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Japan is Vietnam’s largest source of official development assistance, its second-largest foreign investor, and its fourth-largest trade partner. In recent years, the ties between two countries are growing, particularly through investments made by Japanese enterprises. As a result, the demand for Japanese to Vietnamese translation services and vice versa are also on the rise.

As one of the top local language service providers, GTE provides effective solutions for multiple Japanese companies around the world to expand into new and challenging Vietnamese markets.


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GTE’s Linguist Profile

Native Vietnamese translators with Bachelor degree in Japanese studies and JLPT certificate at level N2 and N1

Graduated from top Vietnamese universities for Japanese language training such as University of Languages and Foreign Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, etc.

Lecturers of Japanese Linguistics and Japanese Applied Linguistics at top universities in Vietnam.

Currently living or used to live in Japan to study or work.


INDUSTRIES WE WORK WITH Japanese to vietnamese

For Japanese – Vietnamese translation services, our team of linguistic experts works in a wide range of disciplines, but specifically in:



As a local agency, GTE Localize can work on almost every CAT tools as well as online translation platform to cater to your requirements.


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