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Meet GTE Localize’s Translator Team – Mien Nguyen

Posted by Anne Q. on December 06, 2021.

Joined GTE Localize about 4 years ago, Mien Nguyen is an experienced Vietnamese editor and hodophile. She specializes in Medical and Healthcare translation. She believes a good translator is a responsible one who understands the power of each word she translates. Let’s hear her story and get inspired.

  • Occupation: Editor
  • Language Pairs: English-Vietnamese and vice versa
  • Industries: General, Medical and Healthcare
  • Location: Work from Home from Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Joined GTE Localize in 2017


How long have you been an editor at GTE Localize?

I have been a Vietnamese linguist for 8 years and a half now. I first cooperated with GTE Localize in 2017 as a freelance translator. Now, I have been a part of GTE Localize’s full-time editor team for 3 years and a half.


Why did you choose to work as a linguist?

Since I was in school, I had grown my interest in languages so I decided to choose Translation and Interpretation as my university major. The more I learned about it, the more I was sure that it was my right choice. After graduation, I started my journey as a Vietnamese translator.


What makes you fall in love with being a linguist?

Well, I love the freedom of being a linguist. It’s not a boring 9-to-5 job so I can enjoy flexible working hours. Another thing I can’t forget to mention is the connection that this job brings.

By saying “connection”, I’m not referring to the network I have with other linguists or clients. What I mean is that I can see and learn more about the bridge between the two languages I am working on – English and Vietnamese.

Translator Interview

“There are always flowers on my working desk.”

Besides English and Vietnamese, can you speak any other language?

I know a little bit of Chinese.


If you could be fluent in any language, what would it be?

I think it would be Spanish. I just really like the way it sounds (its pronunciation and intonation).


Do you have any advice for newbies in the language industry?

Be hard-working and seize any chances you have. Start right now.


Can you share your favourite word or phrase in your native language?

“Đừng bao giờ đổ thừa cho hoàn cảnh” (Never shift the blame onto the circumstances). It reminds me to be responsible for everything I do.


How long do you work a day? Do you usually work on the weekends?

I work for at least 8 hours a day. Working on the weekends or nights sometimes happen. It depends on the projects’ deadlines I work on at that time.


Let’s play the Rapid Fire game. I will ask you some questions about your hobbies and you will have to answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

The first thing you do when you sit on your desk and start your day?

Fill in a glass of water, turn on my laptop,  listen to my favourite song if I have time.

Which sports do you play? How often do you play them?

Chess and Chinese chess with my family when I get home. I also do yoga 5 days a week.

What is your favourite music/artists?

Taylor Swift and Alexander Rybak.

Do your choices for music change depending on the types of projects you work on?

Not really. Generally, music makes me feel excited but I never listen to music when working on medical translation tasks.

Your favourite snacks to eat while working?

Potato crisps and fresh fruit (candy grape, star apple) with tea.

Which social media networking sites are you active on?

Facebook for family and friends communication and LinkedIn for work.

One first thing you will do when Covid-19 is over?

Travel. I love travelling and during the pandemic, I haven’t gotten much chance. So when everything gets better, I will visit all the places I have always wanted to see.

Translator Interview


How long have you been working remotely? 

It’s been 6 years now.


That’s a long time. Do you have any tips that help improve work efficiency when working from home?

Time management is crucial. You should try to estimate how long a task will take. If it takes many days to finish the task, divide the task into small parts and give yourself deadlines for each part.


Do you do freelancing jobs? If you do, which platforms do you use to get new clients?

Sometimes when I am not too busy with my full-time job, I work on some freelancing tasks. Most of my clients are from my friends’ referrals. I also use Linkedin,, and some other job search websites to find new jobs.


Which tricks do you use to avoid scammers?

I always check clients’ prestige through different websites such as Proz, Glassdoor, etc. before deciding to work with them or not.


Can you share some tips for doing translation tests with new clients?

The tests are really important so here’s what I do. If I normally spend 1 hour on a 300-word task, I will use 2-3 hours for the test with the same number of words. Double-check or even triple check if needed.


Let’s talk about tools that you use when working. 

Well, CAT tools are now an inevitable part of the translator’s work so I try to be able to use fluently as many tools as possible. I can work on Trados, Across, Memsource, MemoQ, and XTM. However, Trados is definitely my favourite because it is smart and user-friendly.


Besides CAT Tools, is there any other supporting tool that you use?

It would be an English – English dictionary. Even if I already know the translation of a word in Vietnamese, I still sometimes double-check its definition in English, just to make sure.


Thank you for your time and your great stories! We wish you all the best with your future work! 

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