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Why Are Indonesian Translation Services Essential To Social Media Engagement?

Posted by Anne Q. on January 17, 2022.

Due to the highly competitive market in Indonesia, foreign companies need to carefully determine the core factors leading to success in this market. By understanding your audience and what interests them, your company can make the decision to choose the most effective marketing channels.

For the Indonesian market, two channels namely website and social media are must-haves if you want to get closer to your Indonesian audiences quickly. In this post, let’s focus on social media and how Indonesian translation services help you gain more success in the Indonesian market.

The Benefits of Indonesian Translation Services To Your Social Media Engagement 

Let’s take a look at the 5 most important benefits that Indonesian translation services bring to your social media pages:

#1. Boost Your Online Visibility 

As of July 2021, Facebook has the largest market share among other social media platforms in Indonesia, at 70%. With just under 200 million active social media users, Indonesia ranks third among countries with the highest number of social media users worldwide. Other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram are also gaining popularity as more and more Indonesian social network users actively use those platforms.

Most popular social media in Indonesia_Indonesian translation

As a result, many businesses have turned to social media as part of their marketing strategy. One of these strategies includes collaborating with influencers to promote products and increase their customer reach. Recent research found that 62% of Indonesian social media users purchased an item because of an influencer’s endorsement. Therefore, an effective and suitable Indonesian translation service for social networks is very important.


#2. Indonesian Consumers Prefer Using Their Own Languages

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy is a series of studies by Common Sense Advisory highlighting the enormous importance of multilingual channels for international B2C and B2B – as well as the challenges facing sites that use only one language!

The results show the business power of social media translation and localization, including the Indonesian market. Customers prefer to make purchasing decisions in their mother tongue, instead of a foreign language like English. Some of their headlines finds include:

    • 40% will not buy if the contents are in another language.
    • 65% prefer content in their native language.
    • 73% want to evaluate products in their own language.

Moreover, not all Indonesians are fluent in English. Even Indonesian consumers who are fluent in English are more likely to make serious purchasing decisions when they read confidently in their native language.

English may be a universal language, but your business will miss out on many profitable opportunities, both in terms of reputation and finance, if you neglect to focus on translating Indonesian in this market.


#3. Boost Your Search Rankings 

Social media user penetration in Indonesia surveys show that the internet penetration rate is over 88%, including:

    • YouTube (88%) was the most used social network
    • Facebook (82%) was the next social network
    • Instagram (79%), and Twitter (56%) also had significant penetration rates

Social media user penetration in Indonesia_Indonesian translation

Social media user penetration in Indonesia

The Indonesian social media platform is distinct, and businesses should consider how to use various platforms while launching campaigns. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook, for example, will be effective for achieving a high reach, whilst TikTok and Pinterest are still emerging in the market.

So, owning a business fan page that is visited by many Indonesian customers will help you a lot in finding potential customers. Moreover, it also helps you to stabilize the traffic of your customers and increase the amount of interaction when your fan page on social media was shown more on the newsfeed of users of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. More social media users seeing your brand regularly will increase the impression. They will remember and search for your brand name first and this helps increase your search ranking. On the other hand, a fan page available in Indonesian helps promote your brand widely to consumers.


#4. Make Better Use Of Your Existing Content

To attract potential customers in the Indonesian market, you can refresh relevant, interesting content on your business’s social media channels. From the available content, you can take advantage of it just by translating it into Indonesian to reach a wider range of customers. In addition, the translation needs to ensure that the content is suitable for the culture of the Indonesian audience. High-quality Indonesian translation services are all needed for most updates.


#5. Build Trust 

One study found that, after searching for something nearby on the internet, 76% of people who search for information on smartphones end up visiting a business within 1 day (According to Think with Google).

76% of people who search for information on smartphones_Indonesian Translation

In addition to having your business appear as one of the top vendors, having your fan page on social media in the Indonesian language by using Indonesian translation services will help them read products and services with confidence. From there, your chances of “selling” will be significantly increased.


How To Use Indonesian Translation Services To Boost Your Social Media Performance?

Here are some tips for you to boost your social media engagement with Indonesian translation services.

#1. Don’t Just Translate, Localize

A well-translated social media page will also allow you to take advantage of the economic power of languages ​​in many markets. Therefore, it is not only translating the content but also localizing it, that really works. Because a poor translation will limit the easing of e-commerce abroad. However, businesses can really excel by investing in professional Indonesian translation services. Depending on your audience, language service providers will use their knowledge to help you overcome cultural challenges by localizing your translated documents in ways with certain expertise. It includes SEO factors on the internet, effective online marketing methods and is suitable for Indonesian culture.


#2. Use High-Quality Translations Only

Adjusting your content to overseas customers will promote your brand’s image and loosen your online customer pursuit. Understandably, consumers worry about transacting if your Indonesian translation isn’t quite right, especially if they don’t fully understand what they’re reading. Therefore, only high-quality translations should be used as a unique factor that every business needs to understand.

It’s time for you to contact a professional Indonesian translation service. As well as smooth, seamless project management, GTE Localize has a golden rule for all translations. This ensures that the project is created in the target language correctly and matches the purpose of the business. Our language experts are professionals in a wide range of fields and specialities. We ensure authentic, relevant and effective translations for your business’s social media performance.

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