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Interview: Effective Translation Process with GTE Localize and Crowdin

Posted by Ariel D. on August 04, 2022.

One of the valuable things a company can do is to expand its trade operations internationally. Retail traders are becoming more and more popular all over the globe. The popularity applies to all markets. It includes CFDs, ETFs, forex, options, and cryptocurrencies. Localization provides several observable benefits for trading organizations since 75% of the world’s population prefers material in other languages besides English.

In this article, we will tell you about the localization experience of one of such trading companies, Axi, with the help of GTE Localize and Crowdin.

The Role of Localization in Stock, CFD, Cryptocurrency, and Trading

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Even if online commerce is a global activity, businesses still need to take a customized strategy. It implies that you need to consider local markets’ peculiarities. You need it while developing websites, platforms, educational programs, and marketing materials.

That is why that is the right time to speak about localization. Localization aims to provide a persuasive message that motivates customers to interface because people trust more sites in their native language. Global recognition requires software translation of a trading company’s websites and financial technologies.

Large trading organizations recognize the significance of financial localization. For example, Axi, a multinational online trading company, took localization seriously and received good results. It includes forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

“Localization of our content has always been a top priority for Axi. As a global broker available in the majority of markets around the world, providing a great user experience across our products in a user’s native language is key to sustaining and evolving the business.”

Another company, GTE Localize, offered them professional help with localization. It is what Andrea, an Account Manager, said about that:

“We offer satisfactory translation and localization solutions for various industries. For example, with Axi, a global forex company, we provide human translation and editing for app and website UI. GTE also supports Axi’s marketing campaigns by proofreading banners/ads.”


AxiCorp, A Trading Company, Promotes Its Product Globally

When a business enters a new market, it’s critical to develop a localization plan and consider what you need to translate. Do you need to translate all aspects of your company’s ecosystem or only some of them? The user journey determines this. Most businesses opt for an all-or-nothing strategy to prevent user confusion.

How will you automate the translation process and guarantee top-notch quality using software or cloud tools? Will you hire a translation provider or form an internal localization team?

Let’s look at AxiCorp‘s experience of ordering localization from GTE Localize. Axi is a trusted forex and CFD broker globally, bringing access to the financial markets to users all around the world. The Axi website is a core platform for users to sign up, learn to trade through educational content, and then move on to executing trades. All the while providing this journey of content to users in 16 languages with more on the horizon.

Here are answers they gave to popular questions:

  • What challenges and objectives led you to seek an LSP/TSP (translation service provider)?

“Incorrect translations and the inability to scale localization effectively are the main reasons that led to researching for a better and more efficient translation service.”

  • What benefits did you get from localizing your product? What specific metrics can you share about localization’s impact on your business? (data or percentage changes)

“Localizing existing English product pages and blog pages saw our ranks for localized native target keywords increase dramatically and jump onto page 1.”

  • What goal do you set for your product localization now, and what number of languages is your new challenge? What are your plans for localization into Chinese?

“We don’t have a specific number in mind for new languages but are very interested in evolving our breadth of content into more SEA languages. Our whole site is already translated into Chinese Simplified and Traditional, with a focus on bringing more of our top performing English blog articles across to those languages as well.”

  • Why do you recommend Crowdin and GTE Localize to other companies?

“Before finding a partnership with Crowdin and GTE Localize, a lot of time (too much!) was spent on managing localization projects. With the combination of a strong localization management tool and a strong translation agency, this well-oiled machine directly made my job easier and freed up the time I could spend on other priorities.”


As before said, improved communication results in increased deposits, trades, and trade-ins. And it means greater profits for your business. The purpose of localization services in the trading sector is to help foreign clients understand your business. Localization will make it clearer to them why they should choose you over a thousand other companies. And what your area of expertise is. In the financial industry, localization is crucial. Words Lead is aware of the value of localization services in Indian finance and trade. The majority of the population—roughly 75%—prefers information that is not in English. Localization services in finance—especially for the trading markets—have many tangible benefits. A customer shouldn’t leave your website only due to a language issue.


GTE Localize Offers A Team of Localization Professionals

GTE Localize is a rapidly expanding worldwide translation and localization company. It offers services in all the world’s major languages. Their services are translation, localization, interpretation, subtitling, and transcription.

“We work with the major languages around the world. The language pairs that GTE focuses on are dominant  Asian languages (CCJK – Chinese, Korean, Japanese) and European ones (FIGS – French, Italian, German, Spanish). But, we readily attempt to cover the languages demanded from clients.”

Their customers are multinational corporations with operations in several overseas marketplaces. To provide customers with the most excellent solutions, they are ready to go above and beyond what is required. GTE Localize has established itself as the preferred language service provider for hundreds of B2B customers globally, and 80% of those clients continue to work with them after their first contract expires.

“The clients can get in touch with our consultant team easily through email, phone, or website form submission. Once the client has clarified their need, our consultant team would suggest the best solution and quotation. Only when both parties reach an agreement would the process continue with paperwork and payment condition. After that, the job is ours to perform all localization work and deliver the best service.”

GTE Localize provides a wide variety of localization solutions. They offer everything from documents and websites to marketing and books. Thanks to years of expertise and in-depth regional understanding in the localization sector. GTE Localize offers language translation services. Their translators have five years’ professional translation experience.


How Does Crowdin Help With the Localization Process?

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Crowdin is a team-oriented cloud-based management tool for localization software. You can create and manage multilingual content in one place. Localize your applications, websites, games, help files, designs, and anything else. You can do it to provide your consumers all around the world with a native experience.

For example, GTE Localize uses Crowdin for Translation, Editing, and Proofreading. What Andrea, an Account Manager of GTE Localize, says about their localization process with the help of Crowdin:

“As a Project Manager, I would have full access to the necessary resources and the ability to create the workflow, manage the translation memories, termbase, and change settings per the project’s requirements. The translators can work directly online and preview the source content or how the translation will look while translating. The Translations Memory suggestions and TB can be noted in the underlined text.

Additionally, there is access to other beneficial web sources (like Wikipedia) for specific words that the translator is unsure about. Because the application does not impose any login restrictions, the editors and translators may collaborate concurrently to achieve the deadline. When the translation is satisfactory, the editor may additionally do the QA check and approve it.”

Must-have resources GTE Localize uses to maintain the quality of the texts 

To provide a high-quality translation, GTE PMs have to prepare these four things:

  1. Style Guide: It is a set of rules about writing style, translation tone, spelling, punctuations, and brand voice, along with other textual and visual features.
  2. Glossaries: They are the terms in the source language, their definition and explanation, and equivalences if possible.
  3. QA tools: Licensed Xbench, for example.
  4. QA checklist: We create unique checklists for different languages to catch all potential errors effectively.

Description of the process of reviewing localization for GTE 

03 qa check

The editor will be fully provided with the necessary source packages, instructions, and translation to edit. They will review the translation against the source to ensure the final work’s accuracy, grammar, typo, and style, taking into account the supporting materials such as TM, TB, and Project Instructions.

GTE’s editors are always asked to edit with tracked changes, and upon their completion, the edited file with tracked changes will be sent back to the translator for their reference in the future. Sometimes, editors are also asked to perform the in-context review where they need to proofread the final translation in the monolingual format to ensure that the final work reads fluently and idiomatically in the target language.

In other cases, GTE performs internal LQA (Language Quality Assurance) steps by the 3rd party reviewer. Because they want to detect all the possible issues in the translations and have the editors process such feedback and finalize work. All these steps are conducted professionally and timely with our final aim of delivering the best quality to the clients.

With Crowdin’s key features, you can automate content changes and speed up localization:

  • Bring your translation team or purchase translations from Crowdin Marketplace companies
  • Content integrations with your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure Repos repository
  • Integrations with systems like VS Code, Android Studio, and Google Play
  • SDKs for iOS and Android (over-the-air content delivery, real-time preview, and screenshots)
  • Plugins for Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch
  • Integrations with marketing software, including Hubspot, Dropbox, Contentful, SendGrid, and others
  • Webhooks, CLI, and API
  • Translation Memorization
  • Visual Editor
  • Computer Translations
  • Quality Assurance examinations
  • Reports
  • A marketplace offering applications that enhance Crowdin’s capabilities or interface with other tools
  • Tasks, and even more


Choose GTE Localize and Crowdin

Public and private businesses have to create a variety of financial documentation. They have to provide to shareholders, investors, and governmental organizations. The content might include annual and interim reports from the company. It also includes contracts, tax, and auditing papers. All need to be translated into the local tongue while doing business abroad.

Some people may take a translation job’s simple but catastrophic route without contacting experts. Employing machine translation tools like Google Translate is not the best idea. It may be partially effective, but you risk leaving unclear and poorly written words, which may turn away many essential clients. For example, a single zero out of place in a translated annual report might significantly mislead the performance. And it can undermine an organization’s reputation.

The suggested approach is to collaborate with linguists or with the localization team. Professionals should have extensive experience selling in the market you are dealing in. That is why you should choose GTE’s team of localization professionals who use the Crowdin platform for localization software in any field.

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