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Meet GTE Localize’s Translator Team – Cecilia Sonya

Posted by Anne Q. on February 10, 2022.

Meet Cecilia Sonya, a linguist with extensive experience translating from English to Indonesian. Having joined GTE Localize three years ago, Sonya is our Marketing, Fintech, and Game translator, editor, and proofreader. She’s also an excellent gardener.

Let’s hear her sharing through our short’s interview.

  • Occupation: Translator, Editor, Proofreader
  • Language Pairs: English – Indonesian and Japanese – Indonesian
  • Industries: Marketing, Fintech, and Game
  • Location: Indonesia (Work from home)
  • Joined GTE Localize in 2019


How long have you been a translator at GTE Localize?

I have been cooperating with GTE Localize for about 3 years now.


What do you like the most about being a translator?

I like to read since elementary school. And being a translator can give me wide insights into many new interesting topics or the latest information from various fields. Besides, I can learn about many new things.


What about things that you dislike the most?

It would be time zone differences. Usually, I can’t reply instantly if the other person lives on the other side of the earth.


If you could speak any language fluently, which language would it be?

I would say Japanese. I love watching anime and reading mangas. Sometimes, I prefer watching the original versions so that I can grasp the nuance better than the dubbed versions.


What is your favourite word or phrase in your native language and why is it your favourite?

“Words can give a life”. Because by choosing the proper wording, the effect can lift a spirit or encourage someone’s life and things can be better because of it.


How long do you work a day? Do you work on the weekends?

I don’t have a fixed schedule. It depends on my workload each day. I try to be productive for around 8 hours/day. And yes, I also work on weekends.


Could you tell us about some of your interests?

My hobby is culinary. That’s why I tried some recipes as an experiment to satisfy my hunger.

Translator Interview_Sonya

Growing my own veggies also makes me relaxed (I also make compost from kitchen waste), a kind of outdoor activity when I want to rest from gadgets. Nowadays, I plant more flowers and provide a bee’s house in concern of solitary bees decreasing in their number. Although they are small and unnoticed, they greatly help people for the abundant harvest of the crops.

Translator Interview_Sonya_Hobbies


From what I know, you are working from home in Indonesia now. Which tips do you apply to increase your work productivity?

My tips are to have a fast internet connection, internet backup package or mobile Wi-Fi device.


Working as a freelance translator, you must have encountered scammers before, right? Any tip to avoid such situations?

Make sure to check the company’s reputation beforehand, sign the agreement in the first place and pay attention if they are always on time for the payment.


Which CAT tools do you use? Which ones are your favourite?

My favourite would be SDL Trados. The first and the oldest CAT Tools that I have been using.


Thank you Sonya for joining our quick interview. We love your sharings and wish you health and success.

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