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Book localization is extremely important for an author to reach their audience from different parts of the world, and it is regarded as one of the most challenging translation tasks. To have a great translated book, translators do not only need excellent insights into literature and subject-matter expertise to guarantee the accuracy of the knowledge writers want to share. They must also make sure that the translating process does not affect the authors’ expression and their unique writing styles. Equally important, despite the culture gap and religious differences, it is critical for the translation to evoke the same understanding and feelings from the readers as the original. Our talented native Lao linguistics with over 5 years of experience in translation books will go extra miles to meet your Lao book localization requests. We do not simply translate word for word. We make changes regarding words, pictures, and illustrations to fit the target cultures and social norms.



Our linguists have experiences in translating and localizing a wide range of book genres into Lao.

    • Academic books
  • Cookery books
  • Comics
    • Children’s book
  • Wines and spirits
  • Handbook
    • Fiction
  • Art catalogs
  • Journal
    • Travel books
  • Textbooks and training manuals
  • Company Magazine
    • Periodicals
  • Technical books
  • Autobiography
    • Comics
  • Religious books
  • Science books




We offer a full process of book localization and publication for your Lao book localization. All you have to do is to give us the sourcebooks and our experts handle the rest.

Step 1 – Buy the book’s translation rights: We contact the original publisher or the author of the book to obtain the rights to translate it into another language

Step 2 – Translate, Edit, and Proofread the book: Your book is translated by two distinctive translator and editor. Then it is proofread by a third linguist.

Step 3 – Ask for publishing rights: We choose a publisher in the target country and send them the translated book. The publisher will send the book to The Department of Publishing, Printing and Issuing for a publishing right.Process book localization


Step 4 – Produce the book: In this step, your book is laid out and indexed in a proper template. A designer will help design a cover for the book.

Step 5 – Print and publish the book: Your book is print and ready-to-publish to your readers.



1. 100% native linguists

To guarantee the best quality of each and every Lao book localization project, we carefully choose the most suitable team of native linguists. They all meet our basic requirements as follow:


2. Deadline Compliance

Each member of our team, from linguistics to PMs is fully aware of the sense of urgency for delivering every Lao book localization project on time. We make punctuality a habit by continuous training and working our best every day. That’s why 98% of our projects are delivered on time or ahead the time. And we never wait until the last minutes to deliver.


3. ISO 9001:2015 certificated agency

Among companies that earned ISO 9001:2015 certification, GTE Localize strictly adheres to the highest requirements for an effective quality management system. We aim at consistently providing superior Lao book localization services to all customers by improving our process and training our staff as well as our team of translators constantly.


4. Best rate guaranteed

Having worked in the translation and localization industry for years, we have a wide network of top-rated native in-house as well as freelance translators and editors with extensive local knowledge all over the world. Once we receive your Lao book localization orders, we know exactly where to find the best linguists with long experience in translation and subject-matter expertise yet having the most competitive rates.



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