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    Italy, the third-largest economy in the European Union and the eighth-largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, is a logical destination for businesses hoping to expand internationally.

    As a reliable Italian translation company, GTE Localize provides your brand with Italian translation and localization services for all industries such as marketing, forex, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, IT, software, education, etc. Your business needs comprehensive language services to target each of your linguistic needs. We bring prompt, flawless, premium Italian translations that globalize your company. Pick any of our professional Italian translation services to find out how we can customize the best solution for you. Let’s talk with our localization experts today to get your Italian translation project started.

    Comprehensive Italian Translation Solutions For Every Brand

    As a trusted Itanlian translation company, GTE Localize provides outstanding-quality Italian translation services. Numerous companies, large and small, rely on GTE Localize to help them expand globally. The following are some of the most often translated Italian content in our practice:

    Major Italian Language Pairs We Support

    GTE Localize supports a wide range of Italian language combinations. If you'd like to find other language pairs, please contact our expert.
    • English to Italian
    • Italian to Vietnamese
    • Japanese to Italian
    • Chinese to Italian
    • Spanish to Italian
    • Italian to Thai
    • Italian to English
    • Vietnamese to Italian
    • Italian to Chinese
    • Italian to Japanese
    • Italian to Spanish
    • Italian to French

    Three Levels of Our Italian Translation Services

    You may place an order with trust, knowing that we frequently deliver on our fast turnaround and high-quality Italian translation. GTE Localize supports three Italian translation service packages from which you may pick the best option for your company.

    Editing level
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    Machine Translation with Post Editing
    (1 editor)
    Editing level
    Fix obvious grammar and punctuation.
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    General business materials with medium accuracy level
    HT with Editing and Proofreading
    (1 translator + 1 editor + 1 proofreader)
    Editing level
    Fix grammar accuracy, refine style, and cultural nuances.
    Accuracy to human translation
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    Marketing documents, complex content, etc.

    Our Professional Italian Translation Process

    Our Italian translations are performed using a comprehensive translation procedure that ensures high quality.

    11:1 Consultation
    11:1 Consultation
    • You tell GTE Localize your unique request.
    • Our consultant team will analyze and offer a customized Italian translation solution based on your needed language pairs, content, budget, etc.
    1:1 Consultation
    2Project Confirmation
    2Project Confirmation
    • Once you approve our Italian translation package, both sides confirm and complete the admin steps such as NDA, contract, & deposit.
    Project Confirmation
    3 Project Kick-off
    3 Project Kick-off

    Our PMs will:

    • Prepare linguistic materials (Glossary, Style guide, Termbase, etc.).
    • Choose the most suitable CAT or localization platform.
    • Allocate native translators.
    • Make a timeline for the project.
     Project Kick-off
    • A native Italian translator will translate your content.
    • Other native linguists will edit and proofread the translated content.
    5Quality Assurance
    5Quality Assurance
    • Possible errors are detected by QA tools such as X-bench.
    • Our linguists will vet the QA report one more time. Errors will be fixed if they’re true positive. This step repeats until the QA report contains only false-positive errors.
    Quality Assurance
    • Our localization engineers use photo-imaging software to put text and graphics together in the right place.
    7In-context Testing
    7In-context Testing
    • If it is a document translation, our testers will play the role of an actual audience to check laid-out files to make sure possible errors are eliminated.
    • If it is an app, game, or website translation, our testers will make functional testing as an actual user to bring you a flawless translation without any untranslated strings, functional problems, etc.
    In-context Testing
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    • We deliver the Italian translation and make suitable changes if you have any feedback.
    • After that, we submit the final Italian translation version to you.
    Feedback implementation & Final delivery

    Italian Translation Case Study

    See how we helped WeSchool in achieving successful Italian to English app translation services.

    GTE Localize - Professional Italian Translation Company

    With a team of talented native Italian linguists and subject-matter experts, GTE Localize brings you premium Italian translation and localization solutions.

    Fast Completion Time Fast Completion Time

    We know the significance of deadlines to our customers as a professional and customer-oriented Italian translation company. GTE Localize is willing to take on rush Italian translation projects to meet your tightest deadlines.

    Affordable Italian Translations Affordable Italian Translations

    An addition of professional translators and cutting-edge technology results in quality Italian translation service with one of the most competitive Italian translation prices and the fastest turnaround times.


    Native Italian Linguists Native Italian Linguists

    We only work with native translators with at least five years of experience. In addition, for each project, we carefully select translators and editors who specialize in the relevant field of expertise to ensure on-time, cost-effective, and accurate Italian translations.

    Quality-focused Technology Quality-focused Technology

    We utilize various language technologies to ensure quality and make the process more cost-effective. We combine translation and localization management platforms, quality control tools, and CAT tools to provide effective and consistent Italian translations.

    Factors To Notice When Using Italian Localization Services

    When localizing into the Italian language, you should pay attention to the below useful tips for a successful Italian localization project:

    • Facebook and Instagram are social networks with the highest penetration rate in Italy
    • Italian people use the metric system for measurement.
    • The date in Italy is the day–month–year format
    • The time format is both a 24-hour clock and a 12-hour clock. The time is written using the 24-hour clock; in spoken language and informal contexts the 12-hour clock is more commonly adopted, but without using “a.m.” or “p.m.” suffixes.
    • A name in the Italian language consists of a given name, and a surname; in most contexts, the given name is written before the surname.
    • The address format follows the recipient’s name, street name and house number, postcode and town/ city, and country.
    • Italian is the official language of Italy, the Vatican City, San Marino, and one of Switzerland’s official languages, spoken by approximately 85 million people worldwide. -The Italian language, derived from Latin, dates back to at least the 900s.
    • Tuscan, Corsican, and Central Italian are only several of the regional variations and dialects of Standard Italian.
    • Italian is a Romance language that relates to the Indo-European language family.
    • The Italian language’s place as a primary European language is maintained as the third most commonly spoken language in the European Union, an official language of five nations, and one of the official working languages of the Council of Europe.
    • There are a diversity of regional dialects within Italian. Even while the three major dialect groups of northern, southern, and central Italian are distinct in pronunciation and vocabulary, there are significant differences. This mosaic of dialects results from Italy’s recent union as a unified nation, divided previously into several separate principalities and city-states.
    • Text can lengthen by up to 10%–15% when translating from English to Italian.
    • Italian is a gendered language. Even when it comes to animals or inanimate objects, words have various suffixes that reflect the male or female form. Adjectives must also be gender-congruent with the nouns they modify.
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    Italian Translation Services Are The Key To Business In Italy

    Using Italian translation services is a must if you want to take advantage of the Italian market's opportunities. Here are the reasons:
    Italian People Enjoy Using Their Mother Tongue
    Italian People Enjoy Using Their Mother Tongue

    You can’t conduct business unless you’ve mastered the skill of Italian interpersonal conversation. To communicate with the people and speak their language, you’ll need to rely on Italian translation.


    Your Competitors Offer Various Italian Content in Italy
    Your Competitors Offer Various Italian Content in Italy

    Your competitors offer the Italian language, don’t get left behind. If you want to break into these profitable but competitive Italian marketplaces, you’ll need professional Italian translation services.


     Speaking Italian Can Keep You From Getting Cultural Blunders
    Speaking Italian Can Keep You From Getting Cultural Blunders

    Italian language and culture are challenging for foreigners, so it is necessary to research carefully to avoid any misunderstanding and get closer to your Italian customers.


    Italian Translation Services Q&A

    When calculating the exact Italian translation services costs, we consider many factors that influence the cost of an Italian translation and localization:

    • Project capacity: We charge per word or character for our Italian translation services.
    • Service Types: We serve three types of Italian translation services prices: translation only, translation + editing, and translation + editing + proofreading. If there are more tasks involved, the price will rise.
    • Experience in the industry: Any necessity for specific knowledge by the translator impacts the price. A specific skill is frequently associated with a solid understanding of a field and a strong grasp of its terminology.

    To acquire a free Italian translation quote, please contact one of our specialists today.

    If problems are identified after the Italian translation has been delivered and are the responsibility of GTE Localize, GTE Localize will provide free editing and fixes. The warranty lasts a lifetime. Any problems in your Italian translations might be submitted to our team via email, and we will correct them.

    The delivery time of an Italian translation service is affected by task volume, content specialization, service options, and other factors. On average, a translator will translate between 2,000 and 2,500 words each day. Depending on how much text is repeated, our translators can use translation memory (TM) technology to cut turnaround times considerably. We can also give a team of Italian translators to speed up complex Italian translations rather than a single one.

    To evaluate your turnaround expectations, contact our specialists promptly.

    To assess the quality of our Italian translation services and industry knowledge, consider the following information:

    • Request one of our translators for a free 300-word translation test.
    • Explore a list of clients with whom we’ve worked.
    • We apply a QA and QC system for all Italian translation services, as you can see in the process above, to ensure the highest quality.
    • Kindly inform us if you’d like to see our translators’ CVs. We are glad to give you the curriculum vitae of our linguists with relevant experience.

    You can contact our team for more details.

    Yes, the information in your document is kept private, and only task-relevant professionals have access to it. We deal with sensitive material daily and will gladly certify this in writing and signing non-disclosure agreements. Before beginning to work on the Italian translation projects, we make sure that all workers and experts sign an NDA with GTE Localize.

    Payment methods include bank transfers, cash, Visa, Paypal, and Payoneer. Acceptable currencies include the US dollar, Euro, and Singapore dollar.

    If you’d like to pay bills in a different currency, please contact our experts for more details.

    GTE Localize is a translation and localization company based in Vietnam, Singapore, and the United States. However, we can reliably serve customers worldwide such as in the U.K., Canada, Thailand, Korea, etc.

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