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How to Say "I Love You" in Asian Languages

How to Say “I Love You” in Asian Languages?

By Sam Nguyen
White Valentine’s Day is coming, and everyone is excited to give their significant other boxes of chocolate or simply a...
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Interesting Facts about Translation and Localization

By Anne Quach
What is the most translated document? When is the international translation day? A lot of your questions about the translation...
How to say “Hello” in Asian languages

How to Say “Hello” in Asian Languages?

By Kaylee Dao
It all starts with a Hello, along with a smile to form a long-lasting friendship, an unconditional love, a special...
How to say Thank you in Asian languages

How to Say “Thank You” in Asian Languages

By Sam Nguyen
“Thank you” is the most simple but powerful way to express our gratitude towards someone’s help. Thus, it should be...
Tagalog and Filipino

What are the differences between Tagalog and Filipino?

By Anne Quach
As one of the Tiger Cub Economies and the third-largest economy in ASEAN, the Philippines offers thousands of opportunities for...
Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

The difference between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese

By Anne Quach
Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are two varieties of the Chinese languages used in China and some Chinese communities in...
How to say Happy birthday in Asian languages

How to Say Happy Birthday in Asian Languages

By Kaylee Dao
No matter where you come from or which language you speak, a birthday is a special event that everyone deserves...
Say sorry in Asian languages

How to Say Sorry in Asian Languages?

By Kaylee Dao
Have you ever been in a situation when you unconsciously offend someone or make a small but substantial mistake just...
Most translated books in the world

7 Most Translated Books in the World

By Anne Quach
"What is the most translated book in the world? For most of you, the answer is not too hard to...
6 Most Difficult Languages in The World to Master

6 most difficult languages in the world to master

By Anne Quach
Have you wondered what makes a language so difficult to learn? 4 main factors make a language trickier to excel...
Untranslatable idioms

How Do You Translate These Idioms into Your Mother Tongue?

By Anne Quach
Idioms are phrases whose meaning can’t be understood from the original meanings of words in it. Understanding an idiom is...
How to say Father in Asian languages

How to Say “Father” in Different Asian Languages – Father’s Day

By Anne Quach
June 19, 1910, marked the first Father’s Day celebration in the U.S with the purpose of honouring fathers living throughout...