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Why should you localize your content into malay language

Why Should You Localize Your Content in Malaysian market?

By Sam Nguyen
The Malaysian market is among the most potential ones in ASEAN because it has a dynamic economy and a pro-business...
5 common website localization mistakes

5 Common Website Localization Mistakes

By Anne Quach
Website localization is no doubt one of the most essential steps for companies when planning to expand their businesses across...
Localization Glossary - Localization Terms

Localization Glossary – Localization Terms You Should Know

By Anne Quach
The localization world is full of terminologies, acronyms, abbreviations, and phrases that can be a challenge if you are inexperienced...
What is translation style guide

What is a translation style guide?

By Anne Quach
A translation style guide is a key tool for optimizing your translation projects. It benefits your companies by improving the...
Machine Translation vs. Machine Translation Post-editing

Machine Translation vs. Machine Translation Post-editing

By Anne Quach
As your company enters a new foreign market and invests in translation and localization, you might face a variety of...
5 Tips for Effective e-Learning Localization

5 Tips for Effective e-Learning Localization

By Anne Quach
e-Learning localization has become an indispensable part of distance learning as this industry continues to grow quickly, predicted to generate...
Translators vs Interpreters: Similarities and Differences

Translators and Interpreters: Similarities and Differences

By Anne Quach
Ask 10 random people you know about the differences between translators and Interpreters, I’m sure 7 or 8 out of...
Translation vs. Localization

Translation vs. Localization – What’s the difference?

By Tony Pham
The world of language services might be very confusing when it comes to language terminology. We all know what translation...

CAT Tools: Overview and Benefits

By Anne Quach
Many people tend to relate translation to a “human-only” industry without using any cutting-edge technologies. What they don’t know is,...

Machine Translation vs. Computer-Assisted Translation

By Anne Quach
For many people, the terms “Machine Translation” and “Computer-Assisted Translation” sound the same. And they have the words “machine” and...
What is Transcreation

What are the differences between Translation and Transcreation?

By Anne Quach
Can you tell the difference between Translation and Transcreation? To most people, Translation and Transcreation are quite similar. Some think Transcreation is...
What are TO, TE, and TEP?

What are TO, TE, and TEP in Translation?

By Anne Quach
Although clients are unfamiliar with these three acronyms, TO, TE, and TEP play a vital role in the outcome of...
Basic linguist terms

Basic Linguistic Terms: Translation, Localization, Transcreation, and More

By Anne Quach
The complicated world of language services terminologies can be a real headache for many clients. What are the differences between...