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5 Ways to Make E-Learning More Cost-Effective Using Vietnamese Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on January 26, 2022.

The demand for Vietnamese translation services for e-Learning course translation is steadily increasing as a response to the boom of online education and learning. 

According to worldwide research, Vietnam’s e-Learning business has enormous potential, with a massive scale and a revenue growth rate of more than 40% each year. The market is projected to be valued at at least 2 billion dollars. As a result, this sector has attracted not just local businesses but also overseas investors from Japan, Korea, Singapore, and more.

At the end of 2016, there were 309 education and training investment projects in Vietnam with a total registered capital of more than 767 million USD. To attract Vietnamese learners and stay ahead of your competitors, you have to make your e-Learning courses appealing. 

Below is our list of 5 effective tips to help you develop successful and cost-effective Vietnamese translation services for the Vietnamese market.

#1 – Use a Responsive Design Tool for your Vietnamese translation services

Vietnamese translation services

For many reasons, responsive design tools like Adapt or other HTML-5-based tools like Evolve or Articulate Rise are a good choice. These tools are designed for mobile devices, are easier to localize, and need less preparation than slide-based formats.


#2 -Keep Text Concise & Editable before Sending to Your Vietnamese Translation Services 

Vietnamese translation services

Make sure to allow room on the screen for text expansion before sending the source file to your Vietnamese translation services provider. 

This may seem counterintuitive, as you want to get as much information on one page as possible. However, keeping your material concise brings numerous advantages: you lower the overall number of words in the course by focusing on your primary topic. Lower translation expenses = fewer words.

In addition, when translating words from a foreign language into Vietnamese, the length of the words usually increases. 

Take a translation from English to Vietnamese for example. Vietnamese translations are likely to be 30-37% longer than their original English. This is because Vietnamese phrases are often longer and more detailed than in English.

Also, if possible, keep text editable rather than putting it in a graphic. This way, it’ll be simple to extract, and you’ll save money by not having to recreate visuals in another language.


#3 -Reduce Audio & Costs for Vietnamese Translation Services

Audio narration is used in many slide-based courses. Keep in mind that any time spent synchronizing narration with on-screen animation will need to be redone in a new language.

Vietnamese and other languages have different audio runtimes, thus you’ll have to resync the elements when you’ve finished recording. Minimizing these costs can be achieved by reducing the amount of audio and synchronization parts.

Focus on meaningful interactions that produce cognitive dissonance and make learners think instead of audio-driven animation. This will be more remembered in the long run than merely narrating the information.

What about accessibility, though? Natural AI or text-to-speech options are available in addition to human voiceover. The majority of us are accustomed to talking with robots (Siri, Alexa) and are able to understand these computerized voices easily. This is a fantastic alternative that provides the same audio experience while saving money.

Finally, captions may be used to readily integrate translations while lowering expenses. Adding subtitles when creating a new course might put you one step ahead of the competition right away.


#4 -Use Video Intentionally for Vietnamese translation servies

Vietnamese translation services

While video can be effective in capturing attention and demonstrating technical expertise, too much video may cause learners to tune out.

If you’re going to use video, keep it as short as possible. Interact with the audience so they don’t just sit there looking at (or ignoring) the screen.

This is especially true if your video has a lot of text, which may be costly and difficult to translate. Subtitles or captions, as previously said, might be a cost-effective choice.

Using audio and video sparingly, relying on computerized speech or subtitles, or removing media entirely and focusing on meaningful interactions to keep learners interested can help you save money and time.


#5 -Plan for Revisions & Updates

Your budget may cover both the initial and ongoing costs of designing and maintaining a course. The more frequent materials get updated, the more likely you need to change them.

Make use of content chunking and micro-learning strategies. Not only will you prevent information overload, but you could also update a small course more easily (and for less money) than a dense and extended course.

If you want to make changes to a file, let’s use review tools with revision history and version control. This is useful if you need to go back and undo the changes you’ve made. Don’t make your Vietnamese translation services provider find changes. You may verify that any modifications are replicated in the target language by keeping track of them. Otherwise, you might have to start over.

Identify lockdown and refresh intervals. When a procedure or regulation changes, your stakeholders may want to update their material. Constantly updating and republishing, on the other hand, might be costly. It’s likely that your course may be out-of-date for a short time, but combining modifications during specific consolidation periods will save you money.


Pick Budget-saving Vietnamese Translation Services

The five tips stated above will definitely help you get a general view of e-learning translation using Vietnamese translation services.

Having a clear and thorough preparation for e-Learning courses before sending them to your Vietnamese translation services could help you reduce the cost for your translation.

A trustworthy translation agency also gives you genuine consultancy on how to save costs for your projects. If you are looking for “the right” translation partner, look no further than GTE Localize. 

GTE Localize has been providing Vietnamese translation services for many years. We have a pool of in-house and freelance Vietnamese translators who can handle all major Vietnamese language pairings and types of content.

Vietnamese Translation Services

If you’d like to hear more about how our e-Learning team can help save your business money on training solutions, contact us today.

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