About Linguistic Quality Assurance

Translation and especially localization job requires superior precision as even one poorly translated word can badly affect the meaning and quality of the whole project. Therefore, Linguistic Quality Assurance or LQA was introduced as the final quality control step which is taken care by native linguists to ensure that a translated document is totally error-free. LQA is an essential step to reach the highest quality translation, especially when it comes to localization process, where it is all about helping a product or a service well adapt in the target market that is in a different cultural context.

With that in mind, GTE LOCALIZE provides a strict quality assurance process, which is guaranteed to bring out not only the exceptionally accurate translations but also a detailed assessment of the translations, regardless of the language pair.

Linguistic QA at GTE Localize

By analyzing your document, GTE Localize’s professions team will identify the areas that require improvement then implement the necessary changes. This step is retaken until no issues can be found.

At the same time, we provide an assessment of the translation by completing the LQA form with details filled in error category and error severity.

GTE’s linguist profile

To handle the linguistic quality assurance job, GTE’s linguists:

Have minimum 5 years of experience in translation and 3 years of experience in reviewing as well as proofreading for big brand names in different fields of expertise.

Have worked on various document types and formats.

Source formats

Bilingual files, normally in XLIFF file format.

Industries we serve