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Tap Into New Markets With Business Translation Services

Posted by Ethan N. on October 21, 2022.

The economic restructuring has created many chances for businesses to approach new customers in every corner of the world. Business translation services will be the top choice of marketing strategy in order to expand the operational business. 

When it comes to marketing business to global customers, people tend to go with English, which may be a prudent approach to dipping toes into the waters of an international market. That’s why 60.9% of websites contain the English language

However, CSA research illustrates that 76% of customers prefer to buy products or use services with their native information. Additionally, 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites. Therefore, business translation services should be at the forefront of marketing strategy in order to expand globally. If you want to reach more customers and build long-term relationships, the message must be clear and understandable to whoever reads it. 

In this blog, we will provide the benefits of using business translation services to gain the attraction of customers in a new market.

1. Business translation services help to localize your customer service

The trend of selling products or services on digital platforms is developing, customers need to be assured that help is available when they need it most. If that helps in their native language, the business may have a chance of meeting expectations faster and increasing the lifetime value of global customers.

According to ICMI, 70% of customer service leaders prove that supporting customers in their native language will boost their satisfaction and brand loyalty. Therefore, business translation services help localize strategy through multilingual websites, email, marketing documents, and social media. 

  • Website

When entering the new market, the website will be the first platform that contains full information about the business such as product or service description, refund and returns policy, frequently asked questions, and so on. Utilize business translation services to create well aware and increase brand trust-worthy. 

Moreover, not only it helps customers to understand the message but also improves the chance of revisiting the website and taking longer reading time on the sites. As a result, localized sites will have a competitive advantage to compete with local and other international brands.

  • Email

While some international brands, like Zara and H&M, send promoted emails which is an essential part of marketing strategy. Multiple studies have shown that customers tend to open emails in their language. Therefore, removing the language barrier between businesses and subscribers and also eliminating the possibility of miscommunication. 

In terms of B2B companies, businesses can become “game changers” if they are able to deliver the information, contract, or document in the customer’s native language. It leads to increased profit and speeds up the sales process. A CSA research reveals that companies that use business translation services would be 1.5 times more likely to see an increase in total revenue compared to their competitors. 

  • Marketing documents

Marketing documents are crucial business documents that inform customers about operational status or advertise promoted campaigns. There are many types of marketing documents such as brochures, catalogs, flyers, standees, etc. Localizing marketing documents seems to be essential in order to approach customers in new markets wisely. 

However, these marketing materials are completely different from other types of translation services. Unlike regular text, it requires edgier, shorter and punchier. Therefore, selecting translation services agencies with expertly culturally-adapted content must be processed carefully to help businesses deliver messages clearly and understandable.

  • Social media

More and more businesses are expanding their social media presence globally, and the importance of online localized content is increasing more than ever. Business translation services can help build a brand’s cache among new cultures and improve sales. 

According to Facebook IQ, 80% of US Hispanic users are more likely to purchase products from advertisements in Spanish than if they see the same advertisements in English. It points out that brands that have a good social media marketing strategy can gain the attention of customers by taking advantage of business translation services. 

More than communicating with new followers in their native language, business translation services are able to create a lock-tight, effective social media plan that ensures success. 

Tap into new markets with business translation services


2. Enhance website and International SEO marketing with business translation services

As mentioned above, websites are the first and most important platforms when it comes to marketing localization strategy in the global market, especially in some developed Asia countries, like Japan and Korea, where English is poorly comprehended. In a 2022 survey, Japan dropped to 78th in global English proficiency, squarely in the “low proficiency” band. Hence, utilizing business translation services is the best way to drive traffic and increase sales. 

The average number of languages offered from worldwide brand’s websites has been growing to 45 in the first months of 2022 and it is expected to gradually increase. That’s why choosing the right website translation service helps to retain customers across global consistency, especially when business stretches over different countries, cultures, and people groups. For instance, if a translation is messy and incoherent one time, fine next time, and repeat over and over after time, the customers are likely to lose attraction and trust quickly.

Furthermore, much like localizing websites, international SEO strategy needs to attach special importance in order to put the website on top of search engine result pages in the relevant market. People tend to use Google Translate to create an international version of a website, it seems to be a quick fix of localization, but in the long run, may cause business problems. 

While some industries, like financial and accounting, the content output by Google Translate is generally poorly structured and does not make sense to the target language. For example, “1,500” in English text means “one thousand five hundred”, meanwhile in German and French text it will correspond to a number a thousand times smaller. Therefore, years of experience in business translation services with native linguists can help brands select and adapt a local culture accurately.  

Additionally, the research also figured out 4 steps to implement international SEO for businesses:

Step 1: Know your market

The business needs to dig deeper in order to understand that markets hold the strongest potential and their traffic or keywords.

Step 2: Change URL and domain

This is very popular because customers are familiar with their Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). It makes them feel like they are in the right place while landing on the page. Noticeably, the business will have to consider the cost of purchasing domains.

URL and domain for business translation services

Step 3: Conduct keyword research

In this phase, you need to carry out keyword research and volume search because of the difference from the country, as population and demand vary. However, if keyword searches are in a foreign language, it is preferable to utilize business translation services that provide the adapted localized linguists in order to result in the best end product. This often comes with a cost-effective solution too. Using native translators will help to save a lot of time trying to find a speaker to work out with your keyword list.

Step 4: Localize copy and optimize landing page

Native linguists at this stage are imperative. Due to local nuance, content production is important to communicate with customers with clear and understandable messages. Moreover, this is not only crucial to customer experience but also for Google. It comes from Google’s job is to serve users with pages that have a higher experience for them. Hence, Google is able to prefer to boost the content which is relevant to both country and language of the user.

To deeply express and write about website business translation, this white paper provides more insights for business: All you need to know about Website Localization.


3. How to increase customer satisfaction with business translation services

As 2 mentioned aspects above, the business has seen various benefits of using business translation services when localizing their operation to tap into the international market. It will ensure customers understand the intent behind the content. 

Furthermore, business translation agencies not only help to translate but much more than that, they localize to adapt to local nuance. When entering a new market, businesses cannot avoid the differences in cultures, customer expectations, and customer buying behaviors. However, native linguists can help businesses research and penetrate the market effectively. 

For example, customers in the Asia-Pacific region (majority of Chinese) will account for over 50% of all international purchases. China is a fiercely competitive market with a unique culture, it requires the process of localization strategy to be careful and accurate. Working with business translation services allows brands to ensure that they correctly localize content and deliver brand image wisely. From that, the business can increase user experience and reach more new targeted-market audiences sooner.

In addition to marketing strategy, the University of Chicago has found that the emotion of customers will reduce which occurs when they interact with information that is not their first language. It leads to increased psychological distance and deliberation which creates a barrier between customers and the brand. Therefore, utilizing business translation services wisely will help build trustworthy relationships and drive customer conversion. 


4. Business translation services can help business avoid costly mistakes

Businesses used to think translation can be easy or even possible to utilize Google Translate. However, there were many global brands that had it wrong and paid a heavy price for their mistakes such as Coca-Cola, Ford, and HSBC. 

For example, Parker Pens, a world famous for exquisitely crafted fine writing instruments, wrongly translated its slogan into Spanish. The slogan is “It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you”, which is perfect in the English version. However, in the Spanish version, they translated “embarrass” to “embarazar”, which means “pregnant”. It could affect their reputation and brand image in customers’ eyes.

Avoid mistakes of translation

Therefore, business translation services are essential for not only global businesses but also small businesses that want to expand internationally and avoid miscommunication with their customers.


5. GTE Localize creates cost-effective and value solutions to help businesses tap into new global markets

We offer business translation services that understand your target market, culture, and many nuances found within. There is no doubt to put trust and faith in our company because:

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