IT sector in general and software industry to be specific has left remarkable impacts on the global economy. To stay competitive and ensure international success, companies working in IT sector obviously need to approach translation and localization services as it is not only help to differentiate their products but also allow them to get access to the markets which used to be unattainable. IT translation projects are no doubt highly complicated and require high levels of accuracy regarding terminology and consultation. Therefore, an experienced language partner who knows how to customize translation and localization services to meet all the unique needs is definitely preferred.

GTE Localize provides translation and localization services in the following fields:

Software & IT Content

GTE’s languages we serve

Our linguist qualification

Bachelor Degree in translation with other language certifications

Minimum 05 years of translation experience for big brands specializing in IT sector such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, E-Global, etc.

Have experience working with different types of projects concerning IT & software like software localization, legal documents, security, KB articles, video subtitle, marketing, etc.

Some of our experience with Software & IT  translation

Project No. Industry Project Name End-Client Volume Language Pair Project Period
170298 Software & IT(Software, Mobile devices, Hardware,Telecommunication) Cloud Migration Assessment tool – Guide Microsoft 5.5k ENG – VIE 201710
170321 Software & IT(Software, Mobile devices, Hardware,Telecommunication) SVMS Manual N/A 23k KOR – VIE 201711
170393 Software & IT(Software, Mobile devices, Hardware,Telecommunication) Videowall System Manual N/A 3k7 KOR – VIE 201712

See more our project list


Tranlation samples in Software & IT  field

Service Hub – Help files( English – Vietnamese)


1. Clients’ Orders: Client submit project’s specification & resources including target languages, regions, file types, existing translation memory or graphic files (if any).

2. Project Analysis: Project Manager checks and analyzes source package then clarifies with queries (if any).

3. Request Confirmation: Project Manager confirms deadlines and resources

4. Translating & Editing: Translator in charge completes translation in accordance with instructions before reviewer in charge checks and fixes issues regarding accuracy, grammar, spelling, style, etc…

5. Quality Assurance: Last check by internal QA team

6. Delivering: Deliver final products to clients.

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