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Success Story – Medical Website Localization for Abbott Singapore

Posted by Anne Q. on April 13, 2022.

Abbott is a leading multinational medical device and healthcare company with headquarters in the United States. The company is well-known for medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition products. For this website localization project, GTE Localize worked with the Structural Heart Department of the Abbott Singapore branch and helped them localize their website for leaking heart valve solutions into Chinese and Malay.


  • Language pairs: EN-ZH, MAL
  • Content types: Marketing and Website
  • Services: TEP
  • Volume: ~3.9k/words
  • Duration: Dec 2020
  • Industries: Medical


To give customers in Singapore the best experience and support when reading information on its website on leaking heart valves, Abbott needed to make its website available in two popular languages used in Singapore – Simplified Chinese and Malay.

Medical Website Localization for Abbott Singapore_1

The client assigned GTE Localize to translate all website content from English into Chinese and Malay.


Working on this high-demanding project, GTE Localize has faced 3 main challenges.

#1. Complex and Specialized Medical Content

The focus of the website was on leaking heart valves – a highly specialized medical sector. The content covered all relevant information about its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare as well as some marketing materials such as brochures and news. All information needed translating with utmost care and accuracy.

#2. User Interface Elements

The website consisted of many user interface strings and buttons that had limited character length. Therefore, the translators in charge must make sure that the translation was short and concise enough to ensure proper displays while delivering the intended meanings of the source text.

#3. High-Quality Expectations

Medicine is undoubtedly a difficult domain that demands absolute accuracy. Plus, our client is a big well-known brand with high expectations and quality requirements. Thus, there was no room for mistakes. The quality of the translation when being delivered to the client had to be the highest.



Our professional linguists and website localizers recognized the issues of this website localization project and devised a clear action plan with three solutions.

#1. The Best Team of Native Linguists 

We assigned a team of 2 experienced translators and editors for each language pair. The related linguists were native speakers with long experience in translating medical content. For the English-to-Malay language pair, our translator and editor have 9 and 17 years of experience in medical translation respectively. For the English to Chinese language pair, the numbers are 9 and 18 years respectively. They also had previous experience in translating websites to handle user interface elements well.

#2. Three Steps Needed

For this type of complex content, we applied a process of three steps – translation, editing, and proofreading. The files were translated by a native linguist, then edited and proofread by a senior medical editor. This process guaranteed all possible mistakes were found and adjusted, giving the client error-free translations.

#3. Strict Quality Control

This project contained specialized terminologies. As a result, we used the QC Tool – Xbench which helped us organize terminologies and spot errors easily during the translation process. The assistance from this tool helped us perform consistent and better-quality translations.


  • A successful website localization project with 3,900 words well translated into Chinese and Malay.

Website Localization Case study - Abbott - Chinese


 The Chinese version of the client’s website

Website Localization Case study - Abbott - Malay

The Malay version of the client’s website

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