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What Multilingual Website Translation Challenges That You Have to Deal With?

Posted by Ariel D. on June 27, 2022.

When discussing a strategy for developing the multilingual website translation, you must consider whether it is wise to simultaneously translate the website content into various languages or whether it is remarkably economical.

To assist you in making the best choice for the content of your own website, this article will analyze the overall burdens of website localization in various languages and provide some extra tips to handle the issues.

1. The Risks When Applying Multilingual Website Translation

Here is a detailed outline of 4 common challenges that any localization manager might encounter.

1.1. It Multiplies The Cost Of Translation by Each Language

01 multilingual website translation cost

The ultimate localization cost is not only determined by the number of languages used in the project, it might be affected by the following four elements: textual length, the content of websites, the languages used, and added solutions.

That is why you have to be prepared to pay more if you want to simultaneously take advantage of multilingual website translation.

There are some regions where there is a shortage of qualified translators, which drives up the cost of translation services. Norwegian and Finnish are a few examples where this is the case. The highest reported freelancing average rate on belongs to Icelandic.

Although the above factors affect the final costly price, keep in mind that the translation cost can be decreased even by up to 36% when dealing with translation agencies that have a clear pricing strategy.


1.2. You Have to Work With Multicultural Teams in Different Time Zones

The majority of the translators of your multilingual website translation project are not even expected to be based in your nation.

Actually, multilingual teams spread across several time zones have been coordinated by localization corporations for years. They are able to translate your material more effectively as they are local to the target market area

The localization business will pick up fresh translation assignments before you leave the workplace, deliver them before your alarm goes off, and pick them up while you are asleep.

02 multilingual website translation time zone

In this situation, it is wise to choose a reputable translation agency in order to save time and avoid dealing with various suppliers in multiple loops.

The person in charge of overseeing teams and resources and reporting on the status of the localization process will be your point of contact, who is typically a translation project manager.


1.3. You Have to Review the Keywords in Multiple Languages at Once

It takes study to come up with keywords that will make it easier for clients to locate you online. Some distinguishing qualities of your product might not be appealing to local consumers, therefore you should replace these keywords with ones that will drive visitors to your website.

In this situation, research should also be taken into account in addition to keyword optimization, and it should be done independently for each language.

There are various ways to accomplish this, for instance:

  • Employ a freelance translator who speaks each language to look up and improve keywords;
  • Assign the marketing staff is familiar with the market preferences for the translated material;
  • Request your website localization project’s scope must include this service from your localization services supplier.


1.4. You Might Have Multiple Complex Projects to Manage

It takes careful planning and preparation for your multilingual website translation project. Naturally, there is a lot of work to be done and a lot of gaps to fill in before it can be done well.

Your Strategy

First, you must choose how you want the multi-language website versions to be presented to users and ensure that the backend is prepared to handle multilingual information.

03 multilingual website translation lang option

Keep in mind that the information must first be translated into other languages. This implies that it must consider all regional legal and cultural requirements, including those pertaining to money, payment options, return policies, etc.

The Integration

If your backend and translation software are integrated, the multilingual website translation execution process can go smoothly.

To enable a fully automated procedure for providing data for translation, connections between the backend of your website and translation software are added to projects. It increases efficiency and quality by improving the effective management of upgrades and removing manual tasks.

Because translation procedures may be quickly developed, integrations can lower localization costs.

Integrations that are properly integrated speed up your process and let you manage multilingual changes. Just keep in mind that a website is a living thing that requires more modifications than you might be aware of at this time.

The Translation Memory

Content connections and tight collaboration with your localization service provider make it feasible to update multilingual versions without creating an unneeded commotion.

You won’t have to keep paying for every single word since they preserve all prior translations in something known as the Translation Memory (TM).

Companies that provide translation services revise and restore the previously translated text, then apply what is known as the TM discount to it. Only new words are subject to the full cost. This is a practical method for managing further upgrades of multilingual website translation.


2. What to Keep in Mind When Instantly Involving Multilingual Website Translation

In addition to the notes in our White Paper All You Need To Know About Website Localization, here are 2 typical tips for you when preparing for a multilingual website translation project.

2.1. Request a Trustful Warranty for Multi-language Website Translation

04 multilingual website translation warranty

The cost of multilingual website translation is high, however, there are certain solutions to cut costs. First, the manager should insist on having the translations saved in a Translation Memory so they may be utilized again for further updates.

A smart place to start when negotiating a special fee with other offers is to approach a localization services provider with a request for the localization and a long-time warranty.

When working with many translation agencies or independent contractors to translate each language version, you might not have this chance.


2.2. Work With Professional Translation Services Providers

You can put off tasks for which you might lack the necessary time and knowledge thanks to the assistance of reputable translation agencies. You may keep an eye on the website localization development while concentrating on your duties.

Forget about managing large ethnic teams of specialists across time zones, together with their inquiries, directions for job progress, comments, and payments. Give your multilingual website translation project to a professional translation agency like GTE Localize.

For every project, GTE Localize exclusively employs senior linguists with an XBench QA cycle. In order to provide clients with the highest quality translations, GTE Localize (not the clients) covers the expense of the internal LQA round or the spot QA check.

So if you want to make your multilingual website translation as simple and affordable as feasible, contact us immediately to get a free quotation and consultancy with our expert.

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