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Your Ultimate Guide to Korean Mobile Learning (m-learning) Localization (P1)

Posted by Chloe G. on March 03, 2022.

The demand for Korean mobile learning (m-learning) localization has grown exponentially in recent years, especially with the outbreak of Covid-19.

The tendency toward mobile learning coincides not just with the availability of smartphones and handheld devices, but also the level of dependency individuals place on the technology. 

  • According to Marketing Land, 65% of all digital media is viewed on smartphones. 
  • According to Statista, the average person in South Korea spends nearly three hours on their smartphone each day.
  • As of February 2021, the number of smartphone subscribers in South Korea was rougly 52.4 million, surpassing the population of 51.7 million.
  • An estimated 99.75% of households had internet access in 2020, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), placing the country ahead of other advanced economies.
  • According to the Inclusive Internet Index 2021 report, South Korea ranks second out of 120 countries surveyed for availability, defined as the quality of internet infrastructure and level of internet usage within a country.

With these numbers in mind, it’s no surprise that mobile learning in Korea has found a niche market in the mobile world. 

So, how can you produce mobile learning materials that fit well with your Korean learners? Let’s read on to find the answer.

What is Korean mobile learning (m-learning) localization?

Korean Mobile Learning (m-learning) Localization

Mobile learning, often known as m-learning, is training or educational information delivered digitally via devices including smartphones, computers, and tablets. This type of training is usually offered online and is simple to track and measure. 

Learners may learn whenever it is most convenient for them – even while they are on the go – using the mobile devices they already own.


The benefits of Korean mobile learning (m-learning) localization

Korean Mobile Learning (m-learning) Localization

The following are reasons why investing in mobile learning is worthwhile.

#1. Korean mobile learning (m-learning) localization brings flexibility

Students nowadays are juggling multiple jobs, and employees are becoming more “deskless” and remote. Mobile learning, with its flexibility, allows participants to choose when and where they want to conduct modules or lessons. Their learning can be done anywhere at any time. As such, it is the ideal platform for the student or employee on the go.

#2. It works with microlearning

Korean Mobile Learning (m-learning) Localization

Completion rates in courses that incorporate microlearning can rise from as low as 15% to 90%. When paired with mobile learning, it has the extra benefits of enabling push alerts, cloud distribution, and translation. 

Microlearning, as the name indicates, is the process of breaking down complex information into bite-sized chunks. These ‘chunks’ are highly focused lessons that are simpler to digest, retain and remember.

#3. It is personalized

We all learn at a different pace.  Everyone in brick-and-mortar classrooms is expected to follow along at the same pace, which is impossible and ignores individual learning needs. 

With a mobile learning app, however, each participant is in control and can study at their own pace, while also concentrating on areas where they know they need to improve or have a harder time.

#4. Korean mobile learning (m-learning) localization is a cost-effective solution

Trying to gather employees from different locations in a room to attend a training section given by one instructor might be costly, time-consuming, and ineffective. Mobile learning significantly cuts down these costs, because no one needs to move to receive a lesson, and training can be done on each participant’s own time on their personal or work device.

#5. It is immediate

Is your employee having problems completing a task or remembering specific product information? With the traditional learning method, they would have to wait until the next scheduled training session. 

With mobile learning, however, they may choose the modules in which they want to improve their skills and immediately go through them. Here mobile learning makes learning available and immediate, right when employees need it most.

#6. It is more engaging

Korean Mobile Learning (m-learning) Localization

When people are engaged with the content, they are more likely to remember what they have learned. Reading a wall of text takes a long time and isn’t a good way to retain information. 

Over 65% of people are visual learners, the Social Science Research Network says. With mobile learning, you may incorporate video, have a responsive design, and add a variety of other visual elements. 

By incorporating stats, graphs, and other visually appealing designs, you are more likely to grab and keep your learners’ attention, and your learners will also be more likely to retain the information.

#7. It is the preferred method for users

Employers pay a high price for employee turnover, and more than a quarter of surveyed employees mention a lack of opportunity for growth as a major factor for leaving. Basically, employees appreciate being given training opportunities, but in-person training sessions are frequently perceived as long, tedious, and ineffective. 

With mobile learning, users may take the training they want, when they want it. Rather than having to schedule their day around it, they can just include it into their daily routine.

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Pick your outstanding Korean mobile learning (m-learning) localization

Performing Korean mobile learning (m-learning) localization is an expensive and difficult task, but with the potential the Korean market embraces, it is worth investing in.

Korean Mobile Learning (m-learning) Localization

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