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Must-know Things About Magento Website Translation

Posted by Chloe G. on June 17, 2022.

Performing Magento website translation is a crucial step in reaching out to customers around the world.

The majority of e-commerce platforms allow you to simultaneously provide your content in different languages. However, for the best user experience, you should have a tailor-made translation for your Magento, Shopify, or other online stores. As Magento is one of the leading and most popular solutions on the market, we’ve put together this guide to help you know how to proceed.

What elements should be included in a Magento website translation?

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Magento is pre-configured to support multilingual pages by default. In other words, you may provide similar user experiences regardless of the language your visitors speak with only a few adjustments. However, you need to proceed cautiously, as not all elements can be automatically translated, and you may want to make manual adjustments to adapt the messages to your brand’s tone.

#1. Product catalog

You should focus your translation efforts on this part of your store. As this is where you describe your products to your buyers, you’ll need to pay special attention to the quality of the texts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with your audience by adapting texts to each country’s unique culture and use.

#2. Static and automatic pages

When your customers perform different actions, such as placing an order or subscribing to a newsletter, they’ll reach areas of your website where the contents do not change. By manually translating these pages and customizing your communication style, you’ll be able to personalize them and adapt the tone of your communication to the culture of each region.

#3. Navigation elements

These elements are the buttons that make up your website. If you have used templates, Magento offers automatic options in a variety of languages. However, if you’re searching for a certain communication style, you should have these translated to have better control over how you approach your audience.


How much to perform a Magento website translation project?

Whether you’re working with the open-source version or want to translate Magento 2 to English, the language into which you want to translate your content will ultimately determine the translation costs. For example, texts in English are frequently shorter and more economical than those translated into Chinese or Arabic, which — in addition to being less well-known – require more words to explain the same meaning.

Moreover, Magento websites that require high levels of expertise are charged more than those that require only basic content. 

The overall cost of your quote will be determined by the number of words and elements that need to be translated. As you add content, your bill will usually rise. If you’re considering translating your entire website, negotiating the entire project in one go will save you money.


Avoid free machine translation for Magento website translation

In order to build loyalty, it’s critical to stand out from the competition and form close bonds with your audience. Communication is a key tool in this aspect, as it can aid in creating and strengthening ties. We all know that when it comes to communication, each culture has its own specificities and preferences, and machine translation systems are incapable of providing the nuances required.

Although their low prices are appealing, you face the risk of diluting your brand’s identity. If you’re not fluent in another language, you won’t be able to see severe blunders that will make you appear unprofessional to your customers, resulting in a loss of credibility.


Notice Magento 2 translation

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Magento 2 allows you to set up translations of your site within the theme, as well as manage each version through separate view panels. You can begin by creating an i18n directory and adding the file to your CSV directory. 

You also need to clear the cache to implement this data. Then all you have to do is change the design’s configuration and select the scope to which this new value will be applied. Save your work, refresh the cache and you’ll be ready to go! You may now get a preview of your translated page.


Choose a professional Magento website translation provider 

Having a multilingual Magento website helps you to build your brand image in different countries and increase your online store’s sales. Therefore, it is important to have a professional translation provider perform your Magento website translation. 

Among the companies providing translation services today, GTE Localize is a reliable companion as recommended by GoodFirms, with the following excellent values:

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Have you decided to perform a Magento website translation? Get in touch with us now and have your Magento store translated quickly and professionally!

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