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An In-House Or Freelance English To Danish Translator: Which Is Better?

Posted by Chloe G. on October 19, 2023.

Selecting the right English to Danish translator is crucial to ensuring the accuracy and quality of your English to Danish translation project. The chosen English to Danish translator must have expertise in the subject matter relevant to your content. Freelancers offer the advantage of direct communication and the ability to vet their experience, while in-house teams may have confidentiality agreements that limit your direct interaction with the English to Danish translator. 

When hiring a freelance English to Danish translator, consider factors like their qualifications, language pairs, industry domains, and online presence. With agencies, the advantage lies in their ability to ask the right questions and conduct testing and training for their English to Danish translators, ensuring quality and reliability.

How can you determine the right choice? Should you choose towards a well-established in-house English to Danish translator, or would a freelance English to Danish translator be the better option?

1. Availability

Employing in-house English to Danish translators provides translation agencies with the advantage of efficiently managing urgent projects. Instead of the time-consuming process of scouting and vetting freelancers, agencies can simply delegate the task to an internal English to Danish translator who can immediately dive into the project. Engaging with freelancers, on the other hand, can be more uncertain and demanding. Freelancers often juggle multiple clients, and if your agency reaches out even just five minutes later than competing agencies or end clients, they might already be occupied with other assignments. Therefore, here’s a valuable recommendation for effectively collaborating with freelance English to Danish translators: always make contact in advance.

2. Costs

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There is a prevailing notion that utilizing in-house English to Danish translators can lead to significant cost savings compared to engaging freelance English to Danish translators. However, the reality is quite the opposite. When translation agencies opt for in-house translators, they must contend with concealed expenses like insurance, overtime, recruitment, and training costs, among others. Furthermore, during periods of low demand when there are few translation requests, agencies are still obligated to pay salaries to their in-house English to Danish translators. In contrast, freelancers are compensated solely for the completed work, without any supplementary expenses. Overall, hiring freelance English to Danish translators could prove to be a more economically prudent option.


3. Control

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Translation agencies have the option to establish an internal team specifically tailored for their dedicated accounts, which may necessitate unique requirements, specialized tools, and stringent confidentiality measures. The primary objective is to exert complete oversight over the operations concerning these accounts. An in-house team of linguists assumes full responsibility for extensive, ongoing projects, ensuring quality and consistency. Delegating these projects to freelancers can prove to be considerably challenging for agencies in terms of management.


4. Capacity, Expertise, and Services

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Capacity – Many translation agencies opt to employ only a limited number of in-house English to Danish translators to keep expenses in check. Naturally, this means that their internal human resources are quite restricted. Consequently, when confronted with a substantial influx of client translation requests, translation agencies frequently need to supplement their workforce with freelance English to Danish translators. On the other hand, by utilizing freelance translators, translation agencies can readily enlist a diverse array of language experts to tackle larger workloads. This pool of freelance translators hails from various corners of the world, providing an extensive resource to select the most suitable professionals for your projects.

Expertise – Ensuring the precision of translated content necessitates that a translator concentrates on fields of expertise. Translators who excel at translating medical content may not excel in delivering accurate legal translations from English to Danish. Consequently, the expertise of in-house translators remains confined. In contrast, by engaging freelance English to Danish translators, translation agencies possess various subject matter experts to select from, offering a limitless range of specialized capabilities.

Services – The translation process encompasses more than just translation, encompassing editing, and proofreading, among other steps. Freelance linguists often specialize in one of these fundamental phases, whereas translation agencies take a more comprehensive approach. They extend their services to include desktop publishing, language quality assurance, and linguistic sign-off. In other words, they provide clients with a complete translation and localization process. Even when clients only request a single step or two within the process, reputable translation agencies add substantial value to projects by conducting Language Quality Assurance (LQA) after each stage.


5. The Best Choice for Business: In-house Or Freelance English to Danish Translators

Both in-house and freelance translators have their advantages and drawbacks. Determining which is the superior choice can be quite challenging, as it hinges on your agency’s strategy and financial resources. When operating on a tight budget and aiming to economize, the recommendation is to hire freelancers. In other scenarios, a combination of in-house and freelance linguists should be considered. In-house translators are apt for handling the most requested specialized fields, while freelancers prove valuable for addressing less common client requests.

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