Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE), also known as automatic or instant translation, is a crucial translation option that make use of software to automate translation for significant cost and time savings. As an economical alternative to traditional translation, MT is often applied to large volumes of content that needs fast translation.

At GTE Localize, machine translation documents are post edited according to your specific requests, and delivered to you after all the needed control processes.

MTPE Options at GTE Localize

MTPE services are differentiated by sophistication and output quality levels. GTE Localize offers variable options of MTPE to cater to your needs, including:


To reach the highest level of quality, full Post-editing is usually recommended.

Light Post-editing

The post-editor takes the MT translations and performs minimal modifications to make translation understandable


The post-editor make the most of the usable parts of the MT text and performs all the necessary modifications to produce an accurate translation with human-like publishable quality


Selective, budget-sensitive customization maximizes the quality of unsupervised MT by limiting post-editing to customer-designated criteria (section titles, specific terminology, etc,.)

Areas Requiring MTPE

  • Pre-translation of large projects to be post-edited by human linguists
  • Catalogs or highly-structured content
  • Documents for customer service or chat applications
  • Online help and documentation
  • Discovery for large corpus search (often in academic and legal applications)
  • Internal correspondence

Our Linguist Qualification

  • Bachelor Degree in translation with other legal language certifications
  • Minimum 05 years of professional translation experience and minimum 3 years of editing experience in different fields of expertise.
  • Have worked on various documents types and master the use of CAT tools.