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Increasing Customer Retention For Us Businesses Through Vietnamese Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on November 01, 2021.

Vietnam represents a dynamic market and an attractive destination for numerous US businesses, leading to a fast increase in Vietnamese translation services recently.

Customer retention is quite important in the purchasing decision matrix. As a new business entering the Vietnam market, you must find it hard to communicate and engage with Vietnamese customers, and you probably do not know how to increase customer retention.

This post is for you if you’ve decided to take your business to the next level by expanding to Vietnam.

Let’s look at some of the major advantages of using Vietnamese translation services before entering Vietnam:

  • Competitive advantage on the Vietnam market
  • Customer loyalty
  • More sales and bigger revenue in Vietnam

Tips to Boost Vietnamese Clients’ Retention with Vietnamese Translation Services

Here are the best 6 tips that Vietnamese translation services can help you retain Vietnamese clients more successfully.

1. Create Content in the Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese Translation Services

When it comes to purchasing decisions, it is reported that 68 percent of Vietnamese buyers feel that having a website in their native language is more important than paying a low price. Therefore, it is critical to make your content clear in Vietnamese to increase your sales with Vietnamese translation services.

Vietnamese translation services may help you stand out from competitors, attract Vietnamese potential customers, and encourage them to follow your company or brand. What you should do is provide Vietnamese content for your Vietnamese customers, so people will trust you more.

Another key factor is to provide high-quality content, just as you do for your US audience. You must plan ahead for your core content strategy and ensure that you only offer fascinating and relevant materials.

Microsoft, one of GTE Localize’s customers, is a US company on the list, with varying customer experiences in different countries. Not only are the products promoted in each location significantly different according to product preferences in those markets, but the models utilized in the visuals also reflect the local shoppers in those markets.  And Microsoft has a Vietnamese website localization version for the Vietnam market that uses the Vietnamese language.


2. Get Regular Feedback from Vietnamese Clients

With Vietnamese translation services, It’s critical to collect regular feedback from customers if you want to keep your Vietnamese consumers and expand your business. First and foremost, it makes them feel important, and they will appreciate the fact that you are interested in their honest feedback.

Second, you may use the information gathered to improve your services and product line and make the necessary adjustments that your Vietnamese audience requires.

Receiving an honest opinion from your Vietnamese audience is an excellent way to identify your weaknesses and address any problems to improve the customer experience.

You will be able to improve as a result of the feedback, and you will be able to attract more new Vietnamese clients with better offerings.


3. Create a Specialized Loyalty Program for Vietnamese Customers

You will be able to increase Vietnamese customer retention once you implement a localized loyalty program for your Vietnamese clients with Vietnamese translation services. Make sure it’s appropriate for the Vietnamese culture.  You may reward them once they make a purchase.

Offer them discounts, 1+1 options, free trials, or anything else that will encourage them to buy from you and make them feel like they are getting more than they are paying for. Do your research, respect their cultural variety, and create a program that will appeal to a Vietnamese audience.

Vietnamese Translation Services

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela once said

Price is not the main factor that drives customers away. Many customers choose to leave because they have had a bad experience. They purchased from you, but something didn’t connect, and they aren’t returning.

Using culturally appropriate images, like local ladies wearing the Vietnamese conical leaf hat (Nón Lá) and long dress (Áo dài) on your website using Vietnamese translation services, shows that you respect Vietnam’s history, language, culture, and traditions. It creates a connection with your clients that is strong enough to keep them coming back and staying.


4. Create Vietnamese Social Media Accounts

It’s vital to provide Vietnamese clients with separate social media accounts that are used the most among Vietnamese people including Youtube, Facebook, Zalo, Tiktok, etc with Vietnamese translation services.

Vietnamese Translation Services

It’s ideal to show your Vietnamese customers how important they are. It will also be much easier to offer relevant information that is customized to the target audience.

The overall marketing strategy is the same. It has to be localized and written in Vietnamese using Vietnamese translation services. Make sure to create a special strategy based on cultural differences.


5. Collaborate with Vietnamese Influencers/ KOLs

Increasing Customer Retention For Us Businesses Through Vietnamese Translation Services

Another good way to attract more Vietnamese clients and retain them is to collaborate with Vietnamese influencers. People often trust recommendations, so you’ll be able to attract a larger number of potential customers who are more willing to make a purchase.

It might be a social media post, a news release, or anything else related to your company. This strategy could be even more effective than a huge advertising campaign.

In 2021, The Social distancing campaign by VTV24 and Casper Vietnam went viral using the Vietnamese language and localization. The campaign quickly went viral, inspiring a huge number of individuals to respond to the country’s social distancing orders and honor frontline fighters. Individuals such as Miss Vietnam Do My Linh, Luong Thuy Linh, and others have posted over 122,000 images online so far.

Vietnamese Translation Services

Casper Vietnam will pay VND10,000 (US 43 cents) to the national Covid-19 fund for every video or photo submitted with the hashtag #Conseonha (I will stay at home) in the photo. Casper Vietnam’s donation, which it considers part of its corporate social duty, might amount to VND10 billion (US$430,000) thanks to the distribution by VTV24, a unit of Vietnam Television.


6. Get Help from Professional Vietnamese Translation Services

The best advice to make the translation process for your business successful and retain Vietnamese clients is to get help from Vietnamese translation services.  

Translation agencies have specialists on board who know everything about the Vietnamese translation process. They will adapt the material to the Vietnamese culture rather than simply translating it.

They will also change all visual elements and assist you in tailoring your business website and even your application to ensure an excellent user experience and keep Vietnamese clients loyal to your firm.

Professional translation agencies will assist you in conveying the correct information while avoiding any linguistic ambiguities.


7. Choose your Professional Company for Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese translation services are one of the most important considerations when entering Vietnam for your business. The benefits of Vietnamese translation services are manifold. They will help you draw attention to your company, get Vietnamese clients’ loyalty, generate bigger sales and revenue, and increase client retention rate.  Using Vietnamese translation services is critical to all of these aspects.

GTE Localize, a Vietnamese translation firm, has years of experience in offering high-quality Vietnamese translation services for a variety of industries, including life science, business, IT, Elearning, legal, and many more. To meet all of your Vietnamese translation needs, we have an in-house team of native qualified Vietnamese translators and a network of native Vietnamese freelance translators with 5+ years of experience.

Vietnamese Translation Services

We’ve handled thousands of Vietnamese translation jobs over the years and have earned the trust of hundreds of B2B businesses in Vietnamese translation services. Schedule an online meeting with our experts today, and we’ll help you get closer to your Vietnamese customers and increase customer retention!