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GTE Localize’s Success Story – Multilingual Localization for Exness Group

Posted by Chloe G. on April 13, 2022.

GTE Localize has helped the Exness Group localize its content into 11 languages for this localization project.

Exness Group began as a global retail Forex broker in 2008. With its rapid development, the company had over 140,000 clients in 150 countries worldwide and a $6,110 billion trading volume by 2020.

To show you how successful this has proven for our existing clients, we’ve put together a case study about our cooperation with the Exness Group.


An overview of our success story for the Exness Group

  • Content Types: Marketing, Website, App, and Legal
  • Services: TEP, LQA, QA check, SEO, and Subtitling
  • Language pairs: EN into ZH, CN, VN, TH, KO, JP, IN, KH, LO, MY, PH
  • Volume: ~ 1,000,000 words/year
  • Duration: On-going | May 2019 – Present
  • Industries: Forex, Finance, Trading



The Exness Group is a fast-growing international retail forex broker founded in 2008 and is recognised today as an industry leader. Exness offers a wide range of financial instruments, including currency pairs, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, indices, and stocks.


                                         Some of our translations on the client’s website

Client needs

To give its clients the best experience and support, Exness needs to make its content available in multiple languages almost instantaneously and continuously.

Their needs include translating and proofreading content in various types – Legal, Marketing, Help Center, User Support, Market News, etc. to make sure the English source is well localized and adapted perfectly in different locales.

Client Requirements

Due to the complex nature of the finance sector’s content and high expectation for the outcomes, Exness was looking for a translation agency that could meet the following requirements:

  • The localization team needs to excel in the linguistic aspect and own proficient knowledge in the forex/trading industry at the same time.
  • The localization team is expected to get highly responsive in terms of communication and process since the source content is produced daily and weekly. Also, the new market news is released every second, so the localization needs to be conducted under a short turnaround time.



Working on this ongoing high-demanding project, GTE Localize has faced 4
main challenges.

#1. Multiple Language Pairs

Exness needs to localize its content into various language pairs including English to Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Myanmar, and more. To guarantee the quality of translations, a team of the best financial native linguists were needed for each language.

What’s more, multiple languages were required for each job order, which means the effort became much greater than one-language tasks when it comes to linguistic coordination and quality assurance.

#2. Various Types of Content

The client needs to translate 5 different content types:

  • Marketing – Social Media Posts, Facebook advertisements, Weekly social posts, Email notifications to partners, Content advertising, etc.
  • Website and App – Service introduction, Landing Page, Release Note, Help Center content, App store text localization, App update, Push Notifications, etc.
  • Legal Documents – Disclaimer, Contract Specifications, Premier Program, T&Cs, etc.
  • User – Onboarding, Support, Partner privacy agreement, Trading strategies, Instruction for opening an account, etc.
  • Market news – Financial news, Financial reports, Weekly Analytics.

To handle these diverse content types, linguists must have deep knowledge in both the finance/forex sector and related fields including marketing and legal, together with solid language skills.

#3. Short Turn-around Time

This is an ongoing high-volume project that is divided into daily and weekly tasks. Some content such as market news or new updates needed to be released almost immediately to meet the business schedule of the client, thus, the turnaround is short (<24 hours), requiring our teams to race against the time. The late delivery of any language can cause the delay on the whole project on the client’s side. This asks us to ensure a simultaneous management within our system.

#4. High-Quality Expectation

Finance/Forex is a difficult sector that requires utmost accuracy. Therefore, the LQA step is performed on all tasks by the client’s internal subject matter experts (SME). This means our teams, from translators, editors, and PMs must never be inattentive to the quality of every single task we deliver to the client. Most importantly, the quality must be at the expert level.



#1. The Best Team of Native Linguists

We selected and formed a team of averagely of 5 experienced translators and editors for each language pair. A linguist can only be the project’s editors after successfully proving their ability as the project’s translation.  . There are also two linguists serving as backup resources in case the main linguists can not be available due to unforeseen circumstances.

#2. A Dedicated Team in Charge

For better-allocating tasks, we involve 4 responsive project managers for this project. This does not only help to minimize the risks when one PM gets burned out due to the heavy workload, but that also makes room for each PM to entirely concentrate on specific locales they take charge of. We also assign one AM to supervise the overall business and production aspect, making sure all projects and business processes with clients run smoothly at the account level.

#3. Strict Quality Control

Our team constantly optimized our working process with the aim to perfect the translation quality after each task:

  • We improve our internal process including auditing the fail/pass results of the whole month to assess the performance of each linguistic team and make necessary adjustments;
  • We regularly collect the feedback from the client into one master spreadsheet as an important reference source and guidelines for both old and new resources;

We internally update the termbase every month for all languages.



1,940,813 words translated (as of May 2021)

3,535 job orders done

The LQA score is a good Pass with ~ 94% for all languages. This rate remains mostly stable throughout the time.


                                                                                      Some of our translations on the client’s website



 localization -exness



Hopefully, you will find this case study interesting. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions.

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