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Success Story – Manufacturing Website Localization for Viessmann

Posted by Anne Q. on April 07, 2022.

Viessmann is a leading German manufacturer of high-efficiency heating and renewable energy systems. The company is well-known for manufacturing solar thermal systems, heat pumps, combined heat and power generation, and more for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes.

Helping Viessman successfully localize their website into the Indonesian language while proofreading their English version of the website was a challenging yet exciting task for the GTE Localize team. We would like to share our team experience with this website localization project in our today’s post.


Before going into detail, let us give you an overview of this manufacturing website localization project:

  • Language pairs: EN – IN, EN – EN
  • Content types: Website
  • Services: Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP), Proofreading, Linguistic Sign-Off (LSO)
  • Volume: 32k words
  • Duration: June to July 2021
  • Industries: Technical



Client Needs

To give their customers in Indonesia the best experience and support, Viessmann wanted to localize their website from English to Bahasa Indonesian. After the translation process finished, the company needed the whole website (both the English and Indonesian versions) to be proofread to ensure that there was no error left.

Manufacturing Website Localization for Viessmann

Client Requirements

Viessmann was looking for a professional website localization agency that not only had long experience in handling English to Indonesian technical content but also must be capable of supporting .xml files. This is because all pages from its website were exported in the .xml format and later re-imported back to the CMS in the same format. The .xml file must be handled properly or else it couldn’t be imported into the CMS after translation.



Upon receiving the requests from Viessmann, our team analyzed and defined the big challenges of the project in order to find the best resources and approach.

#1. User Interface Elements

The website consisted of many user interface strings and buttons that had limited character length. Therefore, the translators in charge must make sure that the translation was short and concise enough to ensure proper displays while delivering the intended meanings of the source text.


#2. Highly Technical Content

Viessmann asked for a team of native Indonesian translators who must be familiar with Heating Technologies and Water Purifiers/Heaters – a highly specialized sector. The content covered products information, company stores, codes of conduct as well as some other marketing materials and news. The translated content must be accurate yet attractive to website readers.


#3. No Glossary Available

A translation glossary contains key terminologies used in the content along with their definitions that give translators the context for accurate and consistent translations. Although the website consisted of many highly specialized terms, our clients did not have a glossary at the time.



Understanding the challenges of this website localization project, our experienced linguists and website localizers came up with a clear action plan with 4 solutions.

#1. Have The Best Team of Native Linguists

We assigned a team of 3 experienced translators and editors for the website localization task. The linguists in charge were native speakers of Bahasa Indonesian with long experience in translating technical content. They also had previous experience in translating websites to handle user interface elements well. Before the project started, they had done and passed a strict test by our client.

For the proofreading task, a senior Indonesian editor was in charge of proofreading the Indonesian website version while an experienced native English linguist was chosen to proofread the English website version.

A senior was assigned for this project to make sure everything run smoothly and on schedule.


#2. All Three Steps Were Needed

For this type of complex content, we applied a process of three steps – translation, editing, and proofreading. The files were translated by native Indonesian linguists, then edited and proofread by senior subject-matter editors. This process guaranteed all possible mistakes were found and adjusted, giving the client error-free translations.


#3. A Translation Glossary Was Created

Our team created a glossary list that includes the technical terms and frequently used terms at the beginning of the project. Only after both translators, editors, and our client had all agreed on this list did our linguist team kick off the project.

An online query form was created for all linguists to raise queries when needed. They could also see the answers to other queries for references.


#4. Strict Quality Control

This website localization project contained specialized terminologies. As a result, we used the QC Tool – Xbench which helped us organize terminologies and spot errors easily during the translation process. The assistance from this tool helped us perform consistent and better-quality translations.



  • 35,676 words translated into Indonesian
  • 35,676 English Words Proofread

Website Localization - Viessmann

The Indonesian version of Viessmann’s website


Website Localization - Viessmann - Mobile

Some of our translations on Viessmann’s website


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