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Top 5 Practices for Korean Financial Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on March 08, 2022.

Korean is the official language spoken in both North and South Korea. It is also used by about 80 million people worldwide, mainly in the Chinese, US, Japanese and Russian communities.

It is a fact that the more commonly used a language, the more diverse its translations become, thus making it more complicated to translate back and forth in that particular language. There is no room for error in Korean financial translation services because even a tiny mistake can have serious consequences.

If you are longing to achieve completely precise Korean financial translation services, follow these best practices:

Update new Korean terminology

One of the most important aspects of Korean financial translation services is understanding the unique jargon of the industry, as well as staying up to date with the latest terminology that emerges as new financial technologies are developed.

For example, while operating business activities in Korea, it is necessary to consider the differences between North and South Korea regarding spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Otherwise, your company may give the wrong impression and create unfortunate misunderstandings. Because of this difficulty, translators need to have expertise in the particular field to relay the message correctly.

Moreover, the differences of specific Korean financial processes among regions make the distinction in terminology even more complex. For example, Korean Financial Translation services having a translator who is an expert in accounting should be able to identify the most suitable word choices in that area.

Pay attention to Korean regional details

Korean Financial Translation Services

In addition to Korean terminology, Korean Financial Translation Services should pay attention to many other area-specific details that will need to be addressed. To put it another way, Korea’s cultural heritage is complex. It is necessary to notice etiquette, norms, and history to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Regional details also include guaranteeing that numbers, addresses, dates, phone numbers, and other information are formatted correctly and ensuring that number separators are correct. For instance, you should use Korean won (₩) for products and services instead of KRW, $ or £. Besides, try to make the price neat by avoiding unnecessary decimal points. 

Translators of Korean Financial Translation Services must also update the latest currency exchange rates as they might extremely fluctuate depending on Korea’s economic conditions. This is one of the most important financial aspects for interpreters to stay informed. There is no doubt that Korean financial translation services are a must for any global business in the Korean market. 

Analyze Korean financial documents before translating

Korean Financial Translation Services

Before commencing financial translation, translators need to analyze the content fully to ensure that any potential problems are resolved ahead of time.

For example, a financial translator who can’t be sure what he or she can translate and what is beyond his or her capabilities will not be suitable for translating important documents, such as balance sheets, tax reports, regulatory papers, or auditor’s reports. Hence, remember to take the time to review the document ahead of time to avoid any delays in the translation project.

Ensure that a legal check is applied

The finance industry is subject to various stringent regulations globally, and it is imperative that Korean financial translation services know, understand, and follow these rules. Korean legal interpreters should be carefully selected and tested to ensure that only qualified professional translators, editors, and proofreaders are assigned to your projects. This ensures that even complex legal information is communicated accurately and that the submission goes smoothly.

Protect secure confidential data

Language specialists often work with sensitive company data in financial translation, such as details about products that have yet to hit the local market or client financial information. Korean financial translation services must be carefully selected to take the responsibility to secure these confidential data.

Due to today’s fierce competition, businesses prioritize the safety of their intellectual property more than ever, or else their business will fail. As a result, confidentiality is vital to keeping a perfect reputation for professionals working in this industry.


Finance is a competitive field that requires a high degree of precision. Professional Korean financial translation services are essential for your business to function and survive in this multilingual landscape. Therefore, it is essential to use a translator specialized in the field who has in-depth knowledge of the nuances of that field.

At GTE Localize, we provide you with an extensive network of experts in the field of financial translation, especially in Korean financial translation services. We believe that their competence and experience will be the foundation of your business. Our interpreters, along with a large team with deep expertise in the banking-finance sector, can successfully tackle several large projects at once.

Korean Financial Translation Services

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