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Top 8 Necessary Books for Translators Serving Vietnamese Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on December 27, 2021.

To suit any translation situation, we constantly develop our knowledge and learn fully about Vietnamese culture for Vietnamese translation services.

Language and translation are closely related. When studying one or both of these aspects, linguists open their eyes and delve deeper into historical and cultural gaps. Therefore, they are a valuable source of knowledge to help improve human thinking and awareness.

It is critical for a translator who wants to advance in his or her career to enhance translation skills. Reading is one of many ways to improve translation skills, relieve stress, broaden professional knowledge, and increase cultural awareness of many various places. 

The top eight language-translation books introduced by GTE Localize are listed below. You should not ignore this list of useful books as they are valuable for supporting research and learning in the translation field.

“Becoming a Translator” – Douglas Robinson

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“Becoming a Translator” is the finest book for people who are just getting started. They mix translation theory with tips and information on how to translate effectively. The author offers some helpful hints to beginner translators on how to translate more quickly and accurately, how to deal with probable obstacles, such as stress, and how the market works. 


“Translation as a Profession” – Roger Chriss

This is the best book on how to start a translation company that you will discover. It is designed for linguists who wish to learn how to manage a translation business from home and build a successful career in the field. The book “Translation as a Profession” examines the interpreting profession and the translation industry in depth. The book opens with an introduction of the translation-localization process and a presentation of several translations.


“Confessions of a Freelance Translator” – Gary Smith

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“Confessions of a Freelance Translator” contains helpful suggestions for language freelancers. It’s an interesting read about how freelancers can boost their productivity, raise their visibility in the market, and keep organized when working on extended translation jobs. The author offers real-life examples to demonstrate the most prevalent workplace scenarios and to teach newcomers how to deal with them. This is a must-read book for every translator including translators serving Vietnamese translation services.


“Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach” – Juliane House

You can read about the social consequences of translation, corporate ethics, and the role of new media in linguistics among the points mentioned in “Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach.” In this book, the author has compiled insights from world-renowned professionals. So, prepare to examine some of the various viewpoints on intercultural communication.


“The Prosperous Translator” –  Chris Durban

This book is full of useful tips and guidance on how to succeed in the translation business. The author offers real-life examples to help translators visualize the obstacles they face on a daily basis. This book contains insights that can assist you in effectively reorganizing your operations if you’re looking for motivation and some growth prospects. For Vietnamese Translation Services, this book is a must.


“Exploring Translation Theories” –  Anthony Pym

Anthony Pym provides valuable hypothesis for students who want to learn about translation as well as the science behind it. In addition, “Exploring Translation Theories” contains cultural references that assist us in comprehending the importance of language in a global, social context. It might help you see the impact of translation on society and how it continues to alter global communication.


“Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages” – Guy Deutscher

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This is an engrossing examination of how syntax, language, and the way we use words influence culture. A section of the book is devoted to experiments and questions about the languages and civilizations that surround them. It’s also regarded as one of the best books on translation history for translators serving Vietnamese translation services.


“Culture and Customs of Vietnam” – Nguyen Thi Dieu & Mark W. McLeod

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For Vietnamese Translation Services, “Culture and Customs of Vietnam” is one of the most useful books that Vietnamese translators cannot miss. Experts summarize Vietnamese culture in English in this book. In narrative chapters on land, people, and language; history and institutions; ideology and religion; literature; art and architecture; culinary; family culture, marriage, gender, and youth; festivals and recreational activities; and performing arts, McLeod and Nguyen, both Vietnam historians, present the various forces of Vietnamese culture in an appealing manner.


Why Books for Translators Serving Vietnamese Translation Services?

We present to you all kinds of books which are appropriate for beginners and skilled professions in the field of translation. Furthermore, we also provide a book which is useful for Vietnamese translation services in particular. In addition, translated books have contributed significantly to the process of human and social development. Thanks to  translation, the information is conveyed in a concise and accurate way to help readers understand the book in their own language.

Read them and draw for yourself the experience, accumulated over many years of working in the profession of translators.

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