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5 practices for multilingual websites

5 Best Practices for a Multilingual Website

By Anne Quach
Multilingual websites are websites that allow content to be displayed in different languages, serving customers from various countries or regions. Creating...
International Translation Day

Happy International Translation Day 2020

By Anne Quach
At the end of this September, linguists from all over the world have the reason to celebrate. The World Translation...
Common Mistakes in Financial Translations

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Financial Translations

By Anne Quach
The development of the financial service industry doesn't limit in a country or a region while missing out numerous potential...
Literacy translation

The challenges of literary translation and How to overcome them

By Anne Quach
Book localization, especially literary translation is extremely important for an author to reach their audience from different parts of the...
Social media translation

Social media translation – Why is it important for your marketing strategy?

By Anne Quach
1. Why you need social media translation? Social media networking sites are no wonder a powerful way to promote your...
Mobile Game Market In Asia

Hurry up! It’s time to localize your mobile games into Southeast Asian languages

By Anne Quach
1. Southeast Asia’s mobile games market – a promising one Southeast Asia, which is an area of approximately 4.5 million...
Website translation

Website Translation: 3 big challenges

By Anne Quach
Website translation plays a crucial role in global marketing campaigns of any international brand. However, translating a website is not...