vietnamese

 Thai to Vietnamese

 Khmer to Vietnamese

Some of our experience with NGOs translation

Project No. Industry Project Name End-Client Volume Language Pair Project Period
180747 Public sector & NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) CHA Residental Parking Procedures – Guidance Chicago Housing Authority 3k ENG – VIE 201804
181069 Public sector & NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) Identity Cards N/A 3k KHM – ENG 201806
181153 Public sector & NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) Marriage Preparation & Support programme – Government Tender Singapore Ministry of Social and Family Development 56k ENG – VIE 201807
180937 Public sector & NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) Racial and Ethnic Demographic Designation U.S. Department of Education 3k ENG – VIE 201805
180940 Public sector & NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) Seattle Labor Standards Handbook Ethnic Business Coalition 6.2k ENG – VIE 201805
180729 Public sector & NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) Seattle Police Department Manual – Body-Worn Video FAQ Seattle Government 4k ENG – VIE 201804

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