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The Leading Japanese Translation Companies In 2024

Posted by Chloe G. on March 13, 2024.

With a pool of translation providers out there, having a list of the leading Japanese translation companies to translate your content to Japanese and vice versa will make it easier for your translation process.

If you want to reach more Japanese customers, it is vital to have your website and content translated and localized for the Japanese people. It will be a challenge if you handle your content localization on your own, as it requires a linguistic capacity, a grasp of Japanese culture and behavior, and much more. 

It is better to have a professional translation company to help you out. To find a good Japanese translation company, you should rely on a trustworthy review company.

GoodFirms is a purely customer-rated service provider that has manually filtered 40000+ unbiased reviews from real customers to pick the top leading Japanese translation companies in Japan. Let’s see which names are called on their list.

1. GTE Localize: A reliable Japanese translation company 


GTE Localize is a fast-growing translation and localization company that works in all major languages in the world. Among them, Japanese translation and localization services are one of their most outstanding strengths. 

Launched in 2017, GTE Localize has quickly become a global translation provider by combining cutting-edge translation technology into its workflow and expanding its human network to over 1.200 native linguists (as of 2024). The tools such as translation management systems (TMS), Vendor portal (VP), and Customer relationship management (CRM) enable them to improve their quality control and production while reducing costs for clients.

GTE Localize is also a member of the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) and is proud to be one of the top translation companies ranked by the GoodFirms platform. All of these values make GTE Localize a trustworthy Japanese translation company.

As one of the leading Japanese translation companies, GTE Localize offers Japanese translation services at competitive rates and a fast turnaround time. Let’s contact GTE Localize’s team to get a free quote today.


2. Multilingual Connections: A leading Japanese translation companies

Founded in 2005, based in Evanston Illinois, Chicago, Multilingual Connections helps organizations understand, engage, and grow their audience through translation and transcription services. The company translates a variety of documents and fields, from surveys, participant waivers, interview protocols, websites, marketing materials, and legal contracts, and transcribes audio and video of interviews, focus groups, meetings, conference calls, and observations.

In addition to translation and transcription services, they also offer subtitling, voice-over, and interpretation services.

Multilingual Connections works in over 75 languages, and Japanese transcription and translation services are one of their most popular. After working in the translation sector for over 15 years, the company has a solid brand reputation in the worldwide market. 


3. Linguidoor Translation Services: One of the leading Japanese translation companies


Linguidoor, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the fastest-growing language service providers. They offer comprehensive multilingual language solutions which include document translation, website and software localization, subtitling, voice-over, transcription, content creation, and many more. 

To produce high-quality services, Linguidoor requires its translators to be excellent linguists as well as subject matter experts in different fields. Depending on your business field and specific requirements, they will assign suitable translators whose skillsets are fitted well with your business. The company covers over 100 languages and gives a fast turnaround time. 


4. Asian Trust Translation: A quality Japanese translation company

With nearly 20 years of experience in the translation industry, Asian Trust Translation offers Multilingual Translation, Interpretation, and Localisation with over 120 language pairs.  

They have over 1000 professional translators who can provide seamless translation services in a range of languages. Based on the format, topic, and particular requirements of your website, it will be assigned to competent linguists. Asian Trust Translation also uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that high-quality translations are delivered on schedule.


5. FILOSE: A Japanese translation company that you can rely on

FILOSE is one of the leading Japanese translation companies, which was founded in 2001 in Japan. Their services include translation, video localization, NLP, and multilingual digital marketing that are available in 100+ languages consisting of all Indian, Asian, European, Middle East, and African languages.

FILOSE delivers high-quality translations in a number of sectors. They are also experts in advanced translation tools and platforms, encouraging them to give clients a fast turnaround time. 



If a translation company is out of this list but is in your target, you can consider the following factors to see if you can trust them:

  • They have industry experts: Each specific field has its terminologies, therefore having subject matter experts in the translation ensures the terminology is used accurately in the target language. A reliable translation agency often has a team of experts in specific fields such as finance, medicine, marketing, or technical translation.
  • They have professional customer support: You may evaluate how professional your translation company is by seeing how they respond to your questions, how they react to your concerns about their services, or how quickly they resolve your issues.
  • They get positive feedback from previous clients: Reliable companies often get positive feedback from some highly-rated review websites such as GoodFirms or You should check them out to see if their previous clients are happy.
  • They have localization ability: The content of your website needs to be tailored to fit the target audience/country, which is why your Language Service Provider possesses not only translation proficiency but also localization ability. Localization requires translators to understand your target audience, your business field, your target country’s culture, and many more. Without localization, customers will find themselves disengaged from the message conveyed. 
  • They offer a fast turnaround time: Whatever your translation needs might be, you should work with leading Japanese translation companies that do their job fast and efficiently. You should consider it as a top priority attribute if you are in rush to finish your project.


Work with GTE Localize – one of the leading Japanese translation companies

There are many translation agencies available for you to pick from, and this process might be overwhelming. However, with the hand-picked list of reputable translation carriers listed above, as well as some criteria that you can rely on to choose the leading Japanese translation companies, you absolutely can do it.

With years of experience, we have a wide network of translators globally who can provide you with fast, professional, and accurate to whichever industry you are in. Our team will customize your project based on your requirements such as language pairs, deadlines, or volume to come up with appropriate translation strategies that are suited to your budget.

Therefore, GTE Localize is proud one of the top leading Japanese translation companies that are ranked by the GoodFirms platform. We always want to be one of the most professional and trustworthy translation and localization companies where all of your demands can be satisfied.



If you are having a website that needs to be translated to Japanese or vice versa, get in touch with GTE Localize experts now to have it completed accurately in a fast turnaround time. 

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