Technical manuals and instructions are specialized files provided by a large number of industrial companies all over the world. Their purpose is to indicate the most effective ways to make use of a product, its safety features or to provide a review on experiencing a product or service. As technical manuals and instructions contain many industry-specific terms and details, they can be a real challenge for translators when rendering them into another language.


Types of Instruction & Manual Translation we’re dealing with

Our team of expert has experience working in various subject matters which include but not limited to:

  • Instructions for use
  • User Guide
  • User Manual
  • Product catalogues
  • Operating and maintenance manuals
  • Machine tool manuals


  • Technical equipment documents
  • Material Safety Datasheets
  • Technical specifications
  • Regulatory documents
  • Quad charts
  • Construction machine manuals


industries we work with

language pairs we serve

 English – Vietnamese

 English – Korean

 English – Japanese

 English – Chinese

 English – Burmese

 English – Thai

 English – Khmer

 English – Malay

 English – Lao

 English – Indonesian

 Korean – Vietnamese

 Japanese – Vietnamese

 Chinese – Vietnamese

 Thai – Vietnamese

 Khmer – Vietnamese


GTE’s linguist qualification

Bachelor Degree in translation with other language certifications

Minimum 05 years of technical translation experience, especially for big companies such as Somatec, Samsung, LG, Jeff Rowland, Suzuki, etc.

Have intensive experience working with manual and instruction files in different fields of expertise.

– GH Healthcare, Philips, Siemen, Takeda, US Oncology, etc…in Medical sector.

– Mercedes Benz, Suzuki, Samsung, LG, Honda, etc… in technical and engineering area.

– Google, Facebook, Mango, Rolex, etc… in Marketing.

– Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, etc… in IT sector.

And so on.


Some of our experiences

Project No. Industry Project Name End-client Volume Language Pair
180463 Life science (Medical/Pharmacy) EVOLIS/EVOLIS Twin Plus System/Geenius Reader – User Manual Bio-Rad 60k ENG – VIE
180477 Engineering/Technical Cam-aligner system – User Guide JOSAM 17k ENG – VIE
180483 Business/Management/HR Employee LOA Regulations – Company policy MetLife 5k ENG – VIE
180500 Life science (Medical/Pharmacy) Rapport Classic Vacuum Therapy Device – Instructions for use Owen Mumford 3k ENG – VIE
180560 Life science (Medical/Pharmacy) In vitro diagnostics devices/EVOLIS System – User Manual Bio-Rad 31k ENG – VIE
180602 Life science (Medical/Pharmacy) Immunohematology management software/ Incubator – User Manual Bio-Rad 51k ENG – VIE
180607 Patent (Chemical/Biochemical/Computer) Diagnostic Reagents – Safety Data Sheets Beckman Coulter 65k ENG – VIE

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Tranlation samples in Instruction & manual 

Manual of a roller coaster on Trados Studio